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Janam Tv live: Features and overviews

Janam Tv is a news and entertainment channel grounded in India, and it broadcasts in the Malayalam language. The track has been in existence for five years, but it has reached number one in India’s BARC channel rating on channels broadcasting in the Malayalam language. Janam Tv live broadcasting began officially on 19th April 2015 when the track was launched.

The launching ceremony was initiated by Yoga Guru Sree Sree Ravi Shankar and the Indian union minister for information and broadcasting colonel. Their leading studios are located at Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, and the headquarters are situated in Thrissur. Janam multimedia own the channel limited led by film director Priyadarshan. The main objective of the track is to promote nationalism and culture.


Below is Janam tv’s official contact information:

Registered office;

Janam Multimedia Limited

29/285, KGRA-1

Vella lane, Shoranur road

Thrissur 68001

Phone: 04872331962

Email: [email protected] 


Janam Tv live available on several satellite companies, namely;

SATELLITE COMPANY                                     CHANNEL NO.


Dish Tv                                                               channel 1975

Tata Sky                                                             channel 1842

Videocon d2h                                                   channel 614

Airtel Digital TV                                                channel 838

Sun Direct                                                          channel 230


The channel is also available on online cables networks including;


CABLE COMPANY                                          CHANNEL NO.

Kerala vision digital tv                                  channel 026

Asianet Cable vision                                      channel 128

DEN Networks                                                  channel 627


The channel has also developed the Janam TV news android app and the Janam TV live iPhone application. From this mobile application, one can opt to receive breaking news notifications to his or her phone. This is a very convenient form of news transmission, especially when people are at work or anywhere away from their television sets. Janam TV live streaming through the online application has been seen to be an affluent of all genera. Its success has either fixed long term agendas and created aspirations and hype in the media industry in Malayalam. This is a step ahead in broadcasting, especially for a vernacular broadcaster.



Vartha popular                                   

Vartha samskritham 

Malabar manual

Vartha neram 

Pravasi neram


Perfect homes


SHOW TITLE                                                     GENRE

Vazhve maayam                                               Satire

Janam Debate                                                   discussion

GULF Janam                                                       chat show

Marupadi                                                            chat show

Zero hours                                                           chat show

Akam popular                                                          chat show

Ennu Swantham                                                  discussion

Deeparadhana                                                     Devotional show

Unsung heroes                                                      chat show

Naatu varambu                                                    agriculture show


Weekend special

Key personnel in the running of the channel include;

P Viswaroopan – managing director

U S Krishnakumar -director

GK Suresh Babu – chief editor

R Balakrishnan – senior editor

This has been a modest executive that has ran the young channel to scale to greater heights. As per the name “Janam,” which means people, the track has a cumulative of up to five thousand shareholders from across the world. The channel has also grown so fast in popularity middle east despite the datum that they are a channel based in Malayalam. This is such a success from the management team, something that they must be applauded for.

The timing of coming up with the channel was also very essential. At a time when Kerala was fast changing in terms of economy, cultural, and social life, such a general entertainment channel was necessary. Furthermore, most media houses were owned by dominant political families, which was unwelcomed by most people, and this young channel had to break this occurrence.

Anti-national forces also saw Kerala as their new ecstasy; therefore, having such a big platform, it could be of great importance to air their views. However, realistic socio-political considerations had to be taken to avoid biases and avoid being marginalized as a political mouthpiece. 

Furthermore, two channels had shut down during that period due to financial glitches. This gave Janam tv a business advantage to begin in a less competitive region. The people of Kerala also owned the channel as their own. Broadcasting in the Malayalam language gave a generous gift of getting to a broader audience.

The marginalized cultural and political class also felt to have had a fair platform to relay their grievances. These factors evidenced to have made it easier for Janam Tv to surmount the region.


Janam TV established a goal of attaining five million viewers in the foremost six months. This is a goal unanticipated by a television channel in Malayalam. They centered their success through a slogan “Media power to the masses,” They also nursed an objective to set up a universal aim of coming up with a general entertainment channel with a difference. This demonstrated that the young track was ready to take over in the Middle East.

They further went ahead to employ a team with particular expertise, and so far, they have proven to be the right team for the job. Competitive producers and journalists are also part of this fastly rising channel. During the 2018 online survey, Janam tv journalists grabbed major spots of best journalists broadcasting in the Malayalam language. This shows that the team is so viable, and for sure, they will lead the young channel to greater heights.


Moreover, they have reckoned out a way of coming up with a well-packaged content for everyone. Janam TV has been one of the few channels in India to have acceptable content by many in the country. From the news to entertainment, their content has been so explicit on the targeted audience.

This is unique for a general entertainment channel to have such an outstanding balance of ideas on one platform. The track has different shows covering all spheres of life devotion, agriculture, politics, children shows, chat shows, and soap operas. This certainly covers all age groups and occupations.

Janam tv focusses on upkeeping the essential Indian values and has reputable inimitable features of its own. This has enabled Janam tv to live shows that have been well received and became so popular in the Middle east. Even though the channel being so new, it has reached the number one position in India’s BARC channel rating in the Malayalam news channels category. Janam Tv is also the first channel started that started the Sanskrit news bulletin in Kerala.

This is the first signposts being experienced by a fledgling news channel in this broadcasting area. This has also aided the track to attract a tremendous fanbase in India. Moreover, the medium was the first Malayalam channel to relay in high -definition mode. When the channel started, it was surprising to be a young channel to have most state -of-art-equipment.


Their main success has emerged from their unconquerable advertising power. Advertisements have generated significant profits and created more proceeds unswervingly outstripping everything else. Most companies are now preferring to have their adverts running amid Janam tv live shows. They have come on top of the advertising business above other media houses.

Moreover, their ability to reach every age group through their adverts has made it more effective in their advertising corporate. People have also preferred to have long term advertisements since it has proven to work with great success through the Janam TV channel.

Moreover, their advertising cost has been termed to be friendly, and they have gone ahead to have a breakdown for different adverts. Primary criteria that have been considered in this breakdown include; season ability, advertiser demand, and the time length of creativity. For sure, this is an essential factor that may lead to the variability of advertising prices.


These considerations have helped entities who are willing to advertise choose the channel due to its unbeatable pricing on adverts. For instance, if an advert is more or less than thirty seconds, which is the market standard, your payment will have to vary. The period of the day and or even the day an advert is coming on TV will also affect the cost. This occurrence is led by the difference in viewership at different times.

Some Janam tv live programs such as Ennu Swantham and the weekend special have also had large viewership. Having friendly and more inclusive shows is one of the factors that are thriving on Janam TV.

This is another milestone for having successful programs. Furthermore, on the entertainment part, their soap operas were voted to be one of the best through a survey carried out in Kerala in 2018. This is proof that they are getting a good number of viewers in their broadcasting region. More chat shows have also been established since they have proven to have a greater audience.


Being such a young channel, they are not exceptional in facing challenges in the broadcasting industry. During their launch back in 2015, they lacked ago up by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJB) or its parent organization Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS). Support by these parties had been a propensity for any incoming broadcasting channels in India. This led to shareholders contributing to the new track.

The parties felt that the channel that was based in Kerala had come up to support anti-nationalists, most of who were found in the region. This was such a hard start, but they maneuvered through such a challenge and went ahead to launch the channel on time.

Janam TV live shows have faced a lot of trolling on social media platforms. For instance, in 2017, they labeled Angamaly Diaries as a Christian movie, and it did not go well with netizens and churches of Angamaly.

Even though the producer and scriptwriters had high hopes on the success of the show, this came as a significant setback in their broadcasting. Some even went ahead to demand that people should boycott such shows. That only had some effect on the viewership of the program. These are just a few cases that have faced online backlash.


 Their latest online troll was in 2019 when they carried out a controversial award show, which was trolled worldwide. This is among the few shows that have faced severe backlash in social media. People felt that the awards were manipulated so that the ideal contestants win. Especially on the part of leadership, people thought that the category was highly used. This wasn’t an expected occurrence since they had put great investments towards the ceremony, and expectations of having the best awards ceremony of the year were very high. 

However significant their anticipation was, they weren’t able to reach their targeted viewership. For instance, the Janam TV live streaming application for android did not get many downloads as expected.  Even though having over thirty-six thousand followers, such a number is so low for a channel operating through a sub-continent. Some of the followers have challenged the Janam team even to go a further step and have some shows going live. Facebook and YouTube are two platforms that are both economically and socially acceptable for such a general entertainment channel.


Coming up with a tv channel has proven to be a complicated task that needs multi-specialty proficiency. Janam TV had great anticipation of this success. Janam tv has based its success in three central pillars; good infrastructure, technical eminence, and well-packaged content that appeals to the viewer.

The Janam team has worked so hard to ensure that the channel prospers from the beginning. The executive and shareholders have also given their assurance that the track will arise as the unsurpassed in Kerala and India at large. Viewers, who are the most essential part of the channel, have also given their confidence that the track will be successful.


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  • Technically, Janam Tv has an excellent infrastructure and is one of the few tracks that broadcast in high definition mode in the Malayam
  • Janam Tv socio-politically biased
  • Janam Tv’s primary goal is to promote nationalism; therefore everyone has an equal chance of airing their views through the channel.
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  • The Janam team is trying to come up with English programs which may have a higher audience in Europe and all around the world.