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Top 10 Free Android Ludo Games One Should Play

A ludo is a classic game played in several countries, including India. Ludo has been written about in newspapers and children’s stories. The ludo board was made using replicas of the design used in ancient India. This simple game dates back to the time of kings and queens. Today some families create their own original rules. Many people had played this with family and friends when they were younger. Check out these ten free Android ludo games that you should play.

MPL Ludo

Ludo Attack and Ludo Win by MPL are exciting games of classic ludo that keep you entertained for hours on end. It offers you a unique gaming experience with complete integration of your existing contacts and data such as Facebook, Instagram along with instant messaging. This classic board game is free to play on Android devices! You can even choose to play cash battles with online players and win real money. As part of MPL’s mission to provide you with more gaming fun than ever before, they have decked out the graphics and streamlined the interface to make the gameplay as smooth as possible. Plus, owing to their advanced encryption technology and inclusion of user-profiles, data security is ensured! Moreover, there are regular tournaments so that everyone can participate! To find more about exciting ludo games, visit-

Ludo Talent

Ludo Talent is also a much-loved, engrossing Ludo game, where you can be as active or inactive as you please. You can even play with your opponents by sending text messages that are supportive and helpful during the game in offline and online mode. You may want to start slowly, but there are many different challenges for all to enjoy over the weeks, such as weekly tasks or extra rewards that let you grow your talent!

Ludo All-Star

Board games are a great way to have fun and also socialize. If you love board games, then you’ll enjoy playing Ludo All-Star because it’s one of the most popular board games which has been created for the Android OS platform. Not only is it easy to play, but there are a couple of different modes too which means you can play with family and friends whenever you feel like it! This game brings all the fun of a classic ludo game packed with unique twists, like strategic and analytical skills to play a simple game. The more exciting new modes available in this excellent app will have you cheering on your friends as you play against each other or simply taking turns tossing tokens across the finish line. 

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Ludo Club

If you’ve ever played ludo before and decided that maybe it’s time for a change of scenery, then the newly released Ludo Club-Fun Dice App is going to be right up your alley! The key feature about the Ludo Club-Fun Dice Game is that it has much less data consumption on mobile networks while allowing you to enjoy this classic game even more than before through revamped graphics and gameplay. You can play this game in an offline or online mode.

Ludo Bing

Ludo Bing is one of the best board games available on Android. It is rated within the top ten strategy games for mobile phones and more. You can play Ludo Bing with your family and friends anytime and anywhere, making it a great game to enjoy whenever the opportunity arises. When you are looking for a way to play online, you will find that there are all sorts of ways you can choose who you will face online and even access the option of a matchmaking mode specific for Ludo Bing if you wish to do so. Say that you enjoy playing this game offline as Snake & Ladder, then there is no reason why you can’t continue to play that version from your home computer instead! Overall, this is an excellent Ludo game with lots of fun features in store for players of all ages and tastes.


Ludo Championship

The Ludo Championship is a fun game for you to play anytime and anywhere! This simple yet addictive game has awe-inspiring graphics and smooth animations. You get to enjoy the classic ludo game wherever you want. This version also includes many new features such as ‘Multiplayer’ with four-player support. Collect gold coins and buy yourself special powers and items. The dev team has worked hard on making this the best and most complete ludo experience you can have on your mobile phone or tablet!

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Ludo Family Board Game

Ludo Family Board Game is a board game specially designed for iOS users and one of the best ludo apps. You can challenge friends, and the remarkable thing about this app is the animation with significant effects.

Ludo Classic

The strategy board game ludo is a fun board game for all ages that’s been around for centuries. Ludo Classic is an app from which you can play against other players or in a one-on-one mode. The app has the same gameplay as the original game, but it uses computer rolls to determine movement instead of dice. Cheating is not a concern with this version of ludo, as every move is performed by the computer program to ensure you have a fair and fun gaming experience!

Ludo Party

Ludo Party is also a very popular board game! It’s easy to use, with an attractive interface that comes with six maps you can check out anytime. The graphics are lovely, and the animation lets players enjoy themselves endlessly. Like other games, you can play with up to 3 computer-controlled players. If you have friends around, feel free to play with them.

Ludo Master

Ludo Master is a mobile game that can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The app gives you many options like playing online against real opponents, playing it in private mode with specific friends, or even playing via Bluetooth. It also gives you the option to play against an AI opponent if no one is available to play against. This game has a simple leveling system that allows players to unlock new characters and bonuses as they play. Ludo Master also has excellent graphics, which take advantage of the screen size on your phone.


These are some of the best free Android ludo games that you should check out for your next ludo spree! Happy playing!