The right strategy to selling your IPv4 addresses

Not every seller enters the arena of the IP market well-prepared. Consequently, the overwhelming terms and conditions, negotiating factors and more stand in the way of eventually closing the best agreement. Before entering the market, the right strategy is necessary. Partnering with a licensed broker will give you the advantage of inside information and negotiating strength

Selling your IPv4 addresses at the right time can help you make a profit instantly. However, knowledge of the market and adequate experience is essential in securing a safe and successful transaction. So choose your partner broker wisely and make sure to express your wishes. 

Find a broker 

Turning your assets into money is easier said than done. As with any market, there’s rules and regulations involved surrounding the transfer of ownership that complicate matters. Moreover, settling on the right price requires skill and knowledge. Most IP brokers have a legal expert at hand to help navigate this part of the transaction. Finding a broker that has connections internationally and is up to date with all matters related to the RIR is not always easy as plenty of cowboy parties spam the field. 

However, parties such as Prefix Broker are licensed brokers, have connections with the RIR and show an impressive track record that proves quality and know-how.   

Why partner up with an IPv4 broker?

The exchange of IPv4 addresses is complex; numerous rules, standards and regulations limit companies in their ability to either sell, lease or purchase the IPv4 addresses or IP blocks they want. By partnering up with a specialized broker, you get access to networks that are inaccessible otherwise. Moreover, they know the trade and are able to represent your interests in the best possible way. Not just by searching for the right buyer or seller, but by taking care of the entire process. 

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Your selling strategy

Whenever you decide to sell your IPv4 address space, make sure to not enter the market unprepared. The transfer of ownership is a complex process that relies on strict rules and regulations opted by the RIR. Moreover, negotiations on price and other terms are part of the process and require thorough knowledge of the matters discussed. It’s therefore advised to partner with a specialized IP broker to help you navigate this process. 

The added value of an IP broker is rooted in more than one thing. Because the IPv4 sell price is attractive at this point, an increasing number of parties is willing to offer their surplus IP space for acquisition. To be able to compete with this market and get the best offer on your IPv4 block, an IP broker is able to connect you to the right buyer. Their network and valuable insights make for great benefits upon entering the IP market. Moreover, the rules and regulations of IP brokering are complex and tend to take significant time. Placing this responsibility in the hands of an IP broker frees you of any burden regarding this tedious process.

Turn your assets into money 

Are you currently overlooking the value of your surplus IPv4 address space? Make sure to not let them sit and have them turn into money on the IP market. Pick your broker and find the right buyer!