PDFBear: 4 Features Of An Excellent Unlocking Tool

Most people working with Portable Document Format (PDF) files do always prefer to set up a passcode to their files for safety purposes. However, oftentimes it becomes too troublesome when you have to enter the code every time you want to view the document. With that, PDFBear has come up with a tool that helps you free your files from passwords. 

You, too, might have been finding a way to get rid of that annoying password, but you can’t seem to find the option for it. Well, it must be hard to do on your own, but it’s not with PDFbear. Below are the reasons why you should use this PDF unlocking tool. 

Learn Its Four Easy Unlocking Steps

Because of how great the internet works today, it’s super easy to ask and search for solutions to any troubles, including your troubles with PDF files. When you search for online PDF software, the internet can show you hundreds of them. But please keep in mind that all of those are not 100% safe or just not the right tool you need. 

If you want the best tool to unlock your confidential PDF files, simply use PDFBear as a keyword. PDFBear has been serving its valued users for years and is open to the masses for free. Anyone using this unlocking tool commends how straightforward and easy it works that it doesn’t require any prior skills to operate this tool. 

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PDFBear has made all the instructions very straightforward to reduce the chances of confusion. With that, the tool had established four quick and easy steps to accurately decrypt the file of your choice. Please be careful in doing all the steps. The process will surely not bore you since it’s only a little over one minute to complete it. 

  • Please make sure your internet is good. Upload the locked PDF file that you want to unlock by pressing the “Select Files” tab or, alternatively, drag and drop the file directly to their server. 
  • After uploading, PDFBear will require you to re-enter the last password you have for the file.
  • You can review the password you just typed before hitting the “Unlock PDF” button. 
  • Please wait for a few moments. Lastly, download your newly password-free file and save it to your computer or share the file with your Google Drive for backup. 

You Can Unlock Anywhere

If you are in a business field, which means you often travel for your work, this tool is just the right one if you need it at any place and time. It works with or without your laptop or PC because you can access this on any mobile phone or tab that can access the internet. Isn’t that incredible?

PDFBear will work with whatever operating systems and platforms. Whether you are using a Linux-based or Windows-based platform, it should not be a worry. As long as you have the password-protected file, you will be able to decrypt it via PDFBear’s website and tool. 

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Safest Password-Remover

Privacy and security are PDFBear’s top priority as it is the most important thing to ensure, especially that it might be the user’s personal information that is involved. PDFBear’s PDF password-removal services will protect you from threats like malware or viruses. 

In this case, any users should not need to worry about the security of the unlocking process. PDFBear ensures to make the process in a secured environment and that only you can view or edit your files. 

Best Results

One of the best features of PDFBear that leaves all the users with a satisfying experience is because it only offers the best quality results from whichever tools you may use. You can guarantee that the documents are intact and accurate when it returns to your computer. Indeed, there is no better software than PDFBear.

Other Free-To-Use PDF Tools 

There are more than twenty tools by PDFBear that operate for free. This includes the PDF Converter, PDF Split, PDF Compress, PDF Merge, PDF Repair, PDF Protect, and many more. You can enjoy all of these tools for free on their main site. All have the same excellent features as this unlocking tool. 


When it’s about your PDF files and documents and their different issues, you can’t just trust any software that you see online. You need to be reminded of how dangerous it can be for your personal information. That’s why using PDFBear as your PDF partner will keep you from all those possible harms online.