Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Most Expensive Pokemon Card

What can I say about this set? Not so revolutionary in terms of playable cards, but introduces a new mechanic (TURBO evolution or LvX ) and brings us a bunch of useful Trainer cards, some good Pokémon, and, unfortunately, not the best choice of EX cards. In addition to the new set, we will have as many as 9 new promo EXs, which I will also consider. Some of them are related to the latest English (!) Sets, so I wonder how they will play in our belated Russian format. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about the most expensive pokemon card.

In this review, for the first time, I will consider all cards (except for pre-evolution) and will give them ratings on a 4-point scale:

  • Plays more or less in the draft, unlike tournaments.
  • (FAIL) Just a lousy card. Adding it to the deck is not justified; if not, talk about a fun game, a game in the kitchen, or what is.

Most Expensive Pokemon Card


The cold first attack, but it should have at least 3 different energy colors in the deck. When was the last time you saw good decks with this property? I don’t see it with the release of this set yet.

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A wholly unnecessary and idiotic side effect of the first attack (unless you are playing Shinya ). The second attack is unstable at best, and with the appearance of the Stone of Lightness, it is so completely useless.


Somewhere we have already seen decks with an accumulation of cards in hand … As a way to increase the damage from his attack, Simisage draws fire energies from the discard into his hand. The logic in this – Simisage can serve as a support Pokemon for fire decks – protects against weakness and returns energy … But it is better to produce energy, not by an attack. Oh yes, another card ( Judge ) comes out in the set, destroying the decks based on the hand’s size.


The Forest of Huge Plants allows this most expensive Pokemon card to instantly go into the game, although the attacks still have to charge at least 2 turns. However, his HP is almost like an ex.

The virtues of TURBO

An even more massive colossus (you need to find 3-4 Pokemon cards to put it into the game), but it can evolve from the previous Chesnot and his brother, who is in the XY set. The attacks of all Chesnots are expensive; at least the Talent will help deal with damage while the enemy is piercing you.

Most Expensive Pokemon Card of all time


Another second stage with the ability to use the Forest of Huge Plants. It’s a shame that her Talent works from a coin; otherwise, she could be considered seriously as an additional accelerator for your Pokémon. And so – suitable for a fan.

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And here there is more than enough power. It is provided by the first attack, which deals as much as 80 damage for each fire energy in your top 5 cards. The problem is that you need to build a deck under it, namely, to cram a lot of fiery points. Considering that for a stable game, Tiflong needs Trainer cards such as Rare Candy, then you need to pray that a bunch of extra energies (which should be in the deck, not in your hand) will not take their place in your hand. For those players who like it when the deck FIRES and no matter how often.

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Hound EX

We’ll get to the mega evolution, but for now, about the Houndum itself. The first attack is very curious, which discards the top two cards from the opponent’s deck. Do not forget that one way to win (or defeat, which side to look at) is an empty deck at the beginning of the turn. Accordingly, with Houndums EX, you can bring the enemy to this state. This can be helped by 170 coolants in fire dogs since the enemy must knock them out as quickly as possible. And with the help of Super- Grips, and AZs, we will not let him do it. From time to time, opponents are not ready for this, which ensures easy victories.

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Most Expensive Pokemon Cards

M Houndum EX

And Mega changes the protective and wait-and-see nature of the Hounds to power. Unfortunately, there are at least a couple of shortcomings that spoil the impression of this card. The first is the discharge of energies. Yes, there is a Blacksmith and also new Burning Energies that return after dropping immediately under the Pokémon. But the first is a Helper card, and the second is Special Energies, which are weak to Enhanced Hammers and Xerozics. But only that would be fine. 160 damage! Not 170, Carl, not 180, but 160. And muscular bandage just not the trailer – meg usually not worth playing without Spiritist Relations. Thank Arceus, this most expensive Pokemon card has one. You can play with Crobats, but they take up a lot of space in the deck and in the stock (you can use heavenly Heights ). You can also play with the Tool Gatherer.


All that I said about Simisage, only now in relation to the water deck. ( SEMI )


The damage from the first attack is quite good, only there is one problem. And this problem is Siking’s 90 ° C. Accordingly, it is very easy to play against the Vikings – either we do not touch them, or we knock them out with one attack. And why do we need such a set-up for 90 damage from one energy, when there are Vespekwens and Night March? ( FAIL )


I would be glad to see the first attack on a basic Pokémon with a cost of colorless energy ( Manafi already has a similar attack ) or even for free. The second attack is interesting, but its effect is prevented by Substitutions, Rescue Ropes, or being careful to fill up the supply. ( DRAFT )


Most Expensive Pokemon Cards: Octillers

The long-awaited ” Shaymino substitute”. Not only will it cost much less, but it also draws cards every turn. It can protect you from the Red Cards, Ace Trainers, and Judges, and Octilleri herself is not affected by the Soundproof Lab. Also gives away only one prize. What’s the problem? Speed and stability. What to do when the cards are needed now, and you don’t even have Remoreid in stock? But in some decks, it will come in with great success. Good Pokémon. (GOOD)

Gleyley EX

Another EX that you can safely play without mega. An interesting second attack, which allows you to inflict as much as 170 damage (with the Muscle Bandage), if you and your opponent have the same hand size. And in the same set, they printed the Judge card, which easily fulfills this requirement. In addition, the Judge severely restricts the opponent’s options. If you like to play from disrupt – take a closer look at Galilei EX. (GOOD)

M Gleyley EX

And one more problematic mega. The damage here is as much as 250, which is more than that of M Raikwaza EX, but for this, the enemy must help you by inflicting M Glayle EX 100 or more damage (but not knock out). Yes, it is difficult to knock out M Gleiley EX with one blow, although it is possible. You can also just inflict M Glayly EX up to 90 damage, and then knock out with a harder attack. You can also use the Night March or Vespikvens – to them to strengthen the attack somehow sideways – they beat M Gleiley EX due to the cost of the attack and the ease of entering the game. ( SEMI )

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Most Expensive Pokemon Cards: Empoleon

Cool Talent, only for the sake of it you can play Empoleon. Miltanks of this second stage will be even more delighted, and only Seismithodes EX with their small damage – so in general … The water type allows you to use Archie’s Trump card if you want to layout the Empoleon faster than through Rare Candy. ( SEMI )


The attacks are very expensive, but the first one is quite funny and powerful if you are played with dragons. True, one dragon named Giratina EX will spoil the raspberries if you are going to charge the first attack with Double Colorless Energy. ( FAIL )


All that I said about Simisage, only now in relation to the herbal deck. ( SEMI )

Vanilla Suite

A mockery of the fact that this is a Stage 2 Pokemon. Put Vanillux into the game, use the first attack, so that later you can’t use assistants and stadiums? True, if the enemy needs these cards much more than you, then Vannilux can work as it should. But I still don’t believe that such situations will often arise when you play with a deck on Vanillux. ( FAIL )


The first attack deals unrealistically a lot of damage if the enemy is playing with a deck on EX-Pokémon. Unfortunately, she is not charged with one energy card, so Raichu with his 90 Coolant can be knocked out before he does something. His TURBO evolution can help him survive. ( SEMI )

Raichu TURBO

She has 130 HP and the ability to use attacks from previous Raichu (in addition to her impressive 170 attacks). You can just put it on Raichu from XY to add life to him, or you can strengthen the new Raichu by adding him the ability to deal a lot of damage to an active Pokemon. The old Raichu variant looks better as he has an attack of 160 for one Double Colorless Energy. ( SEMI )


The first rain dancer in Russian format. If you want to play with Electric Pokémon, be sure to consider Magnezon, as it allows you to charge as many Electric Power cards as you like per turn. Yes, this is the second stage, and there will be a lot of energies in the deck, so she will have stability problems. At least I’d rather play Magnezon than Typhoid. The two Magnemites from this set have different strengths. The first one has a free retreat if you put another Magnemite into the game – this will give you the opportunity to immediately remove him from the asset without spending energy gain per turn. Second, it can also paralyze the enemy with a coin and one electrical energy, which can give you additional time to bet. ( GOOD )


The main attacker in the Magnezon deck. The Talent gives him an additional fortress for non-EX Pokémon, which means the enemy will have more difficulty taking prizes. If you also remember the Energy of the Flash, then you can remove the weakness. The attack literally requires as much energy as possible to be pounced on Raiku. With 6 energies and the Muscle Bandage, you can knock out any basic EX Pokémon when needed. But more often than not, 3 is enough for you to knock out almost any most expensive Pokemon card with two hits.

By the way, in addition to Magnesons, you can also use M Manectrics EX as an engine – this option will be even more stable. ( GOOD )


Good basic Pokemon entirely because of the first attack. By putting Stanfisk into the game in advance and charging it with one energy, we create a threat to the enemy if he plays Pokémon with an electric Vicness (for example, Iveltal EX, Luigi EX, M Raikwaza EX ). With the Muscle Bandage, we knock out all three. ( GOOD )


Well, why was it printed when there is the same Magnemite, which also paralyzes from a coin, but in addition also evolves? Unlike Dedenne. ( FAIL )