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What Is Apple TV

what is apple tv

Apple, one of the most famous computer companies, has been offering for years a small device called Apple TV, costing 179 euros (probably the cheapest Apple device), which is a great way to have streaming TV available. But what exactly does it do this device? And above all, what are the differences between the Apple TV and other similar devices such as the Sky Online TV Box or the Google Chromecast?

What is Apple TV?

First, let’s try to understand what the device proposed by Apple is.

It is a small box placed near the TV and connects to it via the HDMI cable and obviously to the electricity. It doesn’t connect to the internet with a cable because it does it over Wi-Fi.

Its functions are as follows:

It has an operating system. Which is TvOS, a variant of the system for iPhone and iPad, and you can download from a store some special applications for Apple TV, including apps for watching movies (such as Netflix) or apps from online stores or even games.

When it turns on, we can choose to watch channels available for free, or see a Podcast, generally free, or stream one of the many films on the iTunes store, which will be broadcast on the TV;

If we have Apple devices such as iPhones and iPods, we can choose to view any video we have saved locally on the device on Apple TV, simply by remaining connected to the Wi-Fi network (watching a movie from iPhone can be heavy)

If we have an iOS device, we can see on the TV, in large, the games we play on the device. In this way, the Apple TV becomes a kind of game console, and the iPhone or iPad in this case act as a controller;

The fourth-generation Apple TV, unlike the first three, allows you to download games directly from the Apple TV App Store, as well as stream from iPhone and iPad. This allows you to use it even if we do not have these devices but, above all, to play games designed and structured just for Apple TV, which, for example, does not require the use of the touch screen but can be played with the remote control. Eventually, an iPhone can itself be used as a remote control. The additions of the fourth-generation Apple TV over the first three generations are covered later on this page.

How to sign up and where can you watch Apple TV +

The Apple TV + reference address is TV.apple.com. You can sign up using your Apple ID, but only after the service is launched. More than the device with which you will be watching Apple TV +, it is important to look at the operating system, which Apple always identifies as the latest version available. In fact, as far as hardware is concerned, the choice is all-encompassing.

You will be able to watch Apple TV + through iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV HD, and Apple TV 4K and Mac computers through the Apple TV + app: as long as you have the most up-to-date version of the operating system for each of them. Added to these are also the 3rd generation Apple TV with the latest 7.3.1 software update, the Samsung and LG smart TVs (Sony by the end of the year), the set-top boxes with the app and, last but not least, all the browsers in able to reach tv.apple.com. Apple only indicates Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, but there is no reason to think that there may be limitations of any kind for other browsers.

The contents of Apple TV +, what they are and what they offer

Apple claims that all original Apple content will be available in 4K HDR / Dolby Vision and that many titles will also have Dolby Atmos audio encoding.

For Dolby Vision, we mean a proprietary technology of Dolby that allows images to have a wider dynamic range, i.e., being able to manage and show a higher peak brightness than the standard dynamics, resolving above all in shades of light very close to those of the world real. Dolby Vision supports dynamic metadata capable of adjusting brightness scene by scene.

The Dolby Atmos is instead an audio encoding; Dolby is always based on the audio objects. Dolby Atmos makes use of the use of objects to move and position. The sounds millimetrically during the postproduction of the video content. Together with the 9.1 channel base track. Atmos can handle up to 118 objects for a total of 128 audio elements. However, it is not necessary to have 128 speakers to listen to the Atmos, Dolby. However, it provides a basic configuration of 7 speakers to better appreciate the encoding. However, compatible soundbars are already on the market that tries to simulate. The sound verticality is typical of Dolby Atmos with acceptable results.

In the case of systems without Dolby Vision, obviously, the system will automatically switch to HDR10, the basic HDR format, but if HDR is not available, you can switch directly to 4K SDR. Same thing for multichannel audio.

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What are the differences with Chromecast?

Google Chromecast is not a TV box; it is simply a stick that plays some content in streaming. In short, it does not have dedicated thematic channels but only serves to see on TV what we have on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

So the Apple TV gives us many more possibilities, albeit at a higher cost.

The point, however, where Apple TV is inferior to Google Chromecast is in the fact that streaming content on Chromecast can be done with practically any type of mobile device (Apple, Android, Windows), while with Apple TV, we are limited to devices only. Apple.

What are the differences with SkyOnline TV Box?

Sky online TV Box, on the other hand, is more similar to Apple TV, even if it has fewer functions.

In fact, it is a streaming TV. But can be used mainly by those who have Sky Online (which is the way to see Sky from Wi-Fi instead of from the dish.

It also has other free applications such as Youtube and, in the future, Spotify, in addition to Sky channels, but does not allow streaming of content from mobile devices.

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What can be done with the fourth-generation Apple TV?

The above, including the differences between the Apple TV and other devices. Applies to Apple TVs of all generations, currently four. With the fourth generation. However, Apple TV has changed a bit, and some interesting features have been added that we are going to list. Because if what we have said before (apart from the games) is always available. Only fourth-generation Apple TV owners can do what is written below. A factor that, among other things, greatly improves the functionality of the box.

The application store is much larger than that of previous generations because while previous generations used a suitably modified version of iOS. The new ones use a specially designed operating system. This allows developers to create apps that are compatible with Apple TV. Whereas previously, only Apple released applications, which, consequently, were very few. There are games such as Tiny Wings, NBA, Real Racing, Chameleon Run, and many more. As well as apps that are not games. The power of Apple TV is that of an iPhone 6 and an iPad Air 2, and so is the graphics quality.

It has a touch-screen panel like that of phones. Such as swipes and swipes, which among other things, allows you to play better. There are also accessories such as an accelerometer and gyroscope, which allow you to perform additional actions on the device.

Which TV Box to buy?

So, in conclusion, we can say that the products must be purchased according to our needs.

If we download the contents on mobile devices and when we are at home. We want to see them on the TV; we can be satisfied with the Chromecast; finally, if we have several Apple devices (unfortunately a necessary condition). We can opt for TV.

In any case, none of these three devices covers the shortcomings of the others. So in some cases, it might be useful to buy more than one for different needs.

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Is Apple TV 4K worth it? What changes

There are two models of Apple TV :

1) The Apple TV 4K HDR. Which is characterized by an A10X processor (the same as the iPhone 7), two memory cuts, 2160p video, Bluetooth 5.0, and touch remote control. With accelerometer, gyroscope, and BlueTooth. For change channels from any corner of the house without having to point it at the screen.

2) Old generation Apple TV which costs € 159 and is only available in 32GB format. It has the A8 chip (the same as the iPhone 6). Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and remote control with only buttons.

Who is undecided between the two should know that the Apple TV 4K app store is more full-bodied? The remote control also has a touch screen panel; you can log into iCloud Drive and view photos and videos uploaded to the camera roll from the TV screen.

Apple TV is mostly suitable for those who own other devices. Such as iPhones and iPads, and for those who own a TV with advanced features. Without a screen that supports 4K and HDR. In fact, the new Apple 4K HDR. It is useless, and you can’t enjoy the best resolution offered by the player.

We have analyzed the characteristics of the new TV, and we have found the reasons. Why it is worth buying it and why it is not worth doing it.

Five good reasons to buy the new Apple TV

In the fourth generation of Apple TV. The Cupertino company has included many new features that will make children and adults happy; we have selected the five most important ones that justify the purchase.

1) Enhanced hardware

The new Apple TV has first-rate technical components and has been improved over the previous model. In detail, the Apple TV has a processor 64-bit A8, 2GB of RAM, and connectivity 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet. Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac and HDMI with 1080p resolution.

2) The new Apple TV Remote

The most important novelty of the Apple Remote. Is the integration of a new remote that uses Touch technology: the TV Remote. On the remote control, there is a high-precision Touch surface. That is very useful for moving easily around the screen and for browsing the application menu.

3) You can see what you want

With Apple TV, you can easily access iTunes and rent or buy the latest movie news. The catalog is updated continuously, and sometimes the films are available the same day they come out on Blu-Ray.

There are also streaming channels such as Redbull TV and Vevo, and thanks to the official applications. To the two most followed sports in the United States.

Also, through the Music streaming service, the user has access to millions of songs directly from his TV.

4) New screensaver

When the television is not in use, you can pause and set a very nice screensaver. The TV turns into a painting. Where you can admire aerial views of the most important cities and monuments of the world.

2 reasons not to buy Apple TV

As mentioned earlier, for some users, Apple has flaws that don’t justify buying it. However, analyzing the characteristics of the new TV. We found only 3 defects for which it is not worth buying the Apple.

If none of these features scare you, we recommend buying the new TV.

1) Siri not available in Italy

In other countries where Apple is available. The remote is not called Apple Remote, but Siri Remote. This is because it has Siri voice recognition technology with which the user can interact with their television. Unfortunately, Siri is not available in our country, and many users have been disappointed with this limitation.

2) Catalog of games not very large

According to some users, there is a risk that the games available on the Apple TV are few and of little interest. This is due to the limitations imposed by the Cupertino company, and in particular that concerning compatibility with the TV Remote; in fact, every time a developer creates a new application, he must make it compatible with the remote. So, developers could give up on embarking on a project that, in addition to being too expensive, may not pass Apple’s approval.

Why Is My Computer So Slow

Why is my computer so slow

Has your computer suddenly become slow and you don’t know how to deal with the situation? It is a big problem… when you are dealing with a slow computer, you have to be good at identifying. The causes of the problem and taking prompt action. Where is it? Such as? Let’s try to find out together. Here we will give you a complete guide about why is my computer so slow?

Below you will find several useful procedures. Tools and applications that should help you correct the performance problems affecting your system. Try to put them into practice, deepen all the topics covered in the post by reading the tutorial’s guides. Within a few minutes, you should be able to fix the situation … or at least to improve it sensitively.

The directions apply to both Windows and Mac OS X systems. Try to follow them carefully and cross your fingers so that your computer’s problem is software-only. Otherwise, if there is a hardware problem (therefore to the “pieces” of the computer), unfortunately, you will have to take the PC to a technician and request the defective components’ repair/replacement. But now let’s not think about the most disastrous hypotheses, and let’s try to solve it together!

why is my computer so slow: Scan your computer for virus/malware

If we exclude hardware problems (e.g., damaged hard disk, defective RAM banks, etc.), there are almost always viruses and malware among the main causes of a PC slowdown. Therefore, the first piece of advice I give you is to take a few minutes of free time and try to perform a full system scan using the antivirus installed on your PC. Full scan, attention, not quick scan; otherwise, only some areas of the system will be checked, and all others will be left out.

If you can’t complete your PC’s virus scan or even just can’t start it, there is most likely a virus preventing the program from working properly. To overcome this problem (and free your system from infection), you can use a “live” antivirus to copy to a DVD or USB stick and start when you turn on your computer instead of Windows. Among the best solutions of this type, I point out Bitdefender Rescue CD and Kaspersky Rescue Disk, which I told you about in detail in my tutorial on how to eliminate viruses from your PC (where you can find all the information on how to download and use them).

Other malware that can significantly slow down your PC (and can lead to other more or less serious problems) are Trojans, spyware, and adware. To eliminate this type of threats, you need an antimalware, that is a program that allows you to specifically counter some threats that can “escape” traditional antiviruses, such as the spyware above that track the online activities performed by the user or the annoying browser hijackers that they replace the home page and the browser search engine.

why is my computer so slow

One of the best free antimalware currently available on Windows, which I highly recommend you try, is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. You can find detailed instructions on how it works in my tutorial to delete trojans from your PC.

Macs can also be affected by malware (viruses, on the other hand, are still a rather limited threat). Even on Macs, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is the right software to fight them effectively. I also told you about it in my guide on how to uninstall MacKeeper.

Speaking of computer security software … did you know that even a resource-hungry antivirus can negatively affect PC performance? This happens especially with paid security suites, which often contain dubious utility functions that weigh down the RAM and processor more than necessary (fortunately not always; you don’t have to make a mess of everything, but it can happen).

why is my computer so slow: Disable unnecessary software at system startup

If your computer is slow, probably the fault is also attributable to the many software that starts automatically every time it is turned on (and then remain constantly running).

To stem the problem, and significantly improve the performance of your system, carefully analyze the list of all the software set to start automatically on your computer and disable those that you do not consider strictly necessary (those that, therefore, you do not have to keep constantly in function or in any case you don’t need it as soon as you turn on your PC). Here’s how to proceed with Windows and Mac OS X.

  • Windows 7 and earlier – press the key combination Win + R to bring up the Run … panel, type the MSConfig command inside it and press the Enter key to start the system configuration utility. In the window that opens, select the Startup tab, remove the checkmark from the software that you no longer want to start automatically when Windows starts, and click Apply / OK to save the changes and restart the PC.
  • Windows 8.x / 10 – right-click on the taskbar and select Task management from the menu that appears. In the window that opens, select the Startup tab, click on the names of the programs you no longer want to start automatically when Windows starts, and press the Disable button located at the bottom right.
  • Mac OS X – go to System Preferences and click on the Users and Groups icon. In the window that opens, select your username (from the left sidebar), then go to the Login Elements tab, select the software you want to remove from the automatic start, and press the “-” button to complete the operation.

why is my computer so slow: Uninstall unnecessary applications

If there are programs on your PC that you haven’t used for a long time, you downloaded by mistake, or that you think are superfluous, it might be a good idea to uninstall them.

To uninstall software on Windows just go to the control panel and click on the Uninstall a program icon. Then you must select the software to remove from the PC, click on the Uninstall button (located at the top), and follow the wizard for deleting the program (which usually consists of always clicking on Next / Next). If you cannot uninstall a program due to an error or because its name does not appear in the Windows Control Panel, try to solve the problem by following the suggestions in the guide I wrote on the subject.

On Mac, removing software installed on your computer is even easier. All you have to do is open the OS X Applications folder, drag the program’s icon to be deleted into the trash and empty the latter (by right-clicking on its icon in the Dock bar and selecting the appropriate item from the menu that appears). Only some applications, such as antivirus and some Adobe software, provide for uninstallation using a special “uninstaller” similar to that of programs for Windows. I told you about it in my tutorial on how to uninstall a program from Mac.

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why is my computer so slow

You could replace Adobe Reader with a lightweight PDF reader like Sumatra PDF, Windows Media Player with Media Player Classic; you could use Irfan View to view photos instead of the Windows built-in viewer, and the list could go on and on.

If you have a Windows PC, you must check that the hard disk defragmentation function is active. Disk defragmentation is an operation that restructures the allocation of data on the hard disk so that files are stored on contiguous areas of the drive. In other words, it moves and “recomposes” the files saved on the hard disk so that access to them is as fast as possible.

The most recent versions of Windows (from Vista onwards) defragment the disk completely automatically. Make sure that this function on your PC is active by going to Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Defragment and optimize drives. In case the automatic defragmentation is not configured correctly. Click on the Change settings button located at the bottom right and put the checkmark next to the item Run on a schedule.

On Mac, defragmentation should not be performed as the file system used by OS X (HFS +) does not suffer from the same data fragmentation problems as NTFS (the file system used by Windows systems).

Why Windows 10 slows down

With all its clear advantages over other operating systems. Microsoft Windows 10 also has several disadvantages that no version of Windows can do without. It’s about gradually slowing down the responsiveness of the system. Despite the rather low system requirements, sometimes Windows 10 slows down not only on weak office machines. But also on powerful personal computers and gaming laptops. The problem is very specific and there are enough reasons for this.

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The main reasons for the “brakes” of Windows 10 

Before getting into the jungle of settings. You need to decide what could be the possible reason for the loss of computer performance. Everything can be much simpler than it seems – incompatible drivers, or their absence at all, accumulated “garbage”. On the hard disk, non-compliance with system requirements, malfunctioning components. For example, when the thermal paste dries out, the processor also experiences “brakes” of a similar nature. You can check this with almost any utility for testing components such as AIDA64, CPUID HWMonitor, and HWInfoetc. If the temperature on the processor is high or varies greatly across the cores, this is why.

Also, owners of a small amount of RAM can be advised to increase virtual memory. For optimal operation of Windows 10, you need at least 2 gigabytes of RAM, or better 4. There is also a paging file with which you can “help” the system with insufficient memory. And this paging file can be increased. To do this, open “This Computer”, go to the “Computer” tab, and then to “System Properties”.

In the window that opens, there are a tab “Advanced system settings” on the left. After clicking on it, “System Properties” will open, wherein in the “Performance” section you must select “Parameters”. Visual effects are also configured here, by disabling which, you can unload memory a little more.

On the Advanced tab, there is a Virtual Memory section and a Change button. By clicking on it, the required window will open. After unchecking the “Automatically select paging file” checkbox and clicking “Specify size”, you can set your value.

Background processes in RAM 

Along with such a problem as cluttered autoloading. The accompanying problem is possible – a large number of “left processes” in the background. Perhaps the root of all evil lies in this. The fact is that application processes do not always hang only at startup. In the running processes, you can also see the processes of viruses and update applications.

In the “Memory” section. You can just see what loads the memory the most, and in the “CPU” section – the processor. It will not be superfluous to check your PC for viruses – the same Cure It! from Doctor Web or the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool from Kaspersky Lab.

That’s not all. There are also system utilities from Microsoft. It’s a calendar app, standalone fitness app, Xbox and Skype components, and more. All this is telemetry and surveillance, which does not stop for a minute. Disabling tracking completely is difficult, but anyone can do the most basic. Just open “Start” and find “Settings”. A large pane with Windows options will appear. Here you need to go to “Confidentiality”.

The only drawback is that this program is in English, and you must install and run it as an Administrator.

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Superfetch and its impact on the hard drive 

How does the hard drive behave? What if the Superfetch service loads the system? In the same Task Manager, you can see how things are with the hard drive. This is very much possible with Superfetch. Unfortunately, this problem occurs not only in Windows 10 but also in Windows 7. If this happened, you need to open the Run window using the “Win + R” key combination and enter Services.msc in it, and press enter. The Services snap-in opens with an impressive list of services.

In this list, you need to find the Superfetch service, double-click on it and click “Stop”, and then set the startup type as “Disabled”. However, if the hard drive is behaving normally and the load is low, you can leave it as it is.


We’ve covered the main reasons why a Windows 10 computer can slow down. Of course, each case is unique and requires an individual approach. But using the above basic ways to eliminate the causes of Windows slowdown. You can quickly and significantly improve the performance of your PC or laptop. For advanced system tuning, read our next article on tuning and optimizing Windows 10.


Use Social Media to Market Your Gym of Muay Thai Business

Muay Thai gym Business

Social media has become the online platform of choice for instant communication and more recently, Muay Thai gym Business advertising. It is popular across the world, accessed by desktop and mobile devices. Since its phenomenal growth internationally, entrepreneurs and small businesses are relying on social media to build their brands and reach their customers. Many businesses have gone from small startups to major organizations using the influence and the reach that social media offers. From Facebook to Instagram, knowing how to incorporate these channels for the marketing of business can help you get more customers, increase your sales, and improve your profits. Discover how internet technology for marketing can help your business.  

Facebook and Instagram are popular social media channels that have become the preferred choice of marketing medium for business. These online platforms encourage immediate communication through posts that are easily shared between users. While traditional means of advertising included word of mouth references, internet technology offers a new take on “word of mouth” marketing. Users of social media can comment on posts, like and share posts within their network. This creates immediate exposure for the brand as more people get to view the shared details. For small business, marketing online is the best way to start and gain a competitive edge over larger, more established companies in the same industry. Breaking into a market can be tough for small and new businesses; however, the right use of social media marketing including SEO, can accelerate growth and appeal to new customers. These platforms are also more affordable for entrepreneurs and smaller brands that are starting out. By incorporating online technology and using it to the advantage of business, you can achieve competitive and incredibly rewarding results.  

Social Media for the Muay Thai gym Business and Training Camp  

For the Muay Thai training gym for fitness in Thailand, attracting new customers to your business is an important part of professional operations and success. Social media including Facebook and Instagram are not only affordable but also easy to use making it accessible for any company anywhere in the world. Because people can use social media from their computers, their smartphones or tablets, you can advertise your Muay Thai GYM business to your targeted customers anywhere in the world and with instant results. Suwitmuaythai of combat system is an example of Muay Thai gym which use internet marketing. Social media is designed for instantaneous communication. When you add a post including a comment, image or a video, it appears on your page where it can be accessed by public viewers. While building a website, blog or listing with a directory remain important strategies for online marketing, the power and reach of social media should not be missed. As a Muay Thai gym business in Thailand appeals to international and local visitors, gaining the exposure that you need to reach potential customers is best achieved through social media. From Facebook to Instagram, incorporating these online platforms and specialized marketing including SEO assist in delivering the valuable marketing results you need to improve your brand growth and to ensure the success of your business.  

How To Cancel Apple Music

How To Cancel Apple Music

Apple Music is a music streaming service. For a monthly fee of 9.99 euros for individual accounts and 14.99 euros for family plans (up to 6 users). Or an annual fee of 99 euros. Allows accessing an immense library of thousands of songs, albums, and playlists of all kinds, on all devices associated with your Account: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC, and even Android terminals. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about how to cancel apple music.

The service integrates seamlessly with all Apple home services. From Siri to the iCloud Music Library, but still has some uncertainty. For example, its interface or its automatic recommendations system is not yet at the same level as its rivals. Spotify in the first place: these problems have led several users to abandon Apple Music after the initial 3-month trial. This allows you to use the service for 90 days without spending a euro and to look for valid alternatives.

Are you also among these? Your subscription trial period is about to expire, but you still don’t know how to deactivate Apple Music? No problem. Give me five minutes of your time, and I’ll explain it to you. If you are ready to start, make yourself comfortable, concentrate on reading the next paragraphs, and, above all, implement the “tips.” That I will give you so as not to have problems deactivating your subscription to Apple Music.

How To Cancel Apple Music: Ease of use

Apple Music was initially launched in June 2015 with a visually bulky and impractical interface. In stark contrast to the clear and straightforward interfaces seen on rival apps from Deezer, Spotify, and Tidal. Since 2016, however, with the redesign of iOS 10, Apple has profoundly revamped. The design of its apps with cleaner graphics and a much more intuitive layout. The current version of Apple Music is more comfortable to navigate (although there are subsections everywhere). Looks more attractive thanks to the prominent album covers, and after a few minutes of figuring out where everything is, it becomes a breeze to use it for the better.

Apple has cleverly hidden many options behind the icons to keep the main screen as clean and raw as possible. Once you open the app and select a song, a playlist, or an album, you will see a circular icon with three dots inside that gives access to sharing options, adding to a playlist, or searching for related lyrics. You can then tap the heart icon if you like a song or tap the heart with a bar if you don’t like it to help Apple curate the music to your liking.

The app is divided into five main sections found at the bottom of each screen: Library, For you, Discover, Radio, and Search. The Library tab is where your entire music collection is collected, starting with all your albums in iTunes (if you have the iCloud Music Library option turned on) to the playlists saved in Apple Music and songs stored on your device. Everything is grouped into the categories of artists, albums, genres, playlists, and downloaded music. You can also scroll directly through the recently added songs, which is useful if you want to hear the catchphrase immediately.

How To Cancel Apple Music Features

Where Apple Music excels, though, is in music curation. The For You tab is where all the service’s fun is, with Apple Music recommending personalized artists, albums, and playlists based on your musical tastes and listening habits. And it is, to be honest, also something a little disturbing. When you first sign up for Apple Music, you are presented with floating red circles highlighting various musical genres. Tap the ones you like to start Apple Music, then tap the heart icon on any song or album you want, and Apple will update your preferences to generate ad hoc playlists.

We were really impressed with the quality of the suggested playlists, not only in the selection of the songs but also in the way they are grouped and presented. From top hits to an artist’s little-known tracks, influences on a certain brand to a playlist focused on a particular songwriter or era, Apple’s care in creating these suggestions has proved remarkable.

It seems like playlists are really curated by flesh and blood experts with incredible musical understanding and culture and not an algorithm. This excellent attention to detail also works with Apple’s HomePod smart speaker. If you have one at home after purchasing it abroad ( here in Italy, it is not yet officially distributed by Apple ), you can ask Siri to play your favorite songs, and Apple Music will offer you songs that you know very well.

Spotify is no exception when it comes to recommendations, but in our opinion, Apple Music manages to do even better on this side. Aside from the weekly updated New Music Mix on the For You tab, Apple Music doesn’t push new music phenomena from the charts as much as Spotify and Tidal.

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Apple has never revealed at what bitrate the Apple Music songs are streamed. We can confirm that the songs stored in Apple’s iCloud library are AAC at 256kbps (the same as downloads from iTunes), but there is no obvious way to understand how songs streamed on Apple Music differ between a Wi-Fi connection and an in 3G-4G. However, the fact remains that Apple Music streaming songs sound brilliant and detailed. Compared to similar songs on Spotify (which are Ogg Vorbis streams at 320kbps), Apple Music offers greater finesse and more space around instruments.

Dynamically, the sound is smoother and more exciting. Notes stop and start with great precision, timing doesn’t disappoint, and even the most extreme dynamic passages are handled admirably. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana has a lot of attacks. Upgrade to something more refined like Charli XCX’s Boys, and the song’s sparkling pop melody is smooth and snappy. The voice sounds loud, clear, and expressive and not as muffled as in the stream from Spotify.

From what we have heard so far, the quality of streaming offered by Apple Music. In terms of dynamics and detail ensures a more immersive listening than Spotify can do. As always, we encourage you to invest in a decent pair of headphones. To get the best performance from a streaming service like this.

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Apple Music has come a long way in its short life. Offering many unique features that set it apart from the crowd of other streaming services. The diehard fans of Spotify and Tidal will most likely remain loyal to their reference services. But we invite you to give Apple Music a chance (maybe take advantage of the first three months free). Simply to find out how apt and intelligent its proposals and advice are musical. There are many ways to stream music these days. But Apple Music’s personal touches and caring for playlists have led us. In these days of testing to listen to even more music than usual. And this can only be a very good thing.

How To Cancel Apple Music from iPhone / iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad, know that you can turn off Apple Music in a very simple way. All you have to do is open the Music application (the music note icon located on the Home screen). Tap the For you button (bottom left), press the little man icon, or your profile photo located. At the top right, and select the item View Apple ID from the screen that opens (at the bottom).

Next, you need to type your Apple ID password or authenticate via Touch ID / Face ID (if necessary) and select the Subscriptions > Apple Music Subscription items from the Active / Active menu. To proceed with the actual deactivation of the subscription to Apple Music. Then presses the items Cancel subscription, Confirm and End from the box that opens. If you cancel your subscription.

Don’t want to cancel your Apple Music subscription. But would like to temporarily disable the display of the service within the Music app? Go to the Settings of your iPhone or iPad by pressing the gray icon depicting. The gears are located on the home screen. Select the Music app icon from the screen. That opens and moves the switch lever relative to the Show Apple option to OFF Music. If you also want to disable syncing with iCloud Music Library. Turn off the iCloud Music Library toggle and that’s it.

Subsequently, to restore both services, all you have to do is go back to the Settings> Music menu of iOS and move the levers related to the Show Apple Music and iCloud Music Library options to ON. If you need some advice on how to best organize the music library of the Apple devices in your possession.

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How To Cancel Apple Music from PC / Mac

If you mostly use Apple Music on your computer – be it a Windows PC or a Mac – you can unsubscribe from the service using iTunes. If you are working from a Windows PC and you have not already downloaded iTunes, fix it immediately connected. To the Apple website press. The blues Download button and then proceed according to the version of Windows in your possession. If you have Windows 10, use the Microsoft Store. If you have an older version of Windows, open the .exe file you got and press the Yes buttons in sequence, Next, Install, Yes, Yes, and Finish. In case of problems during the installation, consult the guide. Where I explain in more detail how to install iTunes.

Now, start the iTunes application on your computer. Log in with your Apple ID (by pressing the Login button at the top right, and entering your account credentials in the appropriate text fields). Then, from the menu bar located at the top, select the items Account> View my Account…, enter the password of your Apple ID in the box that opens and click on the Login / View account button.

From the Account Information page, click on the Manage link located near. The wording Subscriptions located in the Settings section and, on the page that opens. Locate the wording Apple Music Subscription located in the Active / Active section and then press the Edit link. Now, click on the Cancel subscription button located at the bottom left and, to conclude, press Confirm and Finish.

You will be able to continue to enjoy Apple Music until your current subscription expires. After which your subscription to the service will be canceled and therefore you will no longer be able to access. Until you reactivate your Account.

Apple Music from Android

Want to know how To Cancel Apple Music from Android? I guarantee you that this is a really simple operation to complete. All you have to do is start the Apple Music app on your device. Go to the settings of the latter and select the option through which to deactivate the subscription to the service. Let me show you in detail how to proceed.

To begin with, start the Apple Music app on your Android smartphone/tablet and, after logging in to the Apple ID on which the subscription you want to deactivate is active (if you have not already done so), go to the Settings of the ” app concerning subscription management: press the button (≡), tap your profile photo or your name and surname and tap the Manage subscription (or Manage family, if you have subscribed to a family plan) item from the menu that opens and, if prompted, enter your Apple ID password.

At this point, presses on the entry Subscription, and, on the screen that opens, you can view the current subscription plan that is active on your Account (under the heading Your subscription ). If you simply want to change the subscription plan, you can select one of the renewal options from those available by tapping on one of them (eg Family 1 month; Individual 1 year, etc.). To deactivate Apple Music, however, you have to move the lever of the switch located in correspondence with the words Automatic renewal to OFF.


Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Most Expensive Pokemon Card

What can I say about this set? Not so revolutionary in terms of playable cards, but introduces a new mechanic (TURBO evolution or LvX ) and brings us a bunch of useful Trainer cards, some good Pokémon, and, unfortunately, not the best choice of EX cards. In addition to the new set, we will have as many as 9 new promo EXs, which I will also consider. Some of them are related to the latest English (!) Sets, so I wonder how they will play in our belated Russian format. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about the most expensive pokemon card.

In this review, for the first time, I will consider all cards (except for pre-evolution) and will give them ratings on a 4-point scale:

  • Plays more or less in the draft, unlike tournaments.
  • (FAIL) Just a lousy card. Adding it to the deck is not justified; if not, talk about a fun game, a game in the kitchen, or what is.

Most Expensive Pokemon Card


The cold first attack, but it should have at least 3 different energy colors in the deck. When was the last time you saw good decks with this property? I don’t see it with the release of this set yet.

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A wholly unnecessary and idiotic side effect of the first attack (unless you are playing Shinya ). The second attack is unstable at best, and with the appearance of the Stone of Lightness, it is so completely useless.


Somewhere we have already seen decks with an accumulation of cards in hand … As a way to increase the damage from his attack, Simisage draws fire energies from the discard into his hand. The logic in this – Simisage can serve as a support Pokemon for fire decks – protects against weakness and returns energy … But it is better to produce energy, not by an attack. Oh yes, another card ( Judge ) comes out in the set, destroying the decks based on the hand’s size.


The Forest of Huge Plants allows this most expensive Pokemon card to instantly go into the game, although the attacks still have to charge at least 2 turns. However, his HP is almost like an ex.

The virtues of TURBO

An even more massive colossus (you need to find 3-4 Pokemon cards to put it into the game), but it can evolve from the previous Chesnot and his brother, who is in the XY set. The attacks of all Chesnots are expensive; at least the Talent will help deal with damage while the enemy is piercing you.

Most Expensive Pokemon Card of all time


Another second stage with the ability to use the Forest of Huge Plants. It’s a shame that her Talent works from a coin; otherwise, she could be considered seriously as an additional accelerator for your Pokémon. And so – suitable for a fan.

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And here there is more than enough power. It is provided by the first attack, which deals as much as 80 damage for each fire energy in your top 5 cards. The problem is that you need to build a deck under it, namely, to cram a lot of fiery points. Considering that for a stable game, Tiflong needs Trainer cards such as Rare Candy, then you need to pray that a bunch of extra energies (which should be in the deck, not in your hand) will not take their place in your hand. For those players who like it when the deck FIRES and no matter how often.

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Hound EX

We’ll get to the mega evolution, but for now, about the Houndum itself. The first attack is very curious, which discards the top two cards from the opponent’s deck. Do not forget that one way to win (or defeat, which side to look at) is an empty deck at the beginning of the turn. Accordingly, with Houndums EX, you can bring the enemy to this state. This can be helped by 170 coolants in fire dogs since the enemy must knock them out as quickly as possible. And with the help of Super- Grips, and AZs, we will not let him do it. From time to time, opponents are not ready for this, which ensures easy victories.

Most Expensive Pokemon Cards

M Houndum EX

And Mega changes the protective and wait-and-see nature of the Hounds to power. Unfortunately, there are at least a couple of shortcomings that spoil the impression of this card. The first is the discharge of energies. Yes, there is a Blacksmith and also new Burning Energies that return after dropping immediately under the Pokémon. But the first is a Helper card, and the second is Special Energies, which are weak to Enhanced Hammers and Xerozics. But only that would be fine. 160 damage! Not 170, Carl, not 180, but 160. And muscular bandage just not the trailer – meg usually not worth playing without Spiritist Relations. Thank Arceus, this most expensive Pokemon card has one. You can play with Crobats, but they take up a lot of space in the deck and in the stock (you can use heavenly Heights ). You can also play with the Tool Gatherer.


All that I said about Simisage, only now in relation to the water deck. ( SEMI )


The damage from the first attack is quite good, only there is one problem. And this problem is Siking’s 90 ° C. Accordingly, it is very easy to play against the Vikings – either we do not touch them, or we knock them out with one attack. And why do we need such a set-up for 90 damage from one energy, when there are Vespekwens and Night March? ( FAIL )


I would be glad to see the first attack on a basic Pokémon with a cost of colorless energy ( Manafi already has a similar attack ) or even for free. The second attack is interesting, but its effect is prevented by Substitutions, Rescue Ropes, or being careful to fill up the supply. ( DRAFT )


Most Expensive Pokemon Cards: Octillers

The long-awaited ” Shaymino substitute”. Not only will it cost much less, but it also draws cards every turn. It can protect you from the Red Cards, Ace Trainers, and Judges, and Octilleri herself is not affected by the Soundproof Lab. Also gives away only one prize. What’s the problem? Speed and stability. What to do when the cards are needed now, and you don’t even have Remoreid in stock? But in some decks, it will come in with great success. Good Pokémon. (GOOD)

Gleyley EX

Another EX that you can safely play without mega. An interesting second attack, which allows you to inflict as much as 170 damage (with the Muscle Bandage), if you and your opponent have the same hand size. And in the same set, they printed the Judge card, which easily fulfills this requirement. In addition, the Judge severely restricts the opponent’s options. If you like to play from disrupt – take a closer look at Galilei EX. (GOOD)

M Gleyley EX

And one more problematic mega. The damage here is as much as 250, which is more than that of M Raikwaza EX, but for this, the enemy must help you by inflicting M Glayle EX 100 or more damage (but not knock out). Yes, it is difficult to knock out M Gleiley EX with one blow, although it is possible. You can also just inflict M Glayly EX up to 90 damage, and then knock out with a harder attack. You can also use the Night March or Vespikvens – to them to strengthen the attack somehow sideways – they beat M Gleiley EX due to the cost of the attack and the ease of entering the game. ( SEMI )

Most Expensive Pokemon Cards: Empoleon

Cool Talent, only for the sake of it you can play Empoleon. Miltanks of this second stage will be even more delighted, and only Seismithodes EX with their small damage – so in general … The water type allows you to use Archie’s Trump card if you want to layout the Empoleon faster than through Rare Candy. ( SEMI )


The attacks are very expensive, but the first one is quite funny and powerful if you are played with dragons. True, one dragon named Giratina EX will spoil the raspberries if you are going to charge the first attack with Double Colorless Energy. ( FAIL )


All that I said about Simisage, only now in relation to the herbal deck. ( SEMI )

Vanilla Suite

A mockery of the fact that this is a Stage 2 Pokemon. Put Vanillux into the game, use the first attack, so that later you can’t use assistants and stadiums? True, if the enemy needs these cards much more than you, then Vannilux can work as it should. But I still don’t believe that such situations will often arise when you play with a deck on Vanillux. ( FAIL )


The first attack deals unrealistically a lot of damage if the enemy is playing with a deck on EX-Pokémon. Unfortunately, she is not charged with one energy card, so Raichu with his 90 Coolant can be knocked out before he does something. His TURBO evolution can help him survive. ( SEMI )

Raichu TURBO

She has 130 HP and the ability to use attacks from previous Raichu (in addition to her impressive 170 attacks). You can just put it on Raichu from XY to add life to him, or you can strengthen the new Raichu by adding him the ability to deal a lot of damage to an active Pokemon. The old Raichu variant looks better as he has an attack of 160 for one Double Colorless Energy. ( SEMI )


The first rain dancer in Russian format. If you want to play with Electric Pokémon, be sure to consider Magnezon, as it allows you to charge as many Electric Power cards as you like per turn. Yes, this is the second stage, and there will be a lot of energies in the deck, so she will have stability problems. At least I’d rather play Magnezon than Typhoid. The two Magnemites from this set have different strengths. The first one has a free retreat if you put another Magnemite into the game – this will give you the opportunity to immediately remove him from the asset without spending energy gain per turn. Second, it can also paralyze the enemy with a coin and one electrical energy, which can give you additional time to bet. ( GOOD )


The main attacker in the Magnezon deck. The Talent gives him an additional fortress for non-EX Pokémon, which means the enemy will have more difficulty taking prizes. If you also remember the Energy of the Flash, then you can remove the weakness. The attack literally requires as much energy as possible to be pounced on Raiku. With 6 energies and the Muscle Bandage, you can knock out any basic EX Pokémon when needed. But more often than not, 3 is enough for you to knock out almost any most expensive Pokemon card with two hits.

By the way, in addition to Magnesons, you can also use M Manectrics EX as an engine – this option will be even more stable. ( GOOD )


Good basic Pokemon entirely because of the first attack. By putting Stanfisk into the game in advance and charging it with one energy, we create a threat to the enemy if he plays Pokémon with an electric Vicness (for example, Iveltal EX, Luigi EX, M Raikwaza EX ). With the Muscle Bandage, we knock out all three. ( GOOD )


Well, why was it printed when there is the same Magnemite, which also paralyzes from a coin, but in addition also evolves? Unlike Dedenne. ( FAIL )

How to Play COD Mobile on PC

How to Play COD Mobile on PC

In case you are a toddler or an older man like The Ancient Mariner and have been living in the jungle with the tribal people or stranded on an island or a caveman or have not idea what a computer or a smartphone game is, then you may not have heard or have not come across the name Call of Duty. This game has a shorter name CoD and adored and revered as one of the best first-person shooter franchises of all times on the face of this earth. This article will give you a complete guide about how to play COD mobile on PC.

It is not favorite just for the thrill, fun, and excitement it gives from single-player actions. It can also give you a taste of real battle through the multiplayer versions where you can enjoy fighting others in real-time and have an engaging battle time in the middle of the smoke, bullets, bombs, and deadly weapons. Deaths are swift and silent and will always keep you on your toes as never know if you are being scoped or not!

Activision has been enjoying its success in the gaming industry as episodes of CoD hit the stores one after the other. After massive success with Modern Warfare and Black Ops, Activision brings the franchise to your handheld smartphones. It was released in North America in October of 2019. Call of Duty Mobile has been designed for Android and iOS systems. It does not miss out on any of the CoD original components – multiplayer maps, zombie versions, and battle royale. By the way, on top of everything, it is free for you to download.

How to Play COD Mobile on PC: The New season

Activision sends out newer seasons regularly that include more maps and characters, not to mention the Battle Pass, which a new. Disavowed is the most recently updated season and has been released in the open market for everyone on the last day of February 2020.

The first chapter of the new release is ‘Cage.’ It is an original map on CoD: Mobile. Soap became a character that is playable here. With him now, the player can activate more skills as a H.I.V.E operator. The player can now launch several proximity mines at once. These mines have nano drones that attack the enemies.

Battle Pass, which is new, will help you gather the MacTavis paint for AK117, which is very colorful, CoD points, a character called Urban Tracker. There are a lot of crates as well. The free Battle Pass will allow you to get some rewards. But to get all the rewards, you will have to buy a premium Battle Pass for more CoD Points.

How to Play COD Mobile on PC in 2020: Game Modes

Call of Duty: Mobile is a 3 in 1 game for your phone as it has 3 different modes of play – Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombies.


The mode of CoD is what people usually know and love to enjoy. Everyone has played this mode. You play a 5-player team against another 5-player team. Then you fight to your heart’s content using various maps and modes of the game. Team-based Deathmatch, Frontline, Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, Free for All, Practice against AI, and Domination – these modes are the core collection of always available modes for anyone.

Various other game modes are changed weekly and featured weekly for a restricted time—for example, One Shot One Kill, Sniper Only, Gun Game and Prop Hunt, etc.


Since 2008 World at War, CoD Zombies are a core element of the franchise. Therefore, as usual, it returned to CoD: Mobile. But it has a different flavor than the usual Zombies version.

There is this Survival mode, which we are accustomed to. Here we fight battles against an endless number of Zombies. There is also a Raid mode to spruce things up a little. Here you can unlock new areas as you advance through the game and get to the final boss.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is just like another survival game mode, where everyone has a license to kill. 100 players pit against each other for domination and are the last man standing. It has a time limit of 15 minutes. You can vary your style by going completely solo, or you can team along with your friends. Here you can also play in a Third Person Shooter mode.

Choice of Controller

To make playing CoD on mobile easier, Activision has adapted two modes of gameplay. As playing multiplayer shooting game is a huge challenge, the developers designed two different control modes—simple and Advanced modes.

Simple Mode

This model is significantly different from the usual CoD you play on your console. Here, you do not need to press anything to fire. Your gun fires automatically when you point your crosshair to the target. Although it sounds super convenient, it is not.

One advantage is that movement is much smoother as the player only has to move fingers to explore as the gun will automatically fire. The player can also set the distance when the guns will auto fire from the hip. If a shotgun is firing from the hip and the target is out of range, then there is a waste of bullets.

How to Play COD Mobile on PC Advanced Mode

The advanced mode has been designed keeping the console enthusiasts in mind. This version of the game offers a fully movable HUD or heads up display. The mobile version of the game has critically been designed to suit the needs of console gamers. They will be able to move on-screen with ease. Developers have kept the movement and combat interface the same as the console version. It is imperative to set up the buttons according to your personal best practices. Win or loss is just a few button-presses away. Either you are faster than all, or you are dead.

Wireless Controller

In addition to the touchscreen controls, there is another way to play the Call of Duty: Mobile- using a wireless controller. There can be no other way to beat the enjoyment and satisfaction of using a wireless controller with the game. It will feel just like the traditional PC or Console version of the game. Nothing beats that. Nothing can replace the ease of a physical controller. So, bring your best Bluetooth controller to the mix and enjoy the fight.

How to Play COD Mobile on PC Maps

A regular CoD follower will be able to recognize some of the available maps on CoD: Mobile. Nukedown chapter of the Black Ops version is the best, in my opinion. The map is small, but it offers a lot of action. It is bloody and messy. You cannot rest, and the pace of the game is breakneck.

There are 12 maps to choose from, including:

  1. Hijacked
  2. Crash
  3. Firing Range
  4. Crossfire
  5. Scrapyard
  6. Takeoff
  7. Raid
  8. Summit
  9. Cage
  10. Nukedown
  11. Killhouse
  12. Standoff

Cage has been made the original map on CoD: Mobile. It offers an environment that is small and urban. Opportunities are abundant. You can have many close fights, and the surrounding gives you ways to flank and corner your enemy.

CoD: Mobile Has Big Customization

It is exciting when you can change how the characters of the game you are playing look. In previous installments, it was possible to change the characters’ looks, such as facial hair, hair, skin color, dress, weapons, etc.

How to Play COD Mobile on PC: Weapons

Even if a character’s looks do not bother you in CoD as it is a first-person shooter game, you must take a lot of bothering about the weapons you are running around with facing your foes. You can definitely customize your weapons to your heart’s content – color, types of guns and ammo, armors, magazine extensions, grenade, sidearm, and so on. So, you can choose to silence your gun and add modification in scoping – enhancer, iron sight or sniping scope, and many more. You can add hand grips to balance your shooting and prevent recoils. All these features have been only for the PC or console versions of the game, but not anymore. They are now available on CoD: Mobile as well. You cannot just forget about laser sight. If you use the correct modification, on the battlefield, you will become someone unstoppable.

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How to Play COD Mobile on PC: Perks

There are points you earn for your performance in the game. They significantly improve your physical or combat ability. When you get enough perk points, you can upgrade your skills and ability, which you can then activate. For example, when your Ghost mode is activated, you can sneak attack on enemies, and they would not be able to see you at all. You can hit and run as long as this ability remains active. In every loadout, you can choose only three perks that are different from each other,r which means you cannot choose the same perk twice or more at a time. For example, along with Ghost, you can choose to take faster recovery, and this way, you can always fight from the shadows and heal when you are on the run or hiding for the next kill.

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How to Play COD Mobile on PC Weapon Skill

In every loadout, you get updated skills for the weapons of your choice. This skill will activate for a short time, and you can then equip the deadliest weapon from your arsenal and lay waste to the enemy as you fight. You can choose to use a sniper rifle or a minigun and cover for your teammates. You can also choose other weapons such as flame throwers. In close range fights, a flamethrower is really nasty and brutal.


It was known as ‘Killstreaks,’ and now it is called as ‘scorestreak.’ When you keep doing well on the game you prefer, you can select which ability you want to depend on the score. You can activate this ability. Another noticeable thing is that there rewards like stealth chopper, Precision Missile, and Goliath armor.


This feature of CoD is prevalent. Before you go out with your current loadout, you can one last makeover. You can choose your character and how s/he looks. This is a great feature. You will definitely want to see how you look on your screen and the map. This game allows you to play some of the most famous characters in the CoD world.

Characters such as David Mason and Soap MacTavish will definitely give you a somewhat confident playing the best players in the narrow and controlled world of CoD. The Single-player CoD story was complementary.

In-app purchase

If you have a lot of money to spare, you can use them to buy more from the gaming world. The main thing in the CoD world is points, and you can buy points using real-world money. With the points, you can buy more battle pass and loot boxes. There are weapons that you can buy. Through your gameplay, you can earn credits, and then with the credits, you can buy things in CoD. To buy points, you need to spend money in the following way:

80 Points for $0.99, 400 Points for $4.99, 800 Points for $9.99 , 2000 Points for $24.99, 4000 Points for $49.99, and lastly 8000 Points for $99.99.

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How to Develop An App

How to Develop An App

Mobile app ideas come to everyone’s mind – experienced designers, students, or small business owners who haven’t written a single line of code. But if you have a great idea, then how to make a mobile application if you don’t understand the difference between Java and Javascript, or Photoshop and Illustrator? prototyping service in its blog told how best to start working on an application. We are publishing a Russian translation of this article. Here we will give a complete guide about how to develop an app?

How to develop an app – expert opinion

how to develop an app
how to develop an app

We asked three mobile entrepreneurs to share their wisdom. They talked about creating mobile apps without any development or design experience, hiring talented developers, or making great prototypes. While they each know both the business and the technical side of mobile app development, their expertise is quite different:

  • Paul Ferro, President of 5 Nerds Software Development, a full-service design, and development agency from branding and design to application development from scratch.
  • Andres Max, founder of Ideaware, an agency specializing in product strategy, UX / UI design, and front-end optimization. Before founding the studio, Max was the lead UX designer at Mashable.
  • Daniel Hindi is Chief Technology Officer at BuildFire, a mobile app development platform used by over 50,000 companies. Even if you don’t know how to create mobile apps, you can still make a professional app with BuildFire’s WYSIWYG editor.

These entrepreneurs’ responses make it clear to us that building a mobile app doesn’t necessarily involve programming or getting your hands dirty at Adobe. With a great idea, a dash of business acumen, and a ton of effort, you can be at the helm of the next Uber. Let’s take a look at their opinions.

How to develop an app: Brainstorming

Paul Ferro, who, in addition to starting his own business, helps other entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, talks about the first step on this long path:

You have a great idea for a mobile app. This is the next viral game or utility that everyone will use or the next social expression step. In any case, you know that this is great, and you want to convey your idea to everyone. Where to begin?

First, it is essential to flesh out your idea. You can sketch the basics of your application in your head, but have you thought of all the little details that separate a fantastic application from a normal one? It’s essential to sit down and think about the entire experience of using the mobile app for a few minutes.

If this is a game or something similar, you do not need to compose each level in your head, but you need to understand how the levels differ. Are there in-app purchases? Multiplayer game? Social media connection? As you answer all these questions, you begin to mentally put all the pieces together and overcome all the problems and pitfalls. If someone is making the application for you, they will want to know as much as possible before starting, which will help the development process.

Submit your idea to friends, family, and colleagues for feedback.

Everyone thinks their ideas are amazing, don’t they? How can you understand that the concept of a mobile application you have invented seems interesting to others? Transform your inner circle into a cordon sanitaire that tests ideas for viability:

Now that you have a working idea, it’s time to test it out and see if it is really as good as you think it is. There are tons of good applications that do almost the same thing, but for one reason or another, some rise to the top and become loved, while others don’t. Your app doesn’t have to be Number 1 in the store to be popular or profitable. But he needs at least some semblance.

Communicate your idea to as many people as possible to get their opinion on it. Here’s an expert’s advice: When you present your idea to others (friends or family), tell them that you know someone with the idea and want to invest in it. Then explain the idea itself. Your listeners will be much more honest, knowing that the idea is not yours and that you could lose your money by investing in a not-so-good application. Ask – will they use it? If so, why? If not, why not?

Ask them to point out flaws. Ask if they’ve seen anything similar? This approach can be much more productive for discussing an idea than simply finding out that you have many friends and family who don’t want to hurt you.

If you have done all these several times, and your idea has not met with strong opposition, then it’s time to start! This is where you have a choice. You can do it yourself or hire someone.

Even if you can’t make a mobile app: How to develop an app

Andres Max reiterates his statement about the importance of testing an idea for performance and goes further: “I have always encouraged entrepreneurs to do market research. Dig deep to assess your idea’s demand, what worked and what didn’t, then make adjustments as needed. For example, you may think you have a great idea for a photography app before you know it’s already made and sold. This does not mean that you have to stop working on the idea. It is just information for you to help you understand what you can do better.

One of the best ways to compare is, of course, to make a prototype. Max says: “After you’ve got your idea sharpened, build and test a prototype. Gather all the valuable information on its basis. ” A prototype can be just a sketch of your design, or you can create a fully functional prototype in a tool like Proto.io. It doesn’t require any programming or design skills.

Decide if you will hire a studio or a developer – or learn how to develop yourself.

Ferro says that the next step is to figure out who will turn your prototype into a real application. Believe it or not, you can easily create an application yourself (even without experience). Provided, of course, that it is simple enough:

“Learning how to build apps can be challenging, especially if you have no experience. But it is possible. Especially if your idea is about the uniqueness of the functions – and not the technologies themselves, take Flappy Bird, for example. The application itself is effortless. But the idea was unique and exciting. Now, look at the Apple Passbook. The idea is relatively simple, but the technologies that keep your data safe, reach out to sellers, get tied to your fingerprint, and the like are relatively complex.

Suppose you need advanced technology in an app that uses a device in a way that no one else has used it. Then building the app yourself can be difficult. It can take years to figure out how to get the most out of a mobile device; if you realize that you can build the application yourself, great! But even if you don’t have development skills, there is an opportunity to develop quite quickly. ”

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Make sure you are using the right tools to create mobile apps

But how to gain this very speed? You can either take a crash course in programming (there are many resources for that) or use tools that even beginners can use to build your mobile app. One such tool is BuildFire, explains Daniel Hindi:

“What if you have a killer idea but don’t know how to build mobile apps? This is exactly the problem we wanted to solve in our BuildFire platform. if you want to create an app you must need to know about how to develop an app? We have over 80,000 apps, and both small companies and large corporations create them. All of them are made without or with minimal programming knowledge. While this is great for simple applications, a lack of programming skills usually limits you to the range of features the platform offers. BuildFire solves this problem, and soon we will open an API to developers that can be added to existing BuildFire applications.

We see more and more startups and small companies connecting to our core platform with shallow entry barriers. After the app has proven its worth, they ask third-party developers to create the puzzle’s missing pieces, saving a lot of time and money. ”

Make sure you are hiring the right people.

Whether you’re hiring people to finish a project started on a platform like BuildFire, or building an app from scratch, finding the right developer is important, Ferro says:

“Now, if you decide to hire someone to develop your application, things will be a little easier compared to learning to program on your own. But here, of course, the question of cost arises. Hiring an office has several advantages over doing it yourself. They have experience. So, they already know all the pitfalls of development. They will make an optimized and fast application. Its design will not be terrible. I think that there is no need to explain in detail the advantages of contracting professionals.

But you need to make sure you are hiring the right professionals. First and foremost, this means finding a company that will listen to your story and fully understands it even before starting to write the code. Many people want to start developing right away and start invoicing you, but this is the wrong way. Talk to several companies to find the one that works for you. You should feel comfortable working with them, communicating, and overcoming problems with them. And believe me – there will be problems!

When you find the right company, everything will work out. They will dive into your idea and unravel the loops, fill in the gaps, offer features and functions, and provide a high level of service. The best apps come about when a great idea meets a great team that breathes life into it. ”

Development of android applications: a minimum set of knowledge

In fact, there are few requirements here, but the depth of knowledge in the required areas should constantly grow. Here’s what it really does not hurt to master:

  • Java or Kotlin programming languages;
  • Android Studio platform for Android development;
  • Git;
  • The main libraries that will make your life much easier: Retrofit (for receiving data from the Internet), Glide (for downloading images)
  • Android architectural components (to write clean and reliable code);

Ability to write an application in the MVP or MVVM architecture (for the application’s reliability, support, and development).

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How to develop an app: write Android apps

In principle, development requires only Android Studio, which can be downloaded for free from the official website. This is the best Android application development environment on the market. Any operating system (Mac OS, Windows, Linux) will do. As for the hardware, it is advisable to have a processor not older than five years and 8 gigabytes of RAM (+ 1.5 GB of free disk space).

Suppose you don’t know anything about programming and have only a burning desire to create. First, you need to learn at least one programming language. At the moment,if you want how to develop an app, you can write an application for Android using Java or Kotlin. The preferred language is Kotlin, but if you plan to become a professional developer. Then Java, you need to be at least able to “read” (and better write in it). These languages ​​are very similar, work on the same principles, and have very similar syntax. At our Android development department, we start learning Java, and in the middle of our studies, we switch to Kotlin. Thus, the graduate is fully prepared for the profession of an android developer in terms of programming languages.

To learn Java with ease, install the Java development environment – IntelliJ Idea Community Edition. This is the best free software on the market. Installation instructions can be found at the end of this article in the supplementary materials.

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How Does Cash App Work?

how does cash app work

Although you may have heard about the cash app, you could actually know about it. Many mobile apps work with money. Cash app allows clients to receive and send money, add a link with any bank account, spend money from the app via a debit card. With the Cash app, directly depositing money to a Cash app account is also possible. In this article, we will give a complete guide about how does cash app work?

The companies have made it easy to receive and send money via a cash app with a smartphone. This app is becoming increasingly popular. This Cash app offers many interesting functions such as money transfer, stock investment, unique cash savings called ‘cash boost,’ and selling and buying bitcoins. Keep reading the article to learn more about the Cash app.

What is it

This Cash app works to transfer money peer to peer. Square Inc programmed it. This app allows its clients to receive and send money. This helps you send payments of utility bills to housemates, pay for the coffee your friend and you had, share the travel cost with someone else, or any other tasks related to money receiving or sending. Cash app functions are just like any bank account. Users can get debit cards named ‘Cashcard.’ These let the user make purchases by utilizing the money deposited in their Cash app account. This app helps to invest money in stocks and selling and buying bitcoins.

On the scale of one to hundred, how does cash app work got a score of 64 from its reviewers? For the security of data, it got a perfect score. Its support for its customers and its accessibility via various devices and people who do not have bank accounts. However, the testers thought that the Cash app could have done an even better job with authentication of payment and privacy. The cash app can be used on both Android and iPhone.

There are two problems. One is that you have to be 18 years or older for account opening. The other is that users from the US can only send payments to people within the US, as the spokesperson said. The same goes for UK users.

How do you send and receive money with Cash App?

First of all, get Cash App on your smartphone. The registration method is very user friendly, and on-screen instructions are good enough if you know how to read and write English. You will then create an account, and then you must add one of your bank accounts to the Cash App for it to be fully functional. This app allows its clients to receive and send money. This helps you send payments of utility bills to housemates, pay for the coffee your friend and you had, share the travel cost with someone else, or any other tasks related to money receiving or sending. how does cash app work, functions are just like any bank account. Users can get debit cards named ‘Cashcard.’ These let the user make purchases by utilizing the money deposited in their Cash app account.

To send a payment

To send money or make payment to other accounts, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, start the app on your mobile phone.
  2. Find the option where you can send money.
  3. Input the figure of money you want another party to receive.
  4. Click the payment button.
  5. Input the cellphone number, $CashTag, or email of the other party you want your money to receive.
  6. Click on payment.

If you want to see the activity details like where your money went, how much was sent, and when, you can click on the ‘Activity’ option. With the ‘My Cash’ option, you can see how much you have, how the money you have previously deposited. How much you have withdrawn. The Cash App will give you all the details of the transactions.

Benefits of Cash App

You do not need to pay any fee for the Cash App services. No money is charged at the end of the month or year for any services offered. Even inactivity will not incur any fees.

You get to have a free debit card if you opt for one. This ‘Cash Card’ lets its owner cash-out money from his Cash App account. The bank which issues this card is Sutton Bank. Every card is unique for each account holder. This card is not connected to the user’s bank account or any other account’s debit card. So, there is no connection to other accounts. With a deposit directly done to Sutton bank, ATM withdrawals are also possible for free. In case you do not have an account with the Sutton bank, there will be a charge of $2 for every transaction in an ATM using the Cash App debit card.

To save money during a debit card transaction, the option called ‘Cash Boost’ will let you save some money. For any particular vendor, users of Cash Card can choose to boost their account during any purchase to save some money. For example, there can be a 10 percent discount on DoorDash. Per activation, only one boost can be used. But the user can choose where to boost by swapping vendors.

For each friend who joins Cash App via your referral, you will get some amount of cash as a bonus. When a friend is signing up with the referral code you had sent to him, both of you will get a cash bonus after they sign-up. For each of them signing up, you get $5 from each of them, while each of them will get a joining bonus of $10.

how does cash app work? The ability to invest

With the Cash App, you will be able to invest your money in the stock market. This app gives you the option to buy stocks of various companies with as little money as or as much money as you wish to invest. The deposited money in your Cash App account will be used to purchase stocks. If you do not have the exact amount of purchase, then the remaining money will be taken from the account you have added to how does cash app work?

Cash App account is compatible with bitcoin but with some fees. It is possible for the Cass App account holders to purchases and sells this cryptocurrency. This type of transaction will be charged in two ways. One is a service fee for every transaction made based on the market activity and another one that will be fixed based on how volatile the bitcoin market in the US.

Things to consider about Cash App

There is a fee to use a credit card

When it comes to credit card use with Cash App, there will always be a charge of 3 percent on each of the transactions done with the credit card, linked with the app. If compared with other available money apps, this charge is fairly regular and usual. For instance, Venmo will also change 3 percent if any transaction is done with the credit card, linked with the Venmo app itself. Therefore, if you really want to bypass this hassle and extra waste of money. Then use the fund you have in your Cash App account or use the money deposited in your bank account or use the debit card.

There is a limit to how much you can spend with your Cash Card. Every day or week, there is a limit of USD 1000, and every month, you can only spend USD 1250.

There are withdrawal limits on the Cash Card.

Just like the limitation on spending, there is also a restriction on withdrawal made using Cash Card at any ATM or any register at the store. The limit is USD 250 per transaction or per day; USD 1000 in a week, and only USD 1250 per month.

Your funds aren’t FDIC-insured: How does cash app work

Although the Cash app and its functions look or act the same way a bank does, it will never be on the same level as a real financial institution. It might look convenient to use, but the Cards that customers will be using. Although issued with Sutton Bank, it has no relation to the bank. Therefore, despite Sutton Bank being insured by FDIC, customers’ money is not because it is not in Sutton Bank.

Cash work Reports

Analytical reports on sales and other key business metrics of the trade management service Subtotal are now available on your mobile phone. Tips for the cashier (to offer an additional product to the client). The ability to edit composite goods, support for gift promotions, support for product groups.

Trade accounting service offers a simple solution for the online cash register. Your 54-FZ cash register now fits in a smartphone or tablet – connect the Atol fiscal registrar. The free KASSA application includes everything you need to work: creating and selling goods and services, current balances and prices, dividing goods into groups, applying discounts for a position or the entire check, customer accounting, returns, and debits, sales statistics, cash control, work several cashiers by pin-code. So, You can download the checkout on Android from Google Play. The subtotal mobile application has appeared.
Analytical reports on sales and other key business metrics of the trade management service Subtotal are now available on your mobile phone. Tips for the cashier (to offer an additional product to the client). The ability to edit composite goods, support for gift promotions, support for product groups.

How does cash app work

Developers have updated the cash register application, adding the ability to connect electronic scales. So, now the cashier does not need to enter the weight from the keyboard – it is enough to put the goods on the scales, and the weight in the check will be set automatically. Kassa Prime supports work with scales Massa-K, Shtrikh-M, Atol, and many others. 2019. Manufacturing operations and update of Cashier Prime In the new version of Cashier Prime.

Implemented support for EGAIS 3.0, automatic write-off for beer products, opening containers, and leveling residues in EGAIS and Subtotal. Other: displaying purchase prices and sales prices in the inventory act (when uploading to a file), selecting and saving legal entities. Persons when paying for the goods received, expanding the cash register application (Android) capabilities to work without on a 7 “tablet, etc.

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There are spending limits on the Cash Card.

Last year, the State Duma adopted a law on the transition of all retail outlets to cash desks, transmitting information about calculations to the tax authorities in electronic form in real-time. According to the law, starting from tomorrow (February 1), it will be impossible to register a cash desk that does not meet the new requirements. From July 1, 2017, all trade enterprises will have to send cash receipts to the Federal Tax Service online. Updating one cash register will cost about 25 thousand rubles.

1C has released version 2.2.5 of the 1C: Retail trade automation system. So, it implements work with a new type of equipment – cash registers with data transmission. The version of Federal Law No. 54-FZ, effective from July 3, 2016, “On the use of cash registers …” requires that from July 1, 2017, organizations and most individual entrepreneurs use only online cash register equipment. 1C: Retail “generates electronic checks sent to the tax office in full compliance with 54-FZ. It can also send electronic checks to customers by e-mail and SMS. Also, from the program, you can work with the fiscal drive KKT.

Are there limits on how much you can send or receive via Cash App?

There is a limit to how much you can spend with your Cash Card. Every day or week, there is a limit of USD 1000, and every month. So, you can only spend USD 1250. The limit is USD 250 per transaction or per day; USD 1000 in a week, and only USD 1250 per month. If compared with other available money apps, this charge is fairly regular and usual. Therefore, if you really want to bypass this hassle and extra waste of money. Use the fund you have in your Cash App account or use the money deposited in your bank account or use the debit card linked to your Cash App.

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How quickly does the other party receive money sent through Cash App?

As the Cash App site states, transfers are instant within seconds. Depositing or adding more money to your existing Cash App account will require 2 to 3 days based on the Bank you are using, as the site states, so if you are willing to pay a 1.5 percent fee on your transaction. Cash App can give you instant deposits to bank accounts, as the representative states.

Are Cash App transactions public?

Cash App transactions are not open to the public. The company is very transparent about their policy of the security of data and privacy. But sending money by mistake to someone else will result in permanent loss of the amount.

What happens if I send the wrong amount or send it to the wrong person?

Sending money by mistake to someone else will result in permanent loss of the amount.  It is important to see if there is any cancellation option in the activity feed. So, if there is, then there is an option to cancel the transaction.

Suppose there is an option to cancel your transaction. You can request the person who got your money to refund. You can ask for help from customer support via the company’s website or the Cash App, but contacting via email or phone is impossible. The FAQ posted on the website sure seems good enough as the responses are fast and accurate. This can be really difficult for them to accept. At least customer service should be there to support.

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Samsung Smart TV apps

Samsung Smart TV apps

If you have bought a new Samsung Smart TV for your living room or personal office room, you must want to know more about the Samsung Smart TV apps that are trending nowadays. It is a very important step in your life if you do not want to miss out on the fun programs that are being regularly uploaded. As usual, we may just think of Netflix. But this is not what there is. There are so many more like Netflix in the Samsung Smart TV apps store. To name a few, there are Apple TV plus and Disney Plus. It can be a very big relief for people who like to scroll through channels during their leisure hours. If there is nothing to watch on Netflix, there will surely something be on the other two channels. But just three cannot be enough options for a person.

Samsung Smart TV apps in 2020

Due to significant updates and upgrades in the previous year, there is a brand-new OS called smart Hub. Now, we have spectacular QLED, 4K Ultra HD TVs. These extremely high-end TVs are just waiting to blow your mind out of the world. Now that there are significant hardware and software up-gradation, you will definitely want to keep watching Netflix. There is also Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Videos. But the Samsung smart Hub is being populated with so many more awesome apps every now and then. You can get them anytime from the Hub Store Samsung Smart TV apps.

It can be burdensome to switch between your PC, Smartphone, and Smart TV. After reading this article, you can positively turn your Smart TV into a device that you do not have to let go ever again. Just drop the PC and Android phones instead. The genres are numerous, starting from Educational to entertainment to LifeStyle to Sports, news to kids, and so many more. You cannot just have enough of what is out there already.

If you have an older version of the Samsung Smart TV, some of the apps may or may not work at all if the apps are all newer versions. In short, Samsung Smart TV apps keep in mind Old app, and New TV or Old TV with New App may not work at all. Let us have a look without making any useless waste of time.

Best Samsung Smart TV apps

Best Samsung Smart TV apps
Best Samsung Smart TV apps


If you were not born yesterday, sarcastically speaking, you must have heard about Netflix a thousand or million times over already in your lifetime. It is the most popular app on the Hub Store around the world for the old and latest movies and TV shows. If not, it can very easily be downloaded from the store. You need to pay a subscription fee to get access to it. You can download your favorite shows and then watch offline. Samsung Smart TV apps.


You do not have to be introduced to YouTube from Google if you have ever used a computer and internet browser. For every video you search on Google, you may find a link to YouTube. Therefore, we do not need to reinvent any unnecessary introduction of this app. Apart from fee contents, it also has premium TV shows for you with a little subscription. It is the best and the most popular app after Netflix. Not just TV users, the PC, and mobile phone users as well are well aware of YouTube because of its friendly UI. It has so many options. There is history for you if you ever wanted to see what you watched the day before and resume from there. YouTube is such a fantastic app. There is no end to what you can watch on YouTube. Samsung Smart TV apps.


If you do not want to waste your taste for HD videos and audios, you just need the VuDu application. For Audio, it utilizes the most updated Dolby Atmos Tech. Along with a very minimal advertisement, you can watch full-length videos on VuDu.  You can rent or buy any digital copy of your favorite TV shows or Movies from the VuDu store. Samsung Smart TV apps.

Samsung smart tv apps list 2020


This app can be considered the next contender for second place after YouTube. Its user interface resembles that of YouTube. It is possible to navigate, select, and play videos or audios from the Veoh library. Just like YouTube, it keeps verified contents submitted by users in its library. Its filtering system is really sophisticated. You can choose your language. You can also set filters on the length of videos and their qualities. Here on this channel, you can watch videos without any ads. Simply change options and watch videos with high quality.

Tubi TV

This app is very renowned across the Smart TV users Samsung Smart TV apps for its collection of newly released movies. You will not have any problem watching the most recently released TV shows and movies on this app. There is also a marker that says ‘leaving soon’ to show that the shows or movies that are marked will be out soon, so you can choose what to watch first and make a queue for streaming. If you want to watch content for adults, then just create an account for free without even paying a single penny.

Pluto TV

You will get two great options that no other TV app will give you. The first one is you can watch the movies that on demand. There is a list. Another option is Live TV. You can watch live content. So, you can watch instant movies via an on-demand list. There is a variety of genres – horror, action, adventure, romance, thriller, Sci-Fi, etc.

Samsung smart tv apps download


This app is a player that plays media and can access various contents from services that are remote. You can bring up a content hosted by Samsung TV and play it on Plex player. Moreover, the moment you install the app, it will automatically start collecting all the content and put on the Plex server


The interesting feature of this app is that you can use it without having to create an account. It has only around fifteen hundred movies, including genres such as drama, romance, horror, thriller, action, adventure, etc. So, it has a few features that you can customize – GIF creating from a scene taken from a video. You can also comment on certain pinned places where others commented.


Music lovers love this app. It can give you access to a countless number of songs. You can listen to music like the old classics to hip hop to modern and latest songs. However, if you have Spotify, you have limitless access to millions of longs. You can custom organize the songs you want to listen to. So, you can just run the queue of songs during your party time, workout, or just leisure hours. You can choose what to listen to, or you can just let the app give you a pleasant surprise.


This another very famous TV app. It has services on demand. It provides TV shows and movies, the latest and old ones. So, if you create your account with HBO, Now you have access to these services and contents at your disposal. So, this app has access to premiers, TV shows, and movies that have been released recently. You can buy a subscription to keep watching amazing content.

Samsung smart tv apps free movies


This is a media service company based in the USA. It offers top-class media content. Through Hulu, you can always watch exclusive and new content. Samsung Smart TV app. By choosing your subscription plan, you can have access to all these contents whenever you want to watch them. The subscription plan is cancellable anytime.


BBC offers this app. You can stream radio, streaming, and TV services via this app. It can only be used in the UK. So, an iPlayer can help you navigate through your favorite shows on your smart TV. Samsung Smart TV app.

Amazon Prime Video

In the world of entertainment through smart TV, this app is one of the most in-demand apps. So, movies that exclusively original and the popular ones and the TV shows you like can definitely be found here. This app has been created, managed, and owned by Amazon.

PlayStation Now

If you are a gamer, this is your staple food. If you eat a game, sleep game, dream game, and drink Coca-cola, then this channel is just for you. The purpose of its existence is sole to satisfy you. It helps you play all the PS console games that are on Smart Hub on your smart TV. Samsung Smart TV app. You can definitely be sure that this app can also host heavy games by directly calling the games hosted by Sony servers. Many games’ performance may be hindered because Smart TV does not have the same dedicated console hardware as the consoles.

Samsung smart tv apps list


You can also expect a lot from a global channel like TED. If you are a fan of interesting ideas, motivational speeches, TED is the right place for you. It contains contents from various genres. Samsung Smart TV app.


The best movies and TV shows can be downloaded from this app. You can choose from a very big collection of movies, documentaries, and TV shows. So, if you cannot be sure of what to watch, you just let this app recommend you. It has parental control.

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FilmBox Live

If you have to access the services, then all you need to do is to use Filmbox smart application. So, you need a subscription. Horror and other genres are watchable here. So, based on the speed of the internet you are currently using, this app will automatically give you high-quality video choices.

Kids’ National Geographic

This is no different than the National Geographic channel on the TV. It is just that the contents are for kids at home. This app has stored contents on various wild animals.


Firstly, this was not available for Samsung Smart TV. It is one of the Samsung Smart TV apps where you can watch the movies and shows of your choice. However, all the latest movies are here. The present owner of the app is Sony Pictures, and this confirms that you can watch free content for free.


Is Spotify not enough for you? Do you want to play the songs of your choice, then there is no need to hurry. Just get the Pandora app on the Samsung Smart TV app. This app will give you a lot of interesting features, including autoplay and playing your favorite songs in the loop.


Stream’s job is to collect all the contents from various channels and apps stores Samsung Smart TV app and categorize and organize them in order. So, it offers TV shows, movies, and documentaries from all over the channels.

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This is one of the Samsung Smart TV apps in the world. You can have access to millions of content like TV shows, news, and movies that are recently released.

FunBox UHD

This app Samsung Smart TV app is runnable on various kinds of smart TVs such as Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Amazon Fire TV, etc. It lets you watch awesome events related to culture. It has access to contents from all genres.


According to the members of our team, our research and analysis found the apps mentioned in the previous paragraphs. So, they are commonly used and popular among the users of smart tv. During the tests, all the apps worked just fine on our smart TV. You can let us know if you have other thoughts and other options that you have tested and found good to post here. We will list your app on our list. Happy fun time watching!

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Best Free VPN for Android

Best Free VPN for Android

VPN is an essential application that we need in our everyday work. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives you the freedom to do something on the internet without someone watching or tracking you. Your countries government or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can follow you and see what you are doing on the internet. Also, your ISP can leak data about you by tracking you. So it is highly recommended to use a VPN that gives you security on the internet. VPN is like a pipe that others can see but doesn’t know what is going through it. Like when you need to go on the internet on public Wi-Fi, you need to use a VPN that keeps your internet activity and also the location is hidden. It also can overcome any online censorship. In this article, we will give a complete guide about best Free VPN for Android.

Like when you are traveling, sometimes in some places, some websites are blocked. You can use a VPN to overcome censorship. Again when you need to download something from torrent, you need a VPN to hide from the ISP. Some governments do not want anyone to use torrent because it has illegal and copyrighted content.

There are plenty of VPNs for smartphones and computers. We will talk about the Best Free VPN for Android that gives you the best and secure network. When it comes to Android, someone can easily track you because you can’t use anti-trackers in android like extensions on computer browsers. So you have to use the Best Free VPN for Android to secure your connection and do the things you want to do. VPN is the essential security tool that protects you. We will show you what the Best Free VPN for Android is is out there.

The benefits of using a VPN:

  • A VPN hides your online identity.

It means it hides your IP address and encrypts your online traffic. It makes sure that your digital footprint cannot be tracked. Any personal details will be hidden from government surveillance and ISPs. Also, the advertiser won’t be able to follow you too.

  • VPN helps you bypass locational blocks

When your ISP or the government blocks a website, you can use VPN to get access to it. Sometimes your country does not give access to some content because of your country’s copyright laws. So to get access, you need a good VPN.

  • VPN secures your online connection

When you are on public Wi-Fi, cybercriminals can track and get your credit card details, bank account details, email, social sites login details, etc. VPN gives you a secure connection so you can do your everyday transaction without the worry of being monitored.

Best Free VPN for Android

  • A VPN can provide greater bandwidth

Sometimes your ISP limits your bandwidth. They sometimes do that to stop data congestion. But they sometimes do this so that they can bait people for more pricy subscriptions. Using a VPN will cancel that limitation so that you can play games or stream Netflix where you need a fair amount of speed.

  • VPN offers secure torrenting

Torrenting isn’t a hazardous thing if you know what it is. But it can turn out to be dangerous for your privacy. While torrenting other torrenting, people can see what you are downloading and what country and city you are in. Also, they can get your ZIP code and ISP’s information. Also, torrenting is illegal in some countries. So it is highly recommended to use a VPN while torrenting.

  • VPN’s can sometimes help you with online price discrimination.

Online sellers sometimes change the price depending on geographical regions to get more profit. So when you are from a developed country, try to buy things using a VPN with the location of developing countries to get less price. If the seller uses the same price in every region, then there is nothing to do.

The disadvantages of using a VPN:

  • VPNs can sometimes slow down your speed.

Depending on how far you are from the VPN server, what VPN protocol it uses, how powerful the encryption is, etc. can slower your VPN speed. It might not be noticeable, but sometimes the drop will make you disconnect and connect again to get back the rate.

  • Using an untrustworthy VPN can put you in danger.

VPNs are used to protect your privacy, but sometimes VPN providers do the exact opposite, and they can store logs about your online activity. This defeats the sole purpose of using a VPN. So be careful when choosing a provider.

Here are some Best Free VPN for Android that is secure to use and provides useful UI.

Best Free VPN for Android 2020


The TunnelBear is a free app that gives you about free 500MB per month, and you can choose your location manually. It is owned by McAfee, which is a global computer security company. It gives you the best privacy without using any credit card information. So. It has a no-logging policy, so you don’t have to provide your credit card info. It gives you access to 23 countries, including Germany, India, the US, and many more. Tunnelbear does not show ads despite being free. But the limit of 500MB is a lag. But there is a premium option for about $4.17 per month.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN for Android

This VPN does not require an email or credit card information. It has a 500MB per day limit and a 15GB per month limit. So, It is very little for heavy use, but it is more significant than some others. It is super easy to connect. You have to download and press click, and it will connect you with their best server for you. It will automatically connect you with a server that can give you better speed than other servers.

It also has the no-logging policy, so you need to press connect, and that’s all. There is a paid option for about $7.99 that gets rid of some restrictions and ads.

Kaspersky VPN Secure connection

It is a free VPN by Kaspersky, which is known for computer security software. It has a limitation of 200MB per day, but if you link your Kaspersky account, you will get an additional 100MB. The monthly limit is 6GB. This is not bad, considering it is free. There are a lot of locations, but you can’t choose them. The App will automatically decide. The app provides a one-tap connection without giving them an email or credit card information. It has a Kill Switch feature that automatically cuts your Internet connection if your VPN app connection drops, ensuring your data is never exposed to unprotected Internet.

So it has a no-logging policy. You can get unlimited data if you buy the paid plan. Kaspersky’s paid program is $2.5 per month.

Avira Phantom Free VPN for Android

Avira Phantom Free VPN gives less data than any other VPN provider. So, Avira has a limit of 500MB per month. Avira Phantom free VPN for android is owned by Avira, which is a giant computer security software making company. There is no sign-in process. You have to download, select a location, and connect. It is effortless to use. It does not require any personal data or credit card details. There are 40 locations available, so you can choose any you want. They claim that Avira Phantom VPN uses military-grade encryption to secure your data, ensuring that all your communications travel via a secure and private VPN tunnel.

You can get the premium plan for $6.5 per month or $78 annually. This will get rid of the limitations.


Hide.me is a free Android VPN that limits 10GB per month. It has five servers. These are the US (East and West Coast), Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore. Hide.me promises that it won’t keep your data, including logs. That ensures your privacy. This App also does not need any credit card information. You can easily set it up and start to use it. Hide.me claims that it supports IKEv2 and OpenVPN; both are among the most secure and fastest VPN protocols currently available.

If you need extra data, then you can buy the paid plan from $4.99 while going up to $12.95 per month.

Speedify Free VPN for Android

Speedify is a free VPN for Android that offers up to 2GB of use per month. There are 37 locations to connect, including the US, Japan, India, etc. It does not need any logging in, so it has the no-logging policy. You need to download and connect. So, you can choose the location you want. You can also automatically connect to the optimal server. Speedify claims that It is the only VPN with Channel Bonding technology that enables you to use multiple Internet connections at the same time. This means you get increased bandwidth, lower latency, and better reliability for all of your Internet activities: live-streaming, watching videos, gaming, and browsing.

If you want more then 2GB, then you can purchase their paid plan for $9.99, but you can lower it to $2.99 if you buy the 3-year plan.

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ProtonVPN is a free Android VPN that gives unlimited data. So you can browse anonymously as much as you want. But there are only 3 locations available, which are Japan, the Netherlands, and the US. It also takes a hit on the speed when there is a lot of users online. It doesn’t have any add despite being free. You have to make an account to use it, but it gives seven days free trial of the premium plan. The app does not contain any ads. ProtonVPN is created by the CERN scientists behind ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service with 20 million users, including many activists and journalists such as Reporters.

ProtonVPN also has a premium plan which gives access to 44 countries servers and gives up to 10GBps speed. The paid plan is $6.63 per month and goes all the way up to $10 per month.

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Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is a free Android VPN that gives open unlimited data. It is a China-based service, so people do not trust this VPN that much. This VPN is very user-friendly, but it shows adds here and there. It has some connection issues too. Sometimes the connection disconnects, it takes time to connect to the servers. But it does the job with unlimited data, so can’t complain that much. The VPN is not suitable for streaming and transactions because the speed drops sometimes. But for browsing, it is ok. Some people say it stores your data logs, so be careful if you want to use it.

Turbo VPN is one of the VPN that gives Netflix streaming privacy, but you need to buy the premium plan to get access to it. The premium plan costs $11.99 per month or $35.99 per year. All payments are made through Google Pay, so there is less transaction hassle.

Wrapping Things Up!

There you go, the Best Free VPN for android. You can get any you like, but every free VPN has some limitations, so consider getting a better premium VPN. These VPNs are probably safe to use, but open things sometimes tend to malfunction. So there may be bugs here and there. Also, free VPNs do not always ensure your safety. VPN makes our life secure, but we have to be careful because sometimes protectors become attackers. It costs a lot to run a VPN service, so sometimes, they use ads that are annoying, but we understand why they do this. But, sometimes, they sell your internet log to the highest bidders for more money.

VPN is essential in our daily life. So we have to be careful in choosing the Best Free VPN for Android providers. So these Best Free VPN for Android are safe to use and can help you in emergencies.

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Forex Brokers: The Two Best Forex Brokers in the Trading Market

Forex Brokers in the Trading Market

Effective investing and trading operations need you to use a brokerage service that addresses your goals and needs. This is especially the case for beginners, looking for the best forex brokers to fulfill their needs. The main point here is to feel the difference between an attractive new income stream and functionally efficient brokerage. Let check OANDA and Exness brokers review as potentially efficient brokers for the long-term use.

Exness forex brokers

Exness is a group of companies established in 2008. Thanks to attractive conditions for trading activities, the company has reached the top of the brokerage ratings. What makes this broker stand out from the crowd? They provide traders and investors with a great opportunity to perform their trading routine, using 100 financial instruments and minimized currency spreads.

Thanks to the “Unlimited leverage,” you can keep your funds under control without losing more you can afford. Also, this feature minimizes the marginal calls. When it comes to deposit and withdrawal, Exness traders and investors perform both operations almost immediately. Being the partner of the world’s best financial institutions like Barclays, OCBC, and Bank, the broker managed to keep all the financial operations on the special segregated accounts. Thus, the identification of each trading account’s owner is associated with protective algorithms enabling the maximum safety.


  • Low spread and low deposit requirements;
  • Proficient customer support available in 20 foreign languages at any time of the day;
  • Fast withdrawal and deposit making systems;
  • Reliable trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT4 Web Terminal;
  • Over 90 forex trading account currencies;
  • Trading tools such as trading indicators and chartings systems;
  • VPS hosting available for free;
  • Support of financial regulatory authorities providing the safety of trader’s data.


OANDA is a Forex brokers that offer multi-faced financial services to forex traders. The broker was founded in the United States and licensed by the most respectable financial regulatory bodies. It has a wide range of trading tools, including commodities, CFDs, and precious metals. Apart from this, it provides a standard set of trading platforms known as FX Trade, including instruments like graphs, algorithms, charting mechanisms, and customized services. OANDA also supports the adequate safety measures to protect personal and corporate data.


  • Efficient customer service available 24/7;
  • Multi-language approach, including the languages like English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese;
  • No minimum account deposit;
  • No minimum size for every trade lot;
  • Regulation and safety measures required to recognize possible scam and fraud;
  • Demo trading mode where traders can get some practice;
  • Historical currency converter with almost 350 years of historical exchange rates for the major currencies.

Making the Right Choice in forex brokers

When you have to choose a Forex broker, you should conduct thorough research and analysis. Apart from checking the benefits, there are some serious risks you should consider. Whether you are a beginner or professional, you need a broker with sufficient experience in the stock market and attractive conditions for the long-term cooperation.

Considering the above brokers, their market-leading positions resulted from financial and operational factors. Do they enable an efficient trading or investing routine? Do they offer a mobile application for increased flexibility? What kind of assets are you going to invest in? By answering these questions, you will make the right choice.

Football manager 2020 steam

Football manager 2020 steam

Football Manager 2020 steam Review – This is not a review like the others. It cannot be for various reasons: first of all because I will speak to you in the first person, with a much more intimate tone than usual, also telling you a pinch of my personal story; secondly because it will be more concise and direct, given the notoriety of the title and its mechanics. Today I will speak, in fact, of one of the most famous managers in the world, if not the most famous of all, arrived at this umpteenth iteration aware of its success but also of its limits. Which it does not intend to overcome.

A game that I loved a lot during my adolescence and that I then (consciously) abandoned for a good part of my life, putting it aside without ever forgetting it. So it was easy to start over with Football Manager 2020, rediscovering an old friend still in shape. And I want to say it right away: it is still the best management simulation game in the world, not only in the circle of sportsmen but in the round. If you are ready to take the field with me, now I’ll tell you why.

Football manager 2020 steam

I can’t do it, too many memories

I have been playing Football Manager since it was still called Scudetto – or  Championship Manager if you prefer – and Eidos Interactive distributed it. It is probably one of the games I spent the most hours ever in my teens, especially in 2002-2006, breaking my eyes with its super colorful graphics and packed menus. Then I continued to play it in the following years, albeit with less intensity, more or less until 2009. It was, therefore, ten years that I didn’t touch a Football Manager.

The first impression I got when launching this 2020 version was familiarity. Everything has changed, but everything is still in place. The game interface has kept its original setting, with the same menus. The same sections, and the same infinite versatility. One of the most distinctive aspects.

And the comparison fits perfectly also because the “engine under the hood” of Football Manager 2020 steam is really the original one. I’m talking about the massive database of players, coaches, trainers, observers, managers, and staff of all kinds. Which for decades has been the very heart of the entire gaming experience. Badges. Each of those values ​​must be as true to reality as possible, and it really is, as the millions of players who buy this title each year show. Those who do not appreciate statistics, graphics, and tables cannot fully understand a game of this kind, cannot really appreciate the painstaking work behind it; but the niche of fans knows how realistic all this is.

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In praise of the space bar: Football manager 2020 steam

Having already declared that I am a longtime fan of the series. You can already expect how my first hours of play went: I have concentrated on finding the differences. Even the smallest ones – between the current Football Manager and the one I keep in my memory. One of the things that immediately made me turn up my nose is that. In this version, the psychological part counts very much as and more than the technical-tactical one. To be a good coach. You cannot limit yourself to building schemes and making a good transfer campaign. Now, you have to get inside the players’ heads, listen to them, motivate them and manage them as a real community. An aspect only hinted at in the editions of the game belonging to the last decade. But much more developed today, at a time when real football also lives in these situations.

All ready to throw it in cascara as soon as possible, ruining the morale of the team and the president. What does all this mean? Thankfully, the fundamentals of this experience haven’t changed that much. The operating routine remains the classic one: read the mail, check training and injuries, possibly take a look at the ongoing negotiations and then move on to the next day. If you are lucky, you can do all this by merely continuing to press the same key, the space bar. The undisputed protagonist of Football Manager since the dawn. When it comes to matching day, you choose your lineup, set your tactics. Do the finishing touches to your attitude and patterns, and then go out on the pitch, hoping that no one will break a ligament after a few minutes. This is the hard life of (virtual) coaches.

Those who have time do not wait for time.

Another of the great news of Football Manager 2020 steam concerns the management of game time this episode. The time of a player within the team can be modulated at will and even proves to be a decisive ace up his sleeve in the negotiation phase with a view to buying or selling. In the negotiations of a player’s contract. It is also possible to offer “playing time” as a counterpart and for the future. Without considering that, it can be yet another tool to help young talents grow, manually modulating their presence in the first team. The invaluable support staff will advise you on the best individual solutions and provide a summary of the players’ progression based on the time allowed for them.

The title, in addition to these very welcome additions, can also count on other prominent introductions, even if of lesser importance. First of all, the code of conduct: in practice, at the beginning of the season. The team captain is responsible for drawing up a draft of the principle of ethics to be submitted to the team, concerning compliance with the rules and the fines that could be imposed in the event of a mistake. The development study has also introduced the right to be aware of the income deriving from sponsors. This could be useful in the negotiation phase with the management regarding purchases and extension of contracts.

If the gargantuan playful offer proposed for the single-player mode does not satisfy you. You can finally always throw yourself on the Online Career, create your own team from scratch or enter the Fantasy Draft tunnel. Which allows you to assemble a team and participate in tournaments. In short, Football Manager 2020 really looks like the wealthiest edition ever and will delight all fans.

The additions of the Football manager 2020 steam

The novelties of this edition begin right at the debut when the contract is signed. The feature that immediately catches the eye is the so-called ” Club Vision, “which is the corporate line of the club that hired us. Compared to previous years, in this new iteration, the team’s policy has been revised, built consistently on its corporate past, reputation, and present ambitions; above all, it has been extended and spread over multi-year planning. Basically, the management immediately confronts us with the objectives – short-term and long-term – that must be achieved.

Also, this year the production does not neglect what is increasingly a fundamental part of the survival of a sports club: young people. After last year’s revamp, the folks at Sports Interactive have wholly overhauled the Development Center. In essence, team management becomes even more complicated, satisfying, and fascinating.

This allows us to shape society progressively according to our ambitions and our ability. Not only that: it is now possible to customize and modulate our share of direct responsibility in all respects. Almost anything can be delegated to the staff acting behind the scenes. Who will manage the charged area and regularly inform you of progress? Thus giving you the ability to intervene promptly if you notice something wrong. The Staff is therefore essential in order not to be overwhelmed by the amount of information that the FM 2020 database will offer you.

Research, hire, train

Okay, I’ve made it too simple. In reality, the mechanics are so vast and deep that I would struggle to enclose them in an entire book, let alone in a paragraph. What I want to make clear is the ability to play at your own pace and desired depth. There is no difficulty selector in Football Manager. In fact, there has never been as far as you can remember. When creating your own virtual avatar. You can play around with the reputation level a bit, but that doesn’t change the challenge level much.

Once upon a time, it was enough to offer a good deal, and you could immediately shake hands. Each player has his own character, and you will also find those who will always ask too much, in one way or another. You will not be able to convince them even by sacrificing the whole amount of salaries. So forget it as soon as you can. Fortunately, young people are less pretentious.

If everything goes according to expectations and you manage to put on an excellent squad, now is the right time to unleash your tactical wisdom. In the dedicated section, you can set any detail you can imagine, also assigning specific tasks for each player. The level of accuracy of each setting is microscopic, as it was in my day. Before and after the matches, you can analyze in detail all the parameters of your players. The performance of the team, and the effectiveness of tactics. Obviously, perfectionists will have to dedicate a lot of time to this aspect. Because only in this way can you be prepared for the next meeting.

Football Manager 2020 

The matching phase encompasses all the souls of the Football Manager a bit. Before, during, and after the match, it is possible to talk to each member of the team, motivating him, praising him, and reprimanding him if necessary. The tactical section remains unchanged even in this context, with the added possibility of intervening live to fix what is wrong. A good indication of what is happening is provided by the votes to the players, visible in the tables during the live broadcast. Attention, do not trust these values ​​too much but keep in mind the costs ​​outside the norm to understand who is doing well and who instead deserves to sit on the bench ahead of time.

The presence of details such as the VAR and the spray strips near set pieces introduced a few years ago in real football and immediately included in Football Manager, made me smile. This, too, is a sign of attention and attention to detail. The visualization of rain and other atmospheric events is also excellent, visibly improved over the years. I remain fond of the classic view. The two-dimensional one with the colored circles. But I must say that the new three-dimensional graphics are also not bad. Don’t expect photorealism at FIFA. We are on much lower levels, but at least now. You can see an anthropomorphic shape instead of a simple circle. It’s a huge step forward for someone who played Scudetto!


The results of the matches are very realistic, beyond the apparent limitations that all sports games bring with them. The Football Manager rankings are very similar to the real ones, although there will be surprises in every league. In the game, it is not uncommon to see among the first a team that in the real world is struggling a lot and fighting in the lowest positions. There is, it is understandable, and it is also the beauty of games of this type.

Precisely for this reason, being able to obtain good results gives great satisfaction. Whether you find yourself fighting for salvation in Serie C or have reached the Champions League final. When your team scores a goal and the interface starts flashing. It is always an immense pleasure. This never changes ten years ago, like today.

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Final judgment

Football Manager 2020 steam Review – Final Judgment – Plunging headlong into an experience like the one proposed by Football Manager 2020 has been genuinely exciting. This is probably the most convincing data to be able to express my opinion. Beyond the noticeable improvements, which further enhance its value. This title still retains that dose of authenticity that historical fans continue to appreciate. In a nutshell, it expresses the state of the art of sports managerial simulation, with a technology sector that provides all possible and imaginable tools to go deeper and deeper. It was a pleasure to find it and try it again. Savoring all the innovations introduced over the last few years. But now I have another problem: how do you stop playing it?

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Best Music Streaming App

Best Music Streaming App

Perhaps we consider music as one of the most expressive ways of our feelings. Humans are the most expressive creature in this world. As we speak, I am expressing my feelings over this article today. You are probably lying on the couch and reading my writing or at a bus stop, waiting for the bus and reading this one. My words are connecting with you. You can feel my feelings. This is why we are the most expressive ones because we can relate to each other. Here we will give a complete guide about the best music streaming app in 2020.

In the same manner, people can connect with other people and creatures with the help of tunes. Tunes that will make you feel happy that makes you cry hard. That can make you sad, which can make you step up and move on from the agony. When I put on the headphones and listen to some of the favorite numbers, I get lost in the unknown world. The world where I am happy I am with my loving ones. This is a lovely feeling.

Music has been a substantial factor in my life. And I am sure it is the same in yours. The source of music has been not that unknown to us. Nature has been the main inspiration in our tunes. Mother Nature influences all the musicians and artists that are considered the best in the world.

The main aspects of music-making are pretty versatile. You can make music from typically anything. This is the best part. You can create music, even if you don’t have any training in a particular sector. The main reason is to express our feelings. If you are right to your feelings, then you will be able to your senses.

Best Music Streaming App

Music Then and Now

Music has always been in use from the very beginning. Thus you can see the traces and hearings of music and music-making even centuries before. Back then, making raw music was the primary source of music-making. Since then, people would enjoy singing and performing before the crowd. People used to enjoy live performances. Slowly time went by, and people started to make music more interesting by adding up various styles and introducing genres. This created a massive revolution as people from multiple places liked and represented various genres. After the technological outburst, digitalizing and preserving music has been a significant breakthrough in music. People started to record music and listen to Gramophones and JukeBoxes.

In the Retro era, Music played a massive part in modernizing the culture. No wonder the music in the 80s was so versatile and close to the people of that time. The main reason behind making such touching music is access to music and the love for music. But that charm has been not that enlightened in the current era. Where celery juice can make up to the trending chart, good music has a stricter chance to survive. But that does not mean that we are not working hard or making good music. It is just that the enthusiasm is not there as it was before.

Music in Hands

Things instead took a dramatic turn when people started making portable music players that enabled people to carry their favorite songs and numbers along with them even on the go. This has been such a roller coaster ride for the music industry. But before that, recording music was alone a tough job to accomplish. Things were not that simple as always. But what to do when men are too desperate for something. The thirst for going a step further every bloody time is the main reason for our advancement. This resulted in inventions that changed the course of the bloody history.

Now, after the smartphone revolution, people are looking forward to making this tech absolute. This is the main reason for the manufacturing companies to step on the gas paddle and pull off something new and fresh every time they launch a new product in the already flooded market.

Music in smartphones does not seem to surprise you guys anymore. But trust me when I said this when Steve Jobs declared the pocket iPods for the very first time in the Apple Inc. event, the whole world went nuts. The first batch of iPods was sold like this was the last item on the earth that you need to survive.

The companies

This made all the companies, especially the phone companies, anxious and courageous at the same time. Nervous, because they got a whole new marathon to run. And courage to grab something that is challenging and appealing at the same time. This is the reason for the advancements in the phones as of today. Pushing their limits, again and again, is the primary key to success.

Music has become one of the biggest priorities in the lives of people. I mostly have them on their phones. And now, the whole game has been changed. It is upgraded to a whole new level. The first iPod was capable of storing 1000 songs in that tiny body. But people still wanted more. Not that they have already listened to all the 1000 songs and wants more. The reason is to test the limits. That is why the tech has been pushed hard. The revolution of the internet set new wings in the devices. Now, you can have more access to millions and millions of songs, and not all of them are needed to be downloaded. Cool right?! This is called streaming. But this was not that available, even some days back. So, the big question is, what is musing streaming?

What is Music Streaming?

The concept of streaming is simple. To pass on information about the content dynamically. In a broader explanation, streaming is like sharing your content on the go with the help of tech and the internet. This has been the newest trend so far. The internet has allowed us to get more and more flexibility in the art of communicating with others. The world has been inside our hands. All we need is to make a couple of clicks and swipes. And, Viola! Everything is on your computer or phone screen!

This has been a pretty efficient tech, especially in the audio and visual content industry. Now, we will be seeing the best musing streaming apps out there in the market. All of these music streaming apps are available on smartphones. Some of them may not be available on all platforms. But overall, the main agenda is to find the best music streaming apps for phones.

So, without wasting any more time, we quickly move on to the list. Here are five of the best music streaming apps in the market.

5 Best Music Streaming Apps for Phones

So, all you need to do is to look into the list and choose one which will suit your needs. Let us do all the hard work. We will be describing each app in a descriptive manner. We will also try to mention all the pros and cons of the apps. The five best Musing Streaming Apps are:

  1. Spotify
  2. Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Apple Music
  1. Google Play Music
  2. Tidal

Now, let us move on to the first one real quick.


Maybe, Spotify is one of the renowned music streaming platforms. This has been one of the most downloaded music streaming app. No wonder this is the best music streaming app to date. The reasons are pretty obvious. First of all, this is available in any format. And also available in a wide range of devices.

This is pretty good. On the other hand, this app has a wide range of collections in exquisite music. This has a vast library where you can select between the old theme, some curated ones, and above all, you can have anything you want. The paid version is one of the best in the business. You can stream all the music endlessly. The free performance is also pretty impressive as it can deliver a lot more than some of the paid musing streaming apps available out there. The unique feature of listening to music offline takes this app to a whole new level.

The versatility, comfortable and silky smooth user interface, and above all, the availability is the main reason behind this app being the best musing streaming app in the business.

Now, we will be moving to the next best music streaming app out there in the market.

Amazon Music Unlimited by Amazon Prime

This is the best music streaming app if you are already an Amazon Prime subscriber. This comes with a fully-fledged Amazon Prime subscription. So, if you already have Amazon Prime, this is the best pick for you. If you do the math correctly, then you will be able to see that this comes free in a certain way. So, this is a good option for you.

On the other hand, the catalog does seem tempting. You can choose from a 60 million songs list. I am pretty damn sure that you won’t be able to finish all the songs within your lifetime. But that does not mean that you will not lose your love for music. The main reason for choosing this app is the hands-free option. I am pretty sure you are aware of Alexa. This is a revolutionary AI tech for Amazon. You can easily change the song or skip the song by voice control.

So, this is going to be a good option if you are from the Amazon Army. It will indeed perform all the purpose efficiently. Now, let us move on to the next one.

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Apple Music

Starting its journey in late 2015, Apple Music is relatively new in the market. But that is clearly an understatement for the app as this is one of the best music streaming app in the market. This is available only in the iOS world. But people are not getting enough of it. The monthly subscription is around 9.99 US Dollars per month for a single user. But if you are in the Apple Ecosystem, then there is a family pack starting at 14.99 US Dollars per month. This app is a perfect app for iPhone users. This has a massive library of music from different artists and genres. This will certainly satisfy your taste. So, I do consider you are picking this app if you are an iPhone user. You will easily find it in the Apple App Store.

Now we will be moving on to the next app from our list of the five best music streaming apps.

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Google Play Music

When it comes to apps, what better giant can be described other than Google? Google Play apps have been under the limelight ever since they are launched. This is because the most significant OS in the world in terms of phone users is Android. And what happens to be is that Android is the proud production of Google!

So, it is likely to have great apps for the said platform form the very manufacturer. Google Play Music is a fun music streaming app in the business, and I definitely ask everyone to try it out. The enormous library and the functionality will surely make you feel great and proud.

I am now moving on to the final app form the list of the five best music streaming apps in the business.


If you are in for the best ever quality in the music, then this is the right streaming for you. The subscription fee is reasonable prior to the quality and versatility this app brings to the table. The CD-like performance and access to exclusive contents are one of the most significant advantages of this app.

Closing Down the Curtains!

So, that was all for today. I hope you guys have enjoyed the article pretty much. Please stay safe and see you later, alligator!

best music streaming app

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Best Music Apps for iPhone

best music apps for iPhone

best music apps for iPhone

Music has always been an integral part of the human race. Humans are designed to communicate, showcase their feelings to others. Nature has been a substantial obsession with expressing emotions. So, when you are happy, you sing. When you are sad, you listen to the low numbers of Elton John. When you are excited, you feel the heat. You crank the volume up with some rock n roll. Here we will give a complete guide about the best music apps for iPhone in 2020.

The taste of music differs from people to people. Even it differs from generation to generation. But no matter what you like, whether Elvis Parsley or Nicki Minaj, every music has one sole purpose, it is destined to express your feelings.

iPhones have been revolutionizing the smartphone industry ever since its entrance. Under the lights of the great Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. has come a long way. The company has always been the benchmark of excellence in the relative field. That is how this has become one of the leading brands of the century.

Listening to music on devices has been there for ages. But thanks to technology, people have music numbers in their very pockets. Tech has gone far to such an extent that it is now in people’s wristwatches.

Today, we will see some of the best music apps for iPhone. These apps are either free or are needed to be bought from the Apple App Store. But we will be ranking down each of them. We will try to detect the pros and cons of all the apps as well. So, stick to the article, because we will be sorting out an awful lot for you.

Six Best Music Apps for iPhone

Trust me when I say this. The app store is flooded with an enormous amount of apps which is capable of playing music. This hunt for the best has been like finding a needle in the pile of hay. But we did all the hard work for you. I will appreciate it if you guys read the full article. I assure you this article will be one hell of a read. So, moving on further to the topic. Here are the six best music apps for iPhone that are available in the iOS app store:

  1. Apple Music
  2. Amazon Music
  • YouTube Red
  1. Pandora
  2. SoundCloud
  3. Deezer

All of these music apps are available in the iOS app store. I will now be debriefing all of them one by one for you guys. This will help you to make a better decision on which one to choose and which not.

First up comes the in-house music app, Apple Music.

Apple Music

best music apps for iPhone

Apple Inc. has been a late turner in potentially all the categories. But the reason behind them waiting for too long is to ensure the standards. They have launched their very own music app in the year 2015. This is pretty late for a leading smartphone brand. But the reason for doing this is that Apple is well known for its quality and versatility. They tend to ensure the best experience of anything the release in the market. And Apple Music is undoubtedly not an exception. This is a paid app. It requires a monthly subscription for every device.

If you are a single user, then this will cost you around 9.99 US Dollars. If you want something affordable for your family, you can have a family pack subscription at around 14.99 US Dollars. Thanks to the massive collection of music from different genres and artists, you will be able to stream all day long with this app. On the other hand, you will get to select a customized playlist to have all the favorite numbers in a single click. Plus. You will have access to Beats 1. Beats 1 allows you to get access to all the radio stations worldwide. So, you can quickly crank up your favorite Deejays on the go.

The interface is pretty strong and interactive. I think this is the best music apps for iPhone in the app store. Let us see what else we got in the bag for us today.

Amazon Music by Amazon Prime

Amazon Music- best music apps for iPhone

If you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime, then this is your lucky day. Because Amazon Music is the best app for you, this app is pretty simple. The reason for choosing this app is the versatility in the music selections, as Amazon Prime has a wide range of artists and genres included in the vast catalog. If you are an 80s music fan, or crank up the volume with some Uptown Funk with the energetic Bruno Mars, you got it all here. One of the coolest features in this app is the hands-free listening. You can skip music using the Alexa AI feature. One of the most significant benefits of this app is getting this for free if you already acquire an Amazon Prime subscription.

If you already have a music app and Amazon Prime at the same time, then I would recommend you to keep Amazon Music as a secondary music app just because it has some exclusive music and contents. But if you have no extra music apps, then not to worry, this app will also fulfill your needs eventually. No wonder it has secured a place in my list of the all-time best music apps for iPhone.

Now, moving on to the next app in the list.

YouTube Red

What Is YouTube Red - best music apps for iPhone

YouTube has been the number one video streaming app in the world. Thanks to its platform, many of the social influencers have been able to reach out to the people with their content. The central aspect of this app was pretty easy. To provide people with a common platform to showcase your talent and creativity with some audiovisual content.

But Google has made some recent changes in the YouTube Red. This has allowed it to serve multiple purposes all at a time. Let me elaborate that for you. Many of us know that YouTube music has an enormous library for the contents of music. Live performances, albums, artists, radio, and a hell lot more are available on the platform. But after the upgrade, things have gone into a whole new level. To spice things up, you will get the YouTube music for free. But it will contain some ads in the process. But there is a 10 US Dollar subscription fee available for the YouTube Music Premium. This will, first of all, remove all the ads for seamless music playing.

On the other hand, you will be able to listen to music even if you switch over to another app. This is known as the background listening feature. This will allow you to mobilize in between apps without even viewing the videos. This is an excellent addition to the tally.

The best thing which has been done so far is that if you come with a Google Play Music subscription, then YouTube Red also comes with it. So, this is a win-win situation for you in both cases. If we consider the free version, then this is the best music apps for iPhone. Now, we will see the next app from our list.

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Pandora Music

So, this is the year 2020. This is the year of advanced Machine Learning and groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence. And yes, also COVLID 19. But the main focus for today is if you are a tech lover and always welcome productive changes in your lives. Then the all-new Pandora Music app is for you. Sometimes people do tend to stick to the same numbers for years and days. This is unknowingly suffocating. Listening to the same music over and over again does indeed limits your senses. It will restrict you from liking other genres and artists.

If you realize this, then this is going to be a significant change in your life. The central aspect of this app is that it comes with brilliant hands-free and human thoughts free AI. But you probably think that this might turn out to be robust and robotic. But you’re mistaken, my friend. This app will sense your choice on the basis of listening tracks. Then it will throw you with similar kinds of music and even genres and sub-genres.

The best feature is that this app comes with a radio station like the streaming feature. This will ensure you loads of changes and experiences throughout the listening course. This will be influencing you to explore the musical world all by yourself.

Having a smart app like this is pretty awesome. The premium upgrades will help you to customize playlists and also download your favorite numbers. This will ensure great pleasure in listening to your favorite music all day long.


Perhaps, SoundCloud is the best music apps for iPhone, if you are into exploring fresh new talents and independent artists. This app not only allows you to listen to the music produced by independent artists and other liberal genres but also enables you to listen to new songs from famous artists. SoundCloud is an excellent platform if you are willing to interact with the public through your music.

It is a revolutionary app for fellow musicians. The biggest hustle for a musician is to find a Label for them. A Label is like a wrapping bag or a publicity agent for your music. This is pretty crucial for a musician. But the harsh reality is that many musicians cannot showcase their creation in front of the world just because they cannot find any suitable label for them.

Then what to do? The solution is SoundCloud. This is a platform where you will be able to upload your creation, and the whole world will get to listen to it. This is pretty crazy. I still remember famous musicians calling their fame from the SoundCloud. Later on, their talent got them into the limelight. So, if you are an aspiring musician, then this is the best music apps for iPhone. But if you are into music and you want to explore fresh faces and new talent, then SoundCloud is the best one for you as well.

I am now moving on to the next app.

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Deezer is famous for one thing, and that is for their vast amount of songs in the catalog. Have you ever seen a 53 million song collection in a single app? This is pretty insane for a newly rising app in the market. Starting things off, this app comes with a lot of features that make this one stand out from the herd. This app allows you to select the ‘flow’ of music.

The ‘flow’ is basically the taste of you and your music sense. This will enable you to choose your favorite numbers and stack them up for nonstop listening. This is a fun feature, indeed. On the other hand, you can also see the lyrics in the fantastic lyrics feature. So, you can know your songs far better than you can ever imagine. On the other end, you will be able to share your thoughts and tracts with your friends through the messages app. This is the unique selling point for this app.

The subscription fee is very competitive, starting with a 10 US Dollars per month. This makes this app stand out as one of the best in the business. I definitely like this app for some unique features.

Wrapping Things Off!

Music has been an identity of our choice and lifestyle. This has been in our cores, and we can proudly boast about it. So, that was all for today. I hope this article will be of great use to you guys. Thanks for all the patience, and I will see you in the upcoming articles.

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best music apps for iPhone

Android Phones: A Complete Guide For An Android User From Scratch


Nowadays, Android phones are one of the most common devices that we own. It offers impressive facilities and services which can make our lives easier unexpectedly. Using vouchers like Hotozcoupons, one can get it at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, most people are not aware of its high-end uses and continue using the device only for making calls and sending messages.

Here, we will talk about some astonishing features that your android can offer. You will come across ways in which you will make the most out of the device.

  •       Google and android

If you notice, Google and android go hand in hand. To make use of your phone, you will need to enter your Google account details. Only then will you get access to multiple platforms like Gmail, YouTube, calendar, photos, etc. 

Once you log in with your account, it will be handy for you to export all the files from your previous device. You will be able to deploy all the photos, messages, contact details, Whatsapp messages, etc. in just a click.

So, it is quite vital to have a good and well maintained Google account, whose password is secure. Besides, the services you get are worth every penny that you spend. You can use Dealvoucherz to crack the fantastic deal.

  •       The cloud storage

Did you ever struggle to store your photos, videos, and other precious files due to a lack of storage space? Well, we all do. But, with the cloud services of android phones, things are immensely easier. Sign in to the cloud services using your Google account, and you are all set. You can further go to the menu and change the settings to back up the files. This step makes your data extremely secure, and you can access them even if you lose your phone. 

  •       The sound system

The sophisticated machine that you own needs to be elegant and not buzzing around every time. However, the initial setting may be too loud, and you would want to change them soon. For changing the sound setting, head towards the setting menu and find anything that says ‘sound’ or ‘sound and notification’. Different sets might have different names. Under this menu, you will see many options to change the vibration, call, notification, ringtone, keyboard, etc. Go through all of them and find your kind of setup in no time. 

  •       Keyboards

Using the android device, you have several choices of keyboards as well. You can select from the wide varieties available, but I would suggest you go for the g-board. It has options to type in various languages, is easy to use, and has an excellent auto-correct system. 

  •       Issues with the internet

There might be issues with the mobile data, Wi-Fi, or the hotspot in the new device. Well, these issues are generally easy, and you can sort them by going on airplane mode for a few seconds. If you have a Wi-Fi network, then you can try switching it off and on. In maximum cases, this simple step helps to restore the network connection.

  •       Screenshots

One of the most significant features that we use frequently is the screenshot. In android phones, there are multiple ways to capture it. You can use the power button and the volume button to get the snap. Else, when you drag the drop-down menu, you will find an inbuilt option that says ‘screenshot.’ Tap on that to get the snap to save in your device. The third and the latest method is capturing the screenshot using gestures. You can use certain gestures according to the device, and your snap will get captured.

To view the picture, you can head towards your gallery and find it in a specific folder named screenshot. If you find it challenging, you can also check in the ‘all photos’ folder.


So, we tried to list some of the android’s essential features that can be a little complex for the new users. We hope that you found the solution to your query in this article. Enjoy the latest smartphones at a pocket-friendly rate using Indiancoupons.in