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Is Bitcoin Mining Ban In China A Good Thing?

Apps for Bitcoin to Litecoin Exchange

Bitcoin was formulated in 2008, and the network of bitcoin went online in the year 2009. However, bitcoin is still subjected to history prior to bitcoin release. The complex of bitcoin mining was introduced alongside bitcoin, and bitcoin mining is referred to as the phenomenon of confirming bitcoin transactions in order to extract bitcoin as the block reward. The block reward of bitcoin mining correspondingly consists of bitcoin and the transaction cost levied by the trustable exchange while making a transaction. 

The bitcoin mining complex consumes an exceeding extent of electricity, and this is one of the prominent reasons why china announced a bitcoin mining ban recently. Bitcoin ban collectively did affect the entire cryptocurrency industry, but it was underlined as a collective win for the entire cryptocurrency industry, especially bitcoin. 

The major question is that the bitcoin mining ban did benefit the miners elsewhere or not. Below mentioned is everything you should know about that whether the bitcoin mining ban in china embraced the profit of the global bitcoin mining chain elsewhere.

Impacts Of Bitcoin Mining Ban In China On The Utter Global Mining Chain!

Bitcoin mining is the progression of availing bitcoins by verifying bitcoin transactions. The transactions of the bitcoin complex are verified by these miners by integrating computing capital and power resources. The prominent reason behind verifying each and every transaction with the help of bitcoin miners is to mitigate double-spending. 

The route of transferring a singular bitcoin unit at two different addresses is known as bitcoin double-spending, and this is not allowed in the cryptocurrency industry at all. Bitcoin mining correspondingly consumes an exceeding extent of electricity or any power source as bitcoin is complexed on the proof of work mechanism, which forces these bitcoin miners to solve the math puzzle in just 10 minutes.

 China is the capital of bitcoin mining as there are tons of bitcoin mining plants in china complexed on diversified energy sources. Here are some of the impacts of the bitcoin mining ban on the global mining chain. 

Drop-In Hash Rate!

Crypto enthusiasts are familiar with the fact that bitcoin mining is merely accomplished when you demonstrate the solution of the math puzzle rendered by the bitcoin algorithm. In a nutshell, miners have to solve complicated math equitation in order to avail bitcoins, and the solution is further demonstrated by the hash rate production. 

You might be wondering that what hash rate is; the hash rate is the number of math puzzle the bitcoin mining rig attempted to solve. The hash rate is basically dependent upon the potential of the bitcoin mining rig; the higher the potential of the bitcoin mining rig, is higher the hash rate it will produce. 

A robust bitcoin mining rig or application-specific integrated circuits is claimed to generate a hash rate of 14 tera hash rate per second, which demonstrates that the bitcoin mining rig is potential enough to solve more than 1000 math calculations per second.

 After the cryptocurrency crackdown in the country, there was an exceeding extent of the drop in the hash rate in the bitcoin mining industry. As per the robust sources, the hash rate of the global bitcoin mining chain has been dropped by more than 50%; yes, you read it right. 

The Complexity Of Math Puzzle Is Declined!

As mentioned ahead, bitcoin miners are necessitated to solve a complicated math puzzle. The complexity of the math equation rendered by the bitcoin algorithm is directly proportional to the number of bitcoin miners operating on that explicit puzzle. Since the bitcoin mining ban in China, there is a huge space in the bitcoin mining industry, and the complexity of these puzzles is just declined by half the amount. 

In a nutshell, miners are claiming to avail themselves of a double amount of bitcoin without even adding more computing resources and power resources. Geoff, the co-founder of a bitcoin mining pool, stated that the mining pool is able to avail to more bitcoin without any extra effort. 

The space in the bitcoin mining industry will sustain more than six months as bitcoin miners from china are still looking for regions to migrate in to continue bitcoin mining. In a nutshell, the bitcoin mining ban in

China has profited the bitcoin miners from the diversified region in a significant manner. 

3 Business models booming in post-covid world

Business models booming

Post-covid world will be interesting for business space. There has been a massive rise of various industries during the pandemic. We will cover three very important post-covid business trends and models. Article will be about self-hosted businesses, social media rise (and how JayNike offers quality social media services), AR and VR world. Here is the business models that are booming in the post COVID world.

Boom in virtual and augmented reality

VR and AR were actively used in 2020. These technologies have become a part of everyday life and various spheres of life – from entertainment to business. Employees of many companies switched to telecommuting, and AR and VR helped them communicate and work together. Immersive technology opens up incredible opportunities for transformation in all areas. AR avatars, indoor AR navigation, remote assistants, AI integration into augmented and virtual reality, mobile AR, AR in the cloud, virtual sports events, eye tracking and facial expression recognition technology will be more common in 2021, and 5G and broadband internet accelerate technology diffusion. The flagships in popularizing AR and VR will be Microsoft, Consagous, Quytech, RealWorld One, Chetu, Gramercy Tech, Scanta, IndiaNIC, Groove Jones and other companies. 

Increased micro mobility

At the beginning of the year, the micro mobility market slowed down due to the pandemic, but by the end it managed to recover to its previous pace. Electric bicycles and electric scooters are becoming more and more popular, they are an alternative to the usual personal and public transport. The market for private micro mobility solutions is expected to grow by 9% compared to dock times, and the sharing economy – by 12%.

Milan, Brussels, Seattle, Montreal, New York and San Francisco have built over 30 km of dedicated cycle paths. The UK government announced that sales of diesel and gasoline powered vehicles will be banned after 2030, which has also increased interest in micro mobility.

Startups drive innovation in this area. Bird, Lime, Dott, Skip, Tier and Voi became the main ones in this area. There are also several companies in China that have achieved excellent results: Ofo, Mobike and Hellobike.

Self-driving innovation

Progress in autonomous driving technology awaits us in 2021. Honda recently announced that it will mass produce self-driving cars. And Tesla’s autopilot has learned not only to control the movement on the lane and automatically rebuild, but also to recognize road signs, as well as traffic signals.

Ford is also joining the race – expecting the launch of a self-driving car sharing service in 2021. Some customers will be able to buy such machines already in 2026. Other automakers, such as Mercedes-Benz, will also try to incorporate autonomous driving technologies into new models. For example, GM is looking to add Super Cruise autopilot functionality to 22 of its models by 2023.

Due to fierce market competition, other companies, including Lyft and Waymo, are also developing self-driving technology. Many of them have already spent billions of dollars on startups in this area: GM bought Cruise for $ 1 billion, Uber – Otto for $ 680 million, Ford – Argo AI for $ 1 billion; and Intel – Mobileye for $ 15.3 billion.

Looking to the future

Technological advances in 2021 will be a logical continuation of 2020, but the impact of COVID-19 will change over the course of the year. Many new behaviors will become the norm and drivers of technological and business innovation.

Hulu Live TV vs. YouTube Live TV: The Best Choice for Users in 2021

Hulu Live TV

YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV are two of the most popular live TV options on the market today. Both offer live streaming to users and go head-to-head against one another in termsof pricing, features, and channels to meet the entertainment demands of cord-cutters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           To learn which streaming platform is the best choice for users in 2021 for binge-watching, take a look at this detailed comparison below!

How to Access HuluLive TV and YouTube TV Outside USA

If you are a cord-cutter who resides outside the United States, you will not be able to access Hulu Live TV or YouTube Live TV. Both platforms impose geo-restrictions and content limitations, due to being bound by licensing and copyright agreements with production houses and distributors.

So, if you want to access Hulu in the UK or YouTube TV in other countries outside the US, you will need to indulge in region-hopping. This requires you to subscribe to a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN. Once done, simply connect to a server in the United States.

YouTube TV vs. Hulu + Live TV in 2021

Now that you’ve learned how to access YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV in countries outside the USA, we can dive into comparing the two OTT media platforms on 7 factors:

1. Streaming Channels

YouTube TVmembers can enjoy a wide range of 85+ top-notch channels like Adult Swim, Animal planet, ABC, CNN, FX, TRU TV, TNT, CBS, ACCN, FOX, Cartoon Network, Classic Movies, HGTV, Discovery channel,and many others for fulfilling all your entertainment needs.

Conversely, Hulu + Live TV viewers can access 75+ channels like Bloomberg TV, Boomerang, Animal planet, ABC, CBS, Big Ten Network, ACCN ESPN, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNBC, Cheddar Business, Disney Junior, ESPN, Food Network, NASA, HGTV, along with access to premium add-ons!

2. Free Trial

Both the providers are offering free trials to test their services. YouTube TV viewers can avail 5 days free to view all of their content, without paying any money.Hulu + Live TV offers a7-day free trial period to enjoy all of its live channels, which is quite remarkable to say the least.

3. Cost

YouTube TV and Hulu+ Live TV have the samesubscription cost which is $64.99/month. However, YouTube TV is an advertisement supported content whereas Hulu provides both the ad-supported and advertisement free content with an additional cost of $6/month.

4. Bundle Offer

Hulu is grabbing the interests of its members by offering smart bundle offers in one package. Yes, you can stream the entire Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ libraryin one package on Hulu platform with an extra cost of only $6. Don’t you think that it is a complete family package for amazing entertainment?

On the contrary, YouTube TV does not have any bundle offers at the moment. Therefore, if you are thinking to get three in one package then Hulu will be your choice.

5. Devices Compatibility

Both services are compatible with a wide range of devices like Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Android phones, iPhone, Apple TV, Smart TV, iPad, iPod, PCs, laptops, etc. Therefore, it does not matter what smart streaming device is in your use; you can efficiently use them for streaming.

6. Cloud DVR

Hulu + Live TV provides Cloud DVR storage up to 200 hours whereas you can get an unlimited storage if you are using YouTube TV service.So, if you are an avid streamer who loves organizing the best of best content then YouTube TV will be the best option for you.

7. Simultaneous Connections

You can enjoy simultaneous connections on up to 3 screens on YouTube TV service, but Hulu + Live TV offers multiple streaming on an unlimited number of screens at the same time (with the premium account). Therefore, consider your streaming needs, before deciding which one to go for!

Wrapping Up

YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TVare both American streaming services. If you want to access these sitesoutside the United States; you will need a VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions and content limitations, which in turn will expand your entertainment horizons!

Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling Tips


Bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles consumes a lot of time and money. It is estimated that the average full-scale bathroom remodeling will take nine weeks and costs about $25,000 for smaller bathrooms and $40,000 for a larger bathroom.                                                                                                                                                                        On top of this duration and costly expenses, you also have other huge factors to consider such as the change orders, unexpected complications, noises from the construction, and a lot of other sources of inconvenience.                                                                                                                                                                                                          However, this can change! You can bring more convenience to your inconveniences. This article will be presented with some design hacks and interior designing tips when doing your bathroom remodeling. 

Upgrading Your Bathroom 

Creativity comes along with practicality. To lessen your time, effort, and money – check out these super helpful bathroom remodeling tips and guides: 

1. Retain the layout in the same place. 

One of the smartest moves when renovating bathrooms for the most efficient and cost-effective outcome is to remodel the bathroom and replace the major items but maintain everything at the same location. Relocating your toilet, shower, vanity, and tub will require you more budget from rerouting water and waste lines. 

2. Vanity is everything. 

The impact of an updated vanity would probably be your niftiest move. Vanity comes down to two options in the market: get it prefabricated or custom-designed. You can consider changing up the countertop with glamorous materials such as a granite slab, which is a trend in interior designing in L.A.! 

3. Shower: the major focal point. 

The shower is one of the main attractions of a bathroom, so it’s essential to settle your ‘wants’ to your interior designer right. Research on some popular tilework designs as this may bring out the best into your shower area. Make sure to be clear with your contractor about the exact design and pattern you want.  

4. Framing the mirror. 

If you want to freshen the look of your mirror, we don’t recommend that you buy a new one as this may cost you too much. Instead, try adding a beautiful frame to it. It will completely change how it looks while hiding all unnecessary wear and tear at the edges. 

5. Upgrading the toilet. 

Buying a new toilet will cost you much more due to plumber warrants and other installation requirements. To make your bathroom look brand new, just replace the toilet lid and seat. 

6. Tiles are not everything. 

There are available alternatives to tiles today that can save you from spending too much. Alternative designs include board and batten and reclaimed wood panels. These can add a touch of warmth and peace that’s difficult to target with cold tiles. 

7. Light the whole bathroom. 

Lighting transforms your bathroom. There are so many options in new light designs for your bathrooms available in Los Angeles, like pendant lights, wall sconces, ceiling lights, track lights, and LED strip lighting. Be creative!


Bathrooms are often neglected, especially when picking designs during remodeling. It’s a good thing there are available ideas found on every part of the internet. But it doesn’t hurt to hire professionals in home remodeling to get the best bathroom build.

How can I download GTA V mobile?

GTA V mobile

GTA V Mobile, the Grand Theft Auto gaming series version 5, is one of the popular online games of 2021, with a booming number of players every day. It is also the most anticipated online game among hardcore gamers since its announcement. 

Although GTA V was released long ago, the reason behind its newly addicting trend is due to its feature at the famous short-video or reels platform. Apart from the massive number of GTA gamers, huge new GTA 5 players want to play this game on their online devices. 

Thus, in this post, you will know how you can download GTA V mobile if you do not have a PlayStation device or Xbox. 

All the previous four versions of the Grand Theft Auto gaming series got their version for mobile devices. However, its developer, the Rockstar Games, does not intend to release a mobile version of GTA V. 

The reason for this decision was possibly the enormous size of the GTA V. To make this version function the same way as it appears on the PCs or through PlayStation, the mobile devices must meet some particular requirements which the current mobile devices do not have. And these requirements include high hardware components and high-definition graphics in mobile phones. 

Fortunately, the helpful developers are here to get rid of this tension of yours regarding the GTA V mobile. They have worked hard and developed a mobile version of GTA V for Androids. This GTA V mobile relatively takes up less space than the original as it is light. For example, Facebook Lite is the optimized version of the actual Facebook app. The Lite version consumes lesser storage space on your mobile device. 

For GTA V mobile to run appropriately, it requires only 1GB space and 2GB RAM to smooth the game features. If your mobile device has less than 2GB of RAM, you will likely face lagging issues while playing the GTA V mobile. 

Like the original, you get the feature of multiplayer option and play with different players from around the world in GTA V mobile. Hence, if you want to quickly download this unofficial mobile version of Grand Theft Auto 5, just look for GTA 5 mobile APK. Yes, GTA V mobile is available in the APK version.

Now, let’s move forward and look into the download and installation methods of GTA V mobile. The process is not complicated, though. You can probably do it yourself if appropriately understood. 

Steps to download APK GTA V mobile. 

  • Click on the link attached to “GTA V mobile APK” mentioned in the previous paragraphs to download the GTA V mobile. 
  • Since you can only access the link on your PC or desktop, download the GTA V APK file on the PC and transfer the said file to your mobile device, be it an Android phone or an iOS device. 
  • To install GTA V mobile, run the APK file. But before you start the process, make sure that you have enabled the “allow installation from unknown sources” on your mobile device. If you have not, just go to Settings and set it right.
  • When you open the Settings, click on “Allow installation for GTA V Android APK.” 
  • After that, to finish the installation process of GTA V mobile, you have to wait for a few minutes depending on the type of Android version or another mobile device. 
  • As the installation is complete, you can notice an icon of GTA V on your device. Just click on that icon to run the game.
  • Now, the OBB file and data download will start. After that, you can begin your game. 

Abha is a city in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, the administrative center of the Asir administrative district


Abha is a city in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, the administrative center of the Asir administrative district. Like many cities in Saudi Arabia, it offers us ways to develop our careers, looking for a job or a part-time job. Of course, in order to get a good job, you need to be a highly qualified specialist and have an excellent understanding of the labor market. Abha gives you a choice of offices and campaigns.

Cities such as Abha are famous for the fact that here the choice ends not only with office work, but also with such works as an ordinary worker.

Jobs in Abha are extremely developing.

          Warehouse man can earn $1000+ every two weeks. Flexible schedule, transportation, accommodation and meals in hotels included. All you need is to be attentive to details and work hard.

          Driver is urgently needed almost to every employer to resolve his problems. They are looking for a passionate candidate who knows basic English language both in reading and speaking. While working as a driver you can be noticed by other employers, who is also interested in such favour. The salary is good from 1,200 to 1,500 that is paid at the end of each week.

          Electrical technical support engineer can be neede to in a big companies or small offices.

As a result of employment in Abha, you get:

          a decent salary (almost every vacant position informs you about salary in their descriptions);

          pleasant working conditions (as you may see employers provide you with nice facilities like accommodation and transportation, you can preserve your money);

          valuable experience (while working through labor, you gain vast experience in your field, as well as a flexible schedule will allow you to develop in other crafts, which will certainly help you in the development of your business and personal knowledge);

          the opportunity to learn about the culture of another country that is closed to most tourists (yes, that’s the most interesting. Due to the fact, that you will stay in Abha for a long time, you will be able to learn more specifically about the whole arab culture and visit different places thanks to your workplace that are hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists. Besides, you will be surrounded by the indigenous population, make new acquaintances and friends there, who will also tell a lot of new things, and new connections, without this, are a pleasant dessert itself;

          important connections: professional and social (of course, one more enjoyable moment. first you get a job with one employer and develop in a new business. Then other employers, if you are doing great, offer you a new and better job. so you can move up the career ladder and, along with work connections, find a lot of social ones! In Abha there are many interesting places where you can also find useful and sweet connections.

We suppose that every of us is dreaming about something he think he can not afford. Well, you may not be able to get what you want, if you won’t sample, but let’s try together and get closer to prosperity in Abha.


Most important tips in online marketing world for 2021

online marketing

Do you want to attract more customers, fans or even listeners? Then you’ve come to the right place. We share with you interesting tips on how to implement proper online marketing strategy in its world. 

Most important thing?

The power of user-generated content will surpass that of branded content as brands begin to relinquish total control over their own marketing to customers. Brands need a strong positive impact on the minds and emotions of consumers. In this regard, bets will be placed on new models of user-centered content creation. And co-creation of content between brands and consumers will become a popular trend. For instance, if you are creating music and want to get more fans, then you should be active on SoundCloud or Spotify. You can buy Spotify followers and get more fans but along with that, you need to be active on other platforms too. You should create an omni-presence and let the fans engage with you on all kinds of platforms. 

The largest percentage of users around the globe would rather believe a friend’s recommendation than a TV ad, social media ad, or Youtube video. Believe me, since 2015, this trend has only been gaining momentum, and has become one of the main trends in Internet marketing in 2021.

Consumer advocates, mystery shoppers, and dissatisfied customer communities will significantly expand their influence in 2021. The growing distrust of large companies, monopoly companies and increased awareness of so-called “fake news” will cause a noticeable change in the level of consumer confidence. 

Create a survey. 

This is not only the easiest way to get information about potential customers, but also a great tool to involve the customer in creating collaborative content. There are many free or low cost services that you can use.

The questions you will ask in your survey will, of course, depend on the goals you are pursuing. We recommend that you start with a simple introductory questionnaire to help you assess the needs of your target audience. Such a survey should reveal three aspects:

  • Audience demographics. Age range, place of residence, occupation, level of education.
  • Greatest desires. What problems would they like to solve? Are they willing to pay to solve a problem or achieve a goal?
  • What courses / products / articles would they like to see on your company’s website (blog)? According to the answers, you can understand not only what your target audience wants, but also in which direction you should move, for development.

Create an FAQ.

It is a very simple and free tool. It is convenient because: You will unload your sales department. The client will be able to find out as much information as possible even before deciding to make a purchase.

You can engage the audience by asking the most seemingly incredible questions, the best of which (with answers) you will post on the site in the section “Frequently Asked Questions”. Based on the FAQ, you can create viral posts on your blog or on your social media page.

Who Will Be My Trial Attorney For My Asylum Hearing?

Attorney For My Asylum Hearing

People in different parts of the world are being persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, particular social group (PSG), and political opinion. Fearing for their lives, seeking asylum seems to be their only hope. When applying for asylum in the United States, finding an immigration lawyer to help and represent you in court is crucial.                                   Your chances for asylum will depend on the documents you will be submitting and from your individual merits hearing.                                                                                                    If I am requesting for my asylum hearing for the first time in removal proceedings, you will need to submit your documents by the date the immigration judge will set during your hearing. 

What happens in an asylum hearing?

There are two hearings in an asylum case: the master calendar hearing (MCH) and the individual merits hearing.

What happens in the MCH?

It is a preliminary hearing on immigration and for the removal of an immigrant in the United States. The immigration judge will schedule dates for submission of your documents and your individual merits hearing. And may review your NTA (notice to appear).

Setting a timeline for your immigration/asylum case is the main objective. 

What happens in the individual merits hearing?

Your application and claims why the immigration judge (IJ) should grant you asylum will be addressed in detail.

The IJ and a trial attorney from the department of homeland security (DHS) will request you to tell your story and defense to test your credibility.

If, at some point, you find yourself confused with the DHS trial attorney’s questions, do not hesitate to ask for clarification. The goal is to be honest, consistent, and credible with your claims/defense.

What do immigration lawyers do in an asylum hearing?

Finding a good immigration lawyer is crucial. They will answer most of the IJ’s questions on your behalf. They can make or break your asylum application by addressing the judge’s and DHS trial attorney’s concerns and convince the IJ to grant you asylum.

Where to find immigration lawyers that will represent me?

You can look online for non-profit immigration law firms that help refugees around the world. Humanitarian groups that are willing to provide you legal support or experienced immigration law firms can provide you with legal consultations and attorneys with a history of getting asylum applications approved.

What will I need to submit before my asylum hearing?

You will need to file and prepare your form I-589, “Application for Asylum and withholding of removal,” with the USCIS.

If you are requesting asylum for the first time in removal proceedings, you will need to submit your documents by the date the immigration judge will set during your hearing. Keep in mind that you should submit your form I-589 to the USCIS within one year of being in the US to be eligible for asylum.

Your immigration lawyer can help you fulfill all your requirements. As well as give you the best chance to get your asylum application approved.

How to Fix Up Your Living Areas Before Selling Your House?

Living Areas Before Selling Your House

Similar to a person, a home also has different parts with specific functions. One of its vital parts is the living area, which is the heart of a household. This particular space serves as the assembly area for guests, friends, relatives, and family. Therefore, it is mandatory to make it presentable before opening a house sale. Although presentation and repairs may come as a luxury, you may opt for other options if renovations are out of your plans. We Buy Houses can purchase your home without the need for repairs and renovations. However, there are many advantages to mending your old living room. Here are some tips on how you can fix up your living areas before selling your home.

Clean As You Go

Over the years of serving its purpose, the living area can be the area with the most clutter. You may start fixing your living room in the simplest way possible – cleaning. Set aside your furniture and decors and begin cleaning the entire space. This method will help you visualize what your area needs and will also make it look spacious. 

You may also try to eliminate some appliances that minimize the space and hinder the area’s potential. A spacious living room comes off more appealing to potential buyers since it helps them anticipate the type of interior they want. The more anticipation your buyers have, the higher possibility of closing a deal.

Begin Depersonalization

As much as you love your home, you have to consider setting aside your items and depersonalize the space. Creating a clean and simple layout for your interior will make your buyers more interested in organizing the place. You have to carry on an impression that the buyers can freely personalize your property on their own. 

Highlight the Nature 

There are a lot of features that can be emphasized in a living room. If you happen to have wall windows, it would be best to show them as an asset. Natural light brings in an illusion that the room is spacious and brightens the area. Having a hint of low-maintenance plants would also be a good idea as a decor to construct a rural impression. 

Nowadays, it is evident that the majority of home buyers prefer to live in rural or semi-urban cities, secondary to the global health crisis. Thus, designing a space to imagine that they are away from the city can make them drawn to your home a bit more.


Sometimes simplicity can be overlooked when you want to redecorate any part of your home. However, it is simplicity that brings out its exceptional beauty. It is always best to settle on a sleek layout rather than an over-the-top composition.

If repairs and redecorations are out of your to-do list, We Buy Houses can purchase your home and assist you in assessing the needed improvements to your home. After all, progress in your home can indeed make a better price that can both benefit you and your buyer.  If you’re still having a hard time finding the right buyer for your humble abode, We Buy Houses as soon as possible and at great prices! You may reach Snap Cash Offers through our website (https://www.snapcashoffers.com/) or call us directly at 855-942-3566 for further inquiries. 


Blue Raven Solar: Your #1 Source for Renewable Energy in Illinois

Blue Raven Solar

Illinois state law mandates that 25% of its electric power will come from renewable sources by 2025. Currently, only 4% comes from renewable sources. This presents a unique opportunity for you as the state encourages more people to switch to solar. Lets know about the blue raven solar.

Blue Raven Solar is one of the most reputable solar installation companies in the state of Illinois. When you work with a reputable company, you can install a quality system and take advantage of the available tax breaks.

Find out how Blue Raven Solar can help you make the switch to solar.

What Is Renewable Energy?

You may hear renewable energy referred to as clean energy. This energy comes from natural processes or sources that are constantly replenished. Examples of this type of energy are wind and sunlight.

Solar System Incentives in Illinois

The state of Illinois offers a tax credit. The state grants you one Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) for each megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity you produce. You can then turn around and sell those credits in the market.

Other state incentives include net metering and property tax exemption. Your property will get assessed property tax based on the home’s value without the panels. This eliminates the fear that your solar system will increase the value of your home and thus taxes.

Net metering programs let you sell excess electricity that your system produces back to the utility company.

Federal Tax Credit

When you install a solar system on your home, you can claim the federal tax credit for that year. The size of the credit will depend on what year your system gets installed. Homeowners that install their solar system in 2020-2022 can claim a 26% credit.

This amount drops in 2023 to 22% and 10% in 2024. If the credit you can claim is greater than your liability, you can rollover the remainder into future years.

Blue Raven Solar in Illinois

The key to getting the most out of your solar system is to invest in a high-quality system. This ensures it produces the greatest amount of energy and is durable for the longest useful life. Blue Raven Solar is committed to helping its clients.

Once you submit your consultation request at https://blueravensolar.com/illinois/, a qualified sales agent will begin by answering any questions you have about renewable energy in Illinois. A designer will create a system specifically for your home for maximum efficiency based on your home and energy consumption.

Skilled technicians will install your personalized system. A project coordinator will help you connect your system to the grid. Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy clean energy production and financial savings.

Add Solar Panels to Your Home

There’s no better time than the present to contact Blue Raven solar and arrange for solar installation on your Illinois home. There’s no better time than the present with both state and federal incentives available.

Check out our other technical articles for more helpful advice on making your home more energy-efficient.

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Skin Care Products

Skin Care

Do you enjoy trying the latest skincare trends? Would you like to find the right beauty products for your skin but feel overwhelmed by the process? The skincare market will grow by more than 30 billion dollars in the next three years. This is understandable since proper skincare contributes to young and healthy-looking skin. It can also help slow down the process of aging and boost confidence. If you are looking to set up a good skincare routine, then you have come to the right place! Use our guide to help you when choosing skin care products so that you can keep your skin looking its best!

  1. Your Skin Type

Before purchasing a skincare product, consider your skin type. Your skin type indicates how a product will react when it touches your skin. 

The three main types are:

  • Sensitive skin
  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin

Products that contain minimal ingredients are best to use if you have sensitive skin. This will help you avoid any irritations. Also, products that contain alcohol or fragrance should be avoided.

For dry skin, products in ointment or cream form soothe dry skin better than lotion. And oily skin responds better to oil-free products that do not clog pores.

Once you become familiar with your skin type, it will be easier to choose the right product that can help contribute to improving skin health.

  1. Your Age

Your age can also have a huge impact on the type of product you use for your skin. Think about your age and the stage of life you are in to determine which items and ingredients will work best.

For example, if you happen to be a teenager, you might need products that treat acne. However, if you are an adult, you may be more interested in anti-aging products, which reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  1. Your Lifestyle

Personal habits such as smoking or excessive amounts of sun exposure can significantly impact the condition of your skin. In addition, the type of climate you live in can influence the kind of skincare products you select.

Research whether your lifestyle plays a role in how your skin looks, and choose your products accordingly.

  1. Ingredients Used

Another factor to consider is the different ingredients used in a skincare product. You can find this information on the product label or inside the packaging.

Read each ingredient name carefully to ensure there is nothing harmful in the product, as it could lead to serious health complications. Be on the lookout for ingredients you know you are allergic to so that you can avoid exposure to them.

  1. The Price

Price should be something you think about when choosing skincare products. With that said, you can expect to pay more for skincare product brands with quality ingredients.

So, consider buying cleansing products online. You will be able to explore a plethora of items to find the best products to suit your needs. And by comparing cleansing product prices, you can keep your costs low.

Try New Things

Once you have determined your skin type, your age, your lifestyle, the ingredients used, and the price, now comes the fun part—experimenting with new products! Do not be afraid to try fun new things.

Take, for example, this jelly facial mask which is a peel-off mask that helps soothe, cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate the skin. You can have your local beauty salon add this mask to your next facial or when you go in for a relaxing spa day.

Choosing Skincare Products Can Be Fun!

Clean, glowing skin is possible, no matter your age. Our guide will help you when you are in the process of choosing skincare products so that it’s no longer overwhelming, but fun!

Get started today, and you will be on your way to young and healthy skin.

Did you find this article helpful? For more beauty-related tips and advice, make sure to explore the rest of our blog.

Best software to OCR PDF in 2021

software to OCR PDF

OCR is a brand new technology, which is currently available for all people. We use it to digitalize any documents and archives to the united file format – PDF. Such software to OCR PDF allows you to scan and edit all paper documents you just want to work with.

OCR define as Optical Character Recognition. You may scan various types of the documents from invoices, text to other files into digital PDF file format. The main aim of OCR is making the documents easier to manage all routine paper work much easier. 

These days OCR software is working fast and with a huge accuracy. As the result we may see easier file management and the ability of using cloud storage in order to archive and keep any documents in total safety.  This is the direct way to making our offices paperless worldwide. It is a great opportunity to optimize all work and change the manner of working with documents and now they could be scanned individually as well as the packages of a documents to make the process of files and documents management more efficient. Office work will be completely changed in the next three years with this technology.  

Let’s take a closer look on the most relevant OCR software presented nowadays for users from the whole world.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

This is non-free software. First of all, you should purchase it and then download to your tabletop PC, but we really can say that it is quite good for professional users. You could always trust Adobe Acrobat because it is a well-known solution with a rich brand history. We used Adobe products for many years, but now I think it is not necessary because everything came to online in 2021. Moreover, now we can find out more solutions to work with because Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is quite difficult for beginners. The interface is quite difficult and I think that it should be user-friendly. The reason of such idea is making the service for professionals. However, it guarantees a certain quality level.

  1. Abbyy Fine Reader

Abbyy is a great solution for corporative customers. It has been helping different companies to manage their PDF files for a long time. It is a complex solution for your business, but the license is quite expensive for small companies. If you need to convert or OCR the huge packages of a documents, you may use Abby Fine Reader because it built up a good reputation of a reliable service, which is ready for batch conversions for your files. It is not modern, but also functional enough to be useful for various document needs. 

  1. 2PDF.com

This is my favorite one. This service is an online solution for any kind of users. From individual to commerce usage it could be suitable enough because here you may find all possible tools to work with PDF documents. OCR is not the one feature of this service. Moreover, it came to online and now you may have an instant access from any place worldwide and start working with your documents faster than ever. You don’t have to download anything, just take your smartphone or turn on your PC and then go to the internet to start working with PDF files. Do OCR easier! Just drag your files to the direct window and see the result. I was surprised of such accuracy and quality of absolutely free online PDF service. I really recommend you to use it because it could be good for working in office because of its features and advantages.  

Converting A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Into A PDF File In No Time

Excel to PDF

If you had a problem with any of your Excel or PDF files before and are having a hard time resolving that, no need to worry! There is a website that has been made with the sole purpose of helping people with those kinds of problems, and that site is called GoGoPDF, and they have been helping people for a long time now. So you won’t need to worry. They have been on the internet for quite a while now, and because of that, there are no doubts that they have already made some of the most notable upgrades to make sure that they would be able to help you and all other customers as soon as possible. If you are one of those who are having a problem with converting a microsoft excel spreadsheet into a PDF file, don’t hesitate to visit this website.

Things To Remember Before Converting A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Into A PDF File

Before you can go ahead and convert your Microsoft Excel to PDF, you just need to remember a few things. But no need to worry, these are just mere tips, and you are not forced to follow them. However, if you choose to follow them, you will have a smooth and hassle-free experience with GoGoPDF and all the tools that it offers.

If you are willing to learn these things, you have to ensure that you would have all your PDF documents ready before going to the site, not to have any problems as soon as you have started the process. Also, please ensure that you have a stable internet connection so that the quickness of the tools would be used.

There Are Only A Few Steps That You Need To Follow

Since the people behind GoGoPDF know how important your time is, they have made some of the essential features to ensure that you would have a smooth and speedy process. However, the best thing that they did was create a tool that would make even the most complicated conversions done in just a few seconds up to a minute.

That is how fast all their tools are. If you are ready to convert your files, you can go ahead and proceed to all the steps you need to follow. If you are worried that you would need to do tons of steps, you should rest easy now because they only have four.

The Step That Would Start The Process

Since this is the step that would start the conversion process, you should already know that all you need to do is upload all your Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets on the site to be converted into a PDF file, and you would be able to present it as soon as possible. That is also the reason why having them ready before going to the site is essential.

Also, if you have a problem doing that, there is a much easier and quicker way. And that is to drag all those files from your personal computers, desktops, or any other devices and drop them on the space provided by the website, which you would see as soon as you open the page.

Second And Third Steps

If you are curious why these two steps are in one subhead, the main reason for that is because, for these steps, you would not need to do anything. Once you have uploaded all your PDF files, the system will start to read them and start the conversion process as soon as possible. That is for the second step only.

For the third step, all you need to do is wait for the process to be completed. Don’t worry. This will not take too long. The average processing time of their conversion process is about 45 seconds. So, please do not go anywhere. And once done, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Fourth And Final Step

Once the process has already been finished and you have already been notified, you can now proceed with the fourth and final step. And that is to download all those finished and high-quality documents to your personal computers or devices. Then you would be good to go. You would not need to do anything else!


There you have it. All of the steps required for you to follow so you would not have any problems with converting your PDF files. If you had a great time with GoGoPDF, please do not forget to extend how you felt with your friends and colleagues so that they would be assisted as well.

Transferring Or Converting Files Using PDFBear’s Online Tool

PDFBear’s Online Tool

Some data is being used to be a fact or a statistic that has been collected by different people such as researchers or individuals that can answer issues and problems regarding the conversion process. Somehow, data cannot stand itself because it will be useless unless they plan to have their own researcher. There are many programmers of each software that has been built to visualize the analysis of the tool. You can use PDFBear’s online tool to transfer or convert your data.

Excel has many flaws, and it is not a perfect medium because it will have a consequence that can ruin all of their data and even their devices that are being used. The virus of the software will stay inside its macros that are called the small programs of the Excel users. If that will happen, it can corrupt all of the data and affect the other files in the software.

How Can Users Solve Virus Problems?

The easiest way to solve the virus issues and problems is by converting Excel to PDF. This can help different users to clean all the data and data that is inside their files with no virus problem or issue. In doing this, they need to pay for the software for unlimited access because it is the best way and solution if the users don’t want to encounter a long and hassle process.

The top and best option is to use a different kind of website and internet to look for different kinds of converters. There are a lot of converts that are available online, but it will not give users the best outcome that they are expecting. They need to check the background and platform for them to compare it to different platforms. They must use and choose this tool because it has all the things that they need.

Hassle-Free Platform Of The PDFBear tool

PDFBear is the top and best online tool for people to convert their files because it offers everything you need. It will allow users to have a broad range of solutions, including converting from Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, and other files. It is a tool in which it permits people to make their edited files.

PDFBear has many benefits because the creators of this made sure that all of their clients will have a perfect transaction with no issues and problems. Also, by availing their free services with top-quality feedback. This process has a user-friendly platform for beginners because they need to follow simple and easy steps.

Straightforward And Accurate

Aside from being easy to use, this platform’s process will not take much of the time of their users. This is very beneficial to the users, unlike the other software that will let you wait for how many minutes before the installation will be complete. In this tool, the users will only wait up until two minutes for the process to finish.

Users can easily send their tasks earlier or on time because of the high-speed process. It will also ensure users that it will have high Excel quality after the conversion process is finished. It means that all the numbers and elements, including the tables, are joined together. This is a need for future purposes because converters are preserving their raw files.

Safe To Use

The first consideration that the creators allow is to give the customers a safe and secured process during the conversion. Privacy problems are the top issues that many users experience. The website will ensure the user that they will cater a privacy policy in their files for protection. If the users are scared of transferring personal files, then this tool is for them.

To give value to the privacy system setting, everything you will transfer or upload on the web server will be encrypted with the systems technology. It is safe for misuse and unauthorized leakage. It will also ensure that all the data will be uploaded on their servers and will automatically be deleted after an hour of no changes.

Universal And Accessible

This software has a complete package for any users, but if they also have many files with them, the performance will also slow down and affect people in a hurry. With this PDFBear tool, users will not need big device storage because it is covered on this platform without worrying about the size of the file.


Excel is the best tool that is available for every people who need to record or tally something and for processing data, but it is gonna be a big risk for your device to catch a virus that can affect and defect the file and data or even your device. If you want to have a safe process in using the conversion tool, you must use the PDFBear tool for preserving all the files of your excel without getting any virus.

Step By Step Process On How To Add Page Numbers

Step By Step Process On How To Add Page Numbers

Most of the users are having a hard time editing and adding their page numbers using the projects they work on. It has been an issue and problem for most people working on theWord by Apple or Ms Pages. The main thing about editing and adding documents is when they have many tasks and projects to work on, they don’t need to look for another tool for a faster transaction.

Whether the people are working on their magazine, book, or projects, they must add and remove the old pages to make room for the new pages that users are currently working on. It is a very long process if you don’t have the right tool to choose from. There are many available online tools, but PDFBear gives most people a good outcome for their tasks.

Adding a Page Number To PDF Using PDFBear

If you are using an online tool to add page numbers to PDF, it will ask and require the user to have easy and smooth transactions. Before, almost all of the users experienced a long and arduous process of collecting and keeping documents into a small book or file. This tool will help many people who are working on their projects or tasks that they are currently working on.

This benefits from using the PDFBear tool because it can give you an outcome that you expected. Users will not wait long during the process because they will only need to follow the simple steps faster. There are certain times that the report of the parts will not arrive during the time estimated.

They must just work with any available chapter. The users must put them together to fix all the needed files for their project that is assigned to them. It isn’t very easy for users to use this when they don’t have a user interface to work on. But with the help of PDFBear, it is easy for the users to add a page number using PDFBear’s tool.

PDFBear Gives and Offers Ease With a Collaborative Work

When you are working on a magazine or a group report, that is very challenging, and this is where the tool deletes and removes all the projects’ problems or tasks. Using this tool can help users download, store, upload, or share documents on their cloud storage. The feature of this is also available on the Premium Pro version.

This will remove and delete all the unnecessary problems and issues that the users will encounter during the process. The limitation and clutter of the space can be an issue over time. Also, security can be one of the problems because when the computer turns off by themselves in the middle of their work, they will need to start and do it again from the beginning.

Your files can be copied if there are many issues and problems that the viruses can enter your files, and it will be a big problem for the users. They must transfer or upload all of their files in their cloud storage for safety purposes so that no one can access their files except for them. In using PDFBear, users can share their links and share them using the DropBox storage. 

The performance of the computer will only rely on the speed of the processor and RAM. If the RAM is full of files, then the processor can’t handle many processes, resulting in a slow computer. These issues and problems can be prevented when you are using a PDFBear tool because it will help you manage all your data all at once.

The Pro Version Of PDFBear’s Tool

If the people are working on their magazine, book, journal, or a manual, and they encounter a problem or issue that will happen, then you will have no backup plan or even saving your files. The PDF Pro version will offer tech support for their customers. This is hard if they are dealing with extensive work and have to start from the beginning of something bad.

Users can now transfer and upload files of documents as many as they want. It will not matter if they will work on small or large files because the only basis in this transaction is your internet connection. Using the PDFBear Pro will not give users problems in downloading files. This tool is user-friendly for beginners who don’t know anything about this tool.


PDFbear is one of the best tools that are available online, and it is also for free. There are many people who can access it without paying any penny. They can also do a lot of things other than adding pages because of its editing tool. It also has a user-friendly interface for beginners to have a hassle-free experience when they use this tool. They can follow simple and easy steps to complete the whole process.