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Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop

HP Pavilion 15-ck008ur Gaming Laptop

Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop
Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop

Hello dear ladies and gentlemen! I want to share with you my impressions of my new HP Pavilion 15-ck008ur laptop. Here you can know about Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop.

Before that, I used the German Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V3505 for exactly ten years! The old man is still working properly but has long been morally and technically outdated. In this regard, the question of buying a new modern car has long been an acute issue. The budget for the purchase of 60 +/- 5 TR After long, but leisurely searches, comparisons, reading all kinds of articles and reviews, the choice was focused on this HP. The closest competitors are Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15.6 and ASUS VivoBook Pro 15 N580VD. Ask why HP? Because ASUS has a more ancient and gluttonous processor (TDP 45W, against 15W for HP). This will negatively affect the operating time from the Battery, which is important for me personally.



I bought it in March this year for 62,000 p. at Online Trade SPb. In the store, I didn’t even open the box (in a little hurry), so I paid, took it (without forgetting about the check, of course), and left. Only in the evening, I unpacked the house, took it out, pressed the “on” button, and it turned on! Fortunately, there was no limit. The Battery was approximately 70% charged. After some registrations and greetings, a desktop appeared – the laptop is ready to go! The package bundle is ordinary: packaging, the laptop itself, a charger, and minimal setup instructions on one leaflet. Leaflets such as 3 pcs. – in 3 languages.

Now directly about the laptop itself. The top cover is golden in color with the company logo in the middle. It looks very solid and presentable) It opens easily, but with the second hand, you need to hold the base. Otherwise, the laptop rises. The maximum opening angle is approximately 135 degrees. The laptop is designed in such a way that the lower edge of this same cover. When opened, it goes under the laptop and lifts it from the work surface. This is, of course, good for cooling, but there are fears that the plastic legs may become worn out over time, and the laptop will rest directly on the cover, which is not good.



The display frames are black. On the sides, they are about 5-6 mm, on top 10-12 mm, on the bottom about 20 mm. Above is the camera. The display itself is glossy with the IPS matrix. Viewing angles are good, brightness is quite enough for me (I do not use a laptop in direct sunlight). All other parts are silver, including the keyboard. The buttons are pleasant to the touch, pressed easily, there is a num lock digital unit, but there is no indication of its on / off. Fly in the ointment – these are arrows for navigating the text: the size and arrangement of the up / down keys is very annoying. For several months of use, it was not possible to get used to them …

The power button handed over the keyboard and recessed in the case so that it is unlikely that you accidentally press it. When working, it is always highlighted. The very inclusion of a laptop, by the way, happens in about 10 seconds, which for me personally is VERY fast! Awakening from sleep mode is natural – even faster. There is a keyboard backlight, but there is no brightness adjustment. Only on or off. The color of the glow is white. The distribution is uniform. It works flawlessly, supports multi-finger gestures.


The cooling system works silently in the mode of Internet surfing when working with documents. In games, of course, the speed of the cooler (or coolers) increases, they become noticeably audible, but not critical. In general, I play games very rarely and even simple ones, so I can’t say how much the laptop will warm up and how to work in heavy ones, but I can definitely assure that it will pull them. Maybe, of course, not everything is not at the maximum settings, but it will pull 100%)) Cold air is drawn from under the bottom of the laptop, hot air is blown to the bottom of the display. Hmm … A dubious decision … No matter how it affects the display in the future. On an old laptop, it was blowing from the side, which seems more logical to me. Wait and see, as they say.

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Battery. I didn’t precisely measure and detect, but it’s enough for about 5-6 hours of work on the Internet, watching movies, working with the office. This is, on average, display brightness. I don’t know how to whom, but it seems to be a very decent result. Do not forget about the weight of the laptop, which is less than 2 kg and a thickness that is only 2 cm! The charger is ordinary: an external unit, a wire from it to an outlet, and a laptop. The length of the power cord is 1 m, “laptop” 1.8 m—power 65 watts. A full charge takes 1.5-2 hours.



Wi-Fi is usual here, and not dual-band as we would like, and I think this is a minus, although certainly small). It works stably, does not fall off anything; the network does not lose. There were similar precedents at first, but after buying a new modern router, they have sunk into oblivion) ​​Everything works fine. Ping is only 3 ms! The speed is about 90 Mbps with the announced tariff of 100. With the old router, it was half as much. I am silent about ping.


Hard Disk

There are two hard disks installed: 1TB HDD – convenient for storing data (photos, videos, music, etc.) and 128 GB SSD – bootable for installing OS and programs. After the warranty, I plan to replace it with a larger one and add RAM (it’s 8 GB here, and if you believe the reviews and articles with one bar, i.e., the second slot is free, which is very convenient). The sound is very decent. Nothing rattles, no extraneous noise. The volume is enough to calmly watch movies and not listen. Compared to my old man, heaven and earth). It is impossible to listen there without external speakers.


About HDMI

I was connected with a cable to a TV, which is two years old, without problems. That is, I stuck the cable into the laptop, stuck it on the TV, and the desktop was duplicated on its screen. There were problems with an older TV (about 7-8 years old), but these are problems with the TV, not the laptop. He did not see him in any way. I decided by resetting the TV to the factory settings and resetting the setting. Now connects without problems) You can watch a movie on the big screen.

About the rest of the connectors. RJ-45 for a network cable – did not use, t. To. No need for this. You do not need to connect it with a cable to the laptop. Very comfortably! There is a slot for SD cards, a combined audio jack, one USB Type-C, and two USB 3.1, one on each sidewall. I haven’t used USB Type-C yet, simply because I have nothing to stick into it, I don’t have such devices yet. About USB, I want to note that they are very tight, and if you plug a device into them, it’s still nothing, but to remove it back, you need to make a lot of effort! I consider this a small but disadvantage.


HP Pavilion dv8-1010er notebook 

Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop
Hp Pavilion Gaming Laptop

Many of us associate a laptop with a portable device that you can take with you and go anywhere at any time. New from HP – the Pavilion dv8-1010er laptop is just in this class, but that’s not what sets it apart even though it is the youngest model in the line of Intel Core i7 processors for laptops.

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You should not think that having opened a box with the HP Pavilion dv8-1010er laptop, you will find something special inside. We assess the package bundle as absolutely standard, not only for HP but for the entire mobile PC industry as a whole. With the exception of the compact remote control. Which can be installed as a stub in the ExpressCard slot. Nothing exceptional is enclosed in the box: power supply unit, fabric cover, set of booklets, instruction manual and warranty card.

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The appearance of the laptop is in strict accordance with the HP design style for Pavilion models. It can not be confused with anything; the appearance of the keyboard, the pattern on the cover, the silver sidewalls of a recognizable shape – all this is only at Pavilion.

The laptop is glossy both inside and out. Opening the cover, you will see a large, almost full-sized keyboard with a separate block of numeric keys. In other words, the keyboard is comfortable, nothing more, all the keys are in place, nothing hangs, does not bend. So, the backlit touch bar is located above the keyboard and allows you to adjust the volume, adjust two equalizer bands, control media playback and even eject a disc.



Under the keyboard is a silver touchpad island, equipped with a vertical scroll bar and two standard keys. Above the touch panel, there is also a separate key to turn it off, which is useful when typing – whoever typed on laptops will immediately understand. In the lower right corner, there is a fingerprint scanner, on which you can hang up about the security of your private data and many other functions – the laptop will recognize only you.


Above the screen, you can see a peephole of the built-in web-camera – welcome to the world of Skype and video telephony. The viewing angles are typical for TN matrices, on which the monitor is based, the verticals are small, but the horizontal angle will allow you to watch a movie with the whole family. Why a movie?

Connectors and Interfaces

As befits a laptop class “desktop replacement”, HP Pavilion dv8-1010er has on board a complete set of necessary interfaces in everyday life. All ports are traditionally located at the ends of the case. So, on the left side of the laptop you will find (from left to right): a Kensington lock slot, VGA analogue video output, a connector for a docking station made by HP Pavilion in the form of a separate, wire-connected module, 10/100/1000 Mbps built-in RJ45 network connector, HDMI output to a digital monitor, two USB 2.0 ports (one combined with eSATA), FireWire port and ExpressCard / 54 slot.

However, at the back, there is nothing, not even a battery. Only the cutout for the screen loops is located here. The front panel has only a handful of indicators, an integrated SD / MMC / Memory Stick / xD card reader and an IR port. So, for home use, SATA, HDMI, an integrated card reader, and two headphone jacks will be very important – you can listen to music or watch a movie in a romantic setting and only together.

Testing and performance

Now let’s turn to laptop performance. By tradition, we are testing laptops in the PCMark Vantage test package, we will not refuse to try on a “boa constrictor” in “parrots” this time, but for comparison, we’ll take the not-so-weak Acer Aspire 8735G laptop that we tested not so long ago.

The Battery itself is very tiny. Especially if you compare its size with the size of a laptop. And does not at all fit with the image of the gaming machine. In general, right away, barely glancing at the Battery. We doubted its ability to “feed” the computer with stored energy for a long time.

The minimum battery life was only 50 minutes of the Battery. Eater Protest in the Classic mode – this is the minimum value for a gaming laptop. So, we admit that we expected even the worst result. But, as tests have shown, the Battery will allow watching one or two films.

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