How to hack a cell phone with the best hacking app?

When you hear or see the word ‘hacker’, do you get images of a raccoon-eyed computer software engineer trying to gain access to confidential FBI documents? Although this pervasive stereotype is not too far from the truth, the image of hackers is more diverse than that.

As a matter of fact, anyone can learn to hack with the right tools. You don’t have to be a script kiddie or a hardcore black hat hacker to hack into something as simple as a smartphone. All you need is a spy application like the Cocospy app.  

Cocospy is a well trusted commercial spy application. It’s received rave reviews and accolades from publications such as iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, Life Hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Toms Guide, Digital trends and Life Wire.

In this article, we’ll be exploring how Cocospy can be used to hack into a phone.


Cocospy is one of the best hacking apps for Android and iOS devices. Not only can you track people’s location through their mobile device but you can actually monitor their device usage and behavior. It’s a commercial spy application that can be used to hack into a smartphone.

What makes Cocospy truly amazing is that you don’t have to jailbreak or root the device you’re putting the spy on. This is actually an industry first and it’s what sets Cocospy apart from its competitors. You also do not need to install any software on your computer to spy on messages. Cocospy provides you with a web-based application to help you remotely spy on a phone.


Getting Cocospy is very easy. It can be summarised and cut down into three steps:

  1. Signup for a free account using your email address and password.
  2. Download the Cocospy app on the target phone.
  3. Track the phone and its location through Cocospy’s Dashboard on the web application.

A summary of Cocospy’s key features:

Cocospy comes packed with a litany of helpful features to assist you in keeping track of someone smartphone activities.

Not only can you track their phone conversations, text messages but you can track also their activity on social media too.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of its top key features:

  1. Online Call Tracker

With Cocospy’s online call tracker you can monitor a person’s call. It provides you with chronological records that allow track all incoming and outgoing calls.

You can also get the call duration and the number of calls made.

  1. SMS Tracker

Cocospy’s SMS Tracker allows you to view all text messages people are sending or receiving in real time.

You can remotely view these messages as well as get timestamps for them. In addition to all of this, you can also download the media files being sent alongside those texts.

  1. Location Tracker

If you want to keep track of a person’s location, the best way of achieving this is by tracking their smartphone. Cocospy allows you to track a smartphone’s location in real time.

Not only does it allow you to receive information on GPS data through a phone but it also allows you to get WI-Fi connection information in order to find the approximate location. You can also use Timestamps to find out when a phone was located in a specific area.

  1. FB Message Tracker

Since Facebook is one of the most popular social network sites and applications, Cocospy comes with a FB Message tracker which can be used to track and review all the messages that people send through Facebook.

Facebook spying isn’t the only social media monitoring that Cocospy has to offer. Cocospy also has features for spying on WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat and Instagram.

  1. Website History Tracker

Cocospy also allows you to view and track a person’s website history and browsing data. You can use this to see what websites someone visits when someone gets online.


Now you know just how easy hacking a smartphone can be. You don’t have to be Elliot from Mr. Robot. Using an application like Cocospy is the easiest and most accessible way of hacking a phone and spying on it. Signing up is free and easy to do. We hope you’ve found this article to be helpful. Thank you for reading.

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