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Best software to OCR PDF in 2021

OCR is a brand new technology, which is currently available for all people. We use it to digitalize any documents and archives to the united file format – PDF. Such software to OCR PDF allows you to scan and edit all paper documents you just want to work with.

OCR define as Optical Character Recognition. You may scan various types of the documents from invoices, text to other files into digital PDF file format. The main aim of OCR is making the documents easier to manage all routine paper work much easier. 

These days OCR software is working fast and with a huge accuracy. As the result we may see easier file management and the ability of using cloud storage in order to archive and keep any documents in total safety.  This is the direct way to making our offices paperless worldwide. It is a great opportunity to optimize all work and change the manner of working with documents and now they could be scanned individually as well as the packages of a documents to make the process of files and documents management more efficient. Office work will be completely changed in the next three years with this technology.  

Let’s take a closer look on the most relevant OCR software presented nowadays for users from the whole world.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

This is non-free software. First of all, you should purchase it and then download to your tabletop PC, but we really can say that it is quite good for professional users. You could always trust Adobe Acrobat because it is a well-known solution with a rich brand history. We used Adobe products for many years, but now I think it is not necessary because everything came to online in 2021. Moreover, now we can find out more solutions to work with because Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is quite difficult for beginners. The interface is quite difficult and I think that it should be user-friendly. The reason of such idea is making the service for professionals. However, it guarantees a certain quality level.

  1. Abbyy Fine Reader
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Abbyy is a great solution for corporative customers. It has been helping different companies to manage their PDF files for a long time. It is a complex solution for your business, but the license is quite expensive for small companies. If you need to convert or OCR the huge packages of a documents, you may use Abby Fine Reader because it built up a good reputation of a reliable service, which is ready for batch conversions for your files. It is not modern, but also functional enough to be useful for various document needs. 


This is my favorite one. This service is an online solution for any kind of users. From individual to commerce usage it could be suitable enough because here you may find all possible tools to work with PDF documents. OCR is not the one feature of this service. Moreover, it came to online and now you may have an instant access from any place worldwide and start working with your documents faster than ever. You don’t have to download anything, just take your smartphone or turn on your PC and then go to the internet to start working with PDF files. Do OCR easier! Just drag your files to the direct window and see the result. I was surprised of such accuracy and quality of absolutely free online PDF service. I really recommend you to use it because it could be good for working in office because of its features and advantages.