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Best Grinding Gear Games

Best Grinding Gear Games

Death Stranding (2019)

Nine-minute Death Best Grinding Gear Games
Best Grinding Gear Games

Death Stranding is either loved or hated, but it certainly does not leave you indifferent. This is also thanks to the indisputable marketing skills of Sony and Hideo Kojima, who have made the mystery and half-revelations an irresistible bait. Kojima must also be recognized for having a strong and immediately recognizable authorial voice in an industry that at high levels tends to stifle the vision of the individual in favour of standardization, and also, for this reason, the world of cinema has decided to trust him. Death Stranding is one of the best grinding gear games.


Minecraft (2011)

Minecraft Beats Skyrim To Win 2011 Game Of The Year NAVGTR Award
Best Grinding Gear Games

Minecraft is one of the most important titles in the history of video games. Markus Alexej Persson’s creature is comparable to a gigantic piece of clay that only asks to be shaped to your liking. As the incredible creations of the community demonstrate, with Minecraft, the only limit is fantasy. A global phenomenon, which has also expanded in other areas, including books and toys. And that led Microsoft to buy it, in 2014, for a good two and a half-billion dollars.


Breath Of The Wild (2017)

Breath Of The Wild is like a boxer in action. Prima strikes with a visual impact that combines a simple but highly inspired stroke with a perfect colour palette. Then he stuns with an intriguing plot. Finally, KOs with balanced and varied game dynamics. An unforgettable experience from the opening credits to the closing credits. The perfect video game doesn’t exist, but Nintendo has come very close.


Grand Theft Auto V (2013)

Grand Theft Auto GTA V Best Grinding Gear Games

Grand Theft Auto. A name, a guarantee. The fifth instalment of the Rockstar series is an absolute masterpiece, a concentrate of everything one can hope to find in a video game. Los Santos is an open-air theatre where events of all kinds intertwine, and where the concept of “politically correct” is absent justified. The online component is also spectacular, a real game in the game.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)

Geralt Di Rivia’s third adventure (at least in the gaming field) is a point of reference for any developer who wants to create an action-RPG with an open-world setting. It is a spectacular combination of substance and aesthetics, between quantity and quality of contents. An adventure not to be missed for those who love video games, or for those who recently discovered the work of Andrzej Sapkowski thanks to Netflix.


Fortnite (2017)

Fortnite is the video game version of the most popular classmate. The nice one who has a way of making “cicerone” that everyone likes. The title of Epic Games is all of this. It strikes with its colourful look, captures with its extreme simplicity and has fun with its perfectly calibrated mechanics. A phenomenon also in streaming, a summary of how to make the most of a winning idea.


Skyrim (2011)

Skyrim is all that role-playing should be. The perfect example of how it is possible to combine quantity and quality. The size of the map is considerable, but what is most striking is the use made of each square centimetre. The amount of things to do is impressive, and it really feels like living in a fantasy world.


PUBG (2017)

PUBG — Best Grinding Gear Games
Best Grinding Gear Games

Brendan Greene. A name that could say little to those who do not chew bread and video games. Who is it? Simple, the one who brought the concept of battle royale into the world of video games, giving rise to what can be considered one of the most important phenomena of the decade. PUBG is the sum of his game ideas. A frantic and addictive battle to the death.

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Clash of Clans (2012)

You will have certainly seen someone play Clash of Clans. Maybe by train or subway, you are returning from a lesson or after a long day at work—a simple structure, with strategic and management elements designed to involve any type of player. Free to download, it is the perfect example of a money machine through a microtransaction system.


The Walking Dead (2012)

Lee and Clementine’s trip to America invaded by the living dead is a true classic. Exciting and engaging, The Walking Dead introduced the Telltale brand to the general public and made a decisive contribution to the proliferation of narrative adventures. The pure action leaves room for the most varied feelings, and we challenge anyone not to shed a tear in the final scene.


The Last of Us (2013)

The Last of Us - Story Trailer - Best Grinding Gear Games
Best Grinding Gear Games

In a decade that marked the further rapprochement between cinema and video games, with progress on both sides, The Last of Us is one of the milestones of this trend. Already appreciated for Uncharted, Naughty Dogs blow up the bank with a gloomy and desperate adventure that forces the player to bring into play not only reflexes but also empathy.


Dark Souls 2 (2011)

The spiritual successor of Demon Souls, Dark Souls, is the title that has cleared the souls like the formula to the masses, which has become a founding model of the video game of this decade. Like the instant classic, Dark Souls has even already received the beauty treatment guaranteed by a remastered edition that makes it even more current and enjoyable.


Portal 2 (2011)

The swan song of the valve format singleplayer games (at least up to Half-Life Alyx VR) is the sequel to the game that taught the world that cake is a lie. Basically, it is a puzzle game, but beyond the precision of its mechanisms, Portal 2 is still remembered today for the humour and amazement that the narrative progression can give in every moment of the game.


God of War (2018)

Sony Santa Monica has taken an old-school action and has distorted its formula respecting its spirit and foundations. The result of this immense work was one of the technological peaks of the generation. A single, very long sequence plan that has rewritten the rules of how a story can be told within an interactive context. Oh boy!


Resident Evil VII (2017)

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard (2017) Best Grinding Gear Games
Best Grinding Gear Games

“If we want everything to remain as it is, everything has to change,” said a young Tancredi in Il Gattopardo. So Capcom, to bring back its historical horror saga, has overturned its mythology and setting, moving to the more rural United States, but recovering that sense of anguish linked to the exploration of a mansion directly from the first chapter.


Undertale (2015)

Developed by a one-person team, born thanks to crowdfunding on Kickstarter, which cost just over 50k dollars, Undertale is one of the most important RPGs of the decade. Not only is it one of the best examples of indies that outperform large productions, but it has also contributed to the evolution of language and the approach to writing by clearing the internet crops.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

Nintendo against commonplaces. Is the second chapter of a saga generally a more of the same? Well, at the beginning of the decade Nintendo churns out the sequel to one of the most beautiful and important games ever made by surpassing itself. Mario Galaxy 2 resumes the formula of the original and the wide variety and scope, without losing a touch of the sense of amazement of the first time.


Candy Crush Saga (2012)

If your mother also plays video games today, the credit (or the fault) lies with Candy Crush Saga. Evolution of a browser game, Candy Crush Saga has spread like a virus along with cell phones and Facebook. It is considered—however, the first game to have developed a Freemium system. Although reviled, few are those who have never succumbed to his captivating match-three during travel on the subway.


Overwatch (2016)

Overwatch (2016)Best Grinding Gear Games
Best Grinding Gear Games

Did anyone have any doubts about the success of a new Blizzard IP? No, nobody, of course. However, few could predict the cultural impact of Overwatch. Around the Blizzard team FPS, a narrative universe has been created, controlled only in part by its creators, which provided inspiration for important discussions on diversity and acceptance.

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DOTA 2 (2013)

They were followed by a mod for Warcraft III that basically codified the MOBA genre. Dota 2 is not only one of the most played games of the decade. But also a point of reference in the export scene thanks to the numerous tournaments organized by Valve that lead to The International. One of the highest peaks of the annual videogame competition.


Pokemon Go (2016)

The release of Pokémon Go marked Nintendo’s entry into the mobile games market. Although not an internally developed title, the great N has collaborated with Niantic, Game Freak and The Pokémon Company for the realization of the project, which has paved the way for the subsequent Mobile titles related to the Intellectual Properties of the house of Super Mario.


Mario Kart 8 (2014)

Mario Kart 8 Review – Best Grinding Gear Games
Best Grinding Gear Games

The eighth chapter of Mario Kart has brought the series back to the glories of the past, leaving behind the excessive simplifications introduced in the Nintendo Wii version. The Wii U version did not record sensational sales, but with the Deluxe edition released on Nintendo Switch, the music has changed. And that’s good since we’re talking about the best arcade racing game of the decade!

Mass Effect 2 (2010)

The second chapter of the famous trilogy developed by Bioware was for many players, one of the highest points touched by the sci-fi narration in video games. While not without flaws, the game deepened the boundless universe of the first chapter, offering the player the opportunity to experience a fantastic adventure as the heroic commander Shepard.


Life is Strange (2015)

Telltale launched the fashion of episodic games, but it was Dontnod who showed the whole world the power of that particular type of distribution. For many people, Life is Strange was a lightning bolt. An experience able to excite players of all ages and all sexual orientation, also thanks to a screaming soundtrack.


Rocket League (2015)

A few years ago, some developers wondered: can football be played on powerful racing cars? Thus was born Rocket League, one of the funniest multiplayer experiences of the last decade. After creating an incredible game, Psyonix carefully cultivated the community, giving life to a real cult phenomenon.


Journey (2012)

An embodiment of Jenova Chen’s visionary poetry. This melancholy experience contains in a matter of hours all the elements necessary for the creation of an unforgettable video game. Exploration, discovery and solitude constantly accompany the player on a breathtaking journey that many other game designers have attempted to replicate, without success.

Person 5 (2016)

Persona 5 (2016)Best Grinding Gear Games
Best Grinding Gear Games

A brilliant exponent of the JRPG, Persona 5 also cleared the famous Atlus saga in the western market. The success obtained convinced the company to develop an edition enriched with new contents and. For the first time in the history of the saga. Stylistically speaking, it has left an indelible mark on many games released after 2016.

Batman Arkham City (2011)

Following on from the acclaimed Arkham Asylum, this title dedicated to the Dark Knight laid the foundation for many of the open-world experiences. So, we have enjoyed over the decade. The design of the city has been studied to guarantee experience in constant evolution—a perfect balance between history, action, exploration and puzzles.


Dishonored (2012)

An intriguing FPS that skillfully mixes action, stealth and special powers. With Dishonored, the Arkane Studios team has shown the world its incredible skills in creating multifaceted experiences. The layered level design and the numerous special powers allow the player to face the adventure with approaches of all kinds.


Miami Hotline (2012)

The action game developed by Dennaton Games has deeply shaken the Indie environment, showing that to create satisfying playful experiences. So, you didn’t need pharaonic budgets—however, the superfine gameplay. The brilliant artistic direction and the incredible soundtrack of Hotline Miami have left their mark in the hearts of many players.



One of the most brilliant exponents of the hell-platforms genre. So, which contains those “platform” games in which it is not enough to reach the end of each level by collecting objects here and there. Forget Super Mario or Rayman, in comparison they were walks in the park. Celeste, as well as Super Meat Boy. Will make you sweat the proverbial seven shirts, but we can assure you that satisfaction is assured.


Stardew Valley (2016)

The delightful pixel art of this game is the tip of the iceberg of a non-linear adventure with multiple endings. So, in which you can manage a farm, fish, collect fruits and plant them. Or eat them if you want, fight, create objects. Change them and even get married. In other words, a mammoth work created by one person and constantly updated by a very small team that deserves all your love.

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